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Date Last Modified: May 8, 2023 (hereinafter "We", "Website") wishes to ensure that all visitors to the Website consider their own health and financial situation, so that online gambling remains a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience. Remember that online gambling should never be seen as a means to alleviate any kind of financial, professional, or personal difficulties.
The site is not an online gambling operator and we do not provide any kind of gambling services. This page was created solely for informational purposes in case you or your family members encounter possible issues with excessive gambling. We advise you to contact specialized institutions for assistance, some of which are presented below.
We strive to provide the best possible service by providing information on a list of tools and procedures to limit the chance of users suffering from gambling addiction. However, human error always persists, so full collaboration between the Client and Us is expected at all times. We do not assume any responsibility and exclude all forms of liability if a user continues to gamble.

Tips for Avoiding and Avoiding Problem Gambling

  • Always set deposit, wager and loss limits before you start playing.
  • Decide on a time limit for your game session in advance and stick to it. During this time, be sure to take regular breaks from the game.
  • Think about how much money you spend playing games. You can track your activity in your online account history.
  • Gambling is not recommended if it interferes with your daily responsibilities. Make sure the betting decision is yours.
  • Gambling is not recommended if you are recovering from any addiction or are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.
  • Gambling is a form of entertainment. It's not a way to pay your debts.
  • Never try to chase your losses.
  • Make sure you know the rules for the games you play.
  • If you need to talk to someone about a gambling issue, please contact our Customer Support team or a gambling issue support service.

The Common Signs and Symptoms of Problem Gambling

If you think you or someone you know may be having a problem with gambling, here are some behavioral signs to look out for:

  • Play most days of the week;
  • Chase losses in gambling;
  • Mood swings or outbursts provoked by gambling;
  • The game is no longer fun and is causing regret and anguish.
  • Trying to hide gambling from family or friends, or being dishonest about gambling;
  • Trying to borrow money for the purpose of gambling more;
  • Playing games for long periods without taking a break or prioritizing gaming over other responsibilities
  • Setting a limit but failing to stick to it.
  • If you recognize some of these signs and think you or someone you know might need help, there is help available.

Local Helping Organizations

Here you will find contact information for organizations that can help people who have a problem with gambling:
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