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A Christmas Carol Slot Review

A Christmas Carol
Play for free
Supplier BetSoft
Paylines 25
Min Bet 25
Max Bet 125
RTP 94.58%

Christmas Carol Analysis

Do you know the story of Charles Dickens' Christmas Carol? An old grumpy man is reminded of the Christmas spirit by three ghosts and his life changes drastically. With this game, BetSoft turns this story into a gold mine for you. Christmas Carol has everything an exciting slot machine needs. This slot machine brings you its sharp graphics and symbols drawn with love right in the middle of Mr. Scrooge's story.
The relentless and stingy businessman Scrooge exploits his employees and wants nothing to do with Christmas and charity. A Christmas Carol was taken as a model and the machine of Online Slots Christmas Carol was made from it. Ebenezer Scrooge is an old miserly and grumpy moneylender. Since the death of his partner Jacob Marley, he is the sole owner of the department store "Scrooge and Marley", with an employee, Bob Cratchit, who barely survives despite working in poverty. On Christmas Eve, the late Jacob haunts him and informs him that he ended up in hell because of his greed, and announces to Scrooge three ghosts that will haunt him that same night: the ghost of the past, the ghost of the present, and the Spirit of the future.

Christmas Carol Gameplay

There are some symbols in the Christmas Carol that may be worth it. The spirit of the past triggers past spins when there are three or more symbols on the reels. The more symbols appear, the more past spins there are. Each previous spin guarantees a payline or an extra feature that will be triggered. Three symbols equal three spins, four equals six spins, and five equals 12 spins. Additional past and future spins can be collected during this feature. The symbol of the spirit of the future triggers future spins if there are three or more symbols. The more triggered symbols there are, the more future spins will be paid to the player. Each future spin guarantees a win on the payline or the triggering of an additional feature. And here too, as with the previous symbol: three gives three spins, four gives six spins, and five gives 12 spins. The spirit of the present is the wild symbol here and shows a green Scrooge resembling a spirit.

Christmas Carol Summary

Online gaming pays off if you are willing to invest a little more and let luck do its job. The theme was well implemented and Betsoft put a lot of effort into the game's structure and graphics. Therefore, we say: give it a try, don't be stingy, and hope that the ghosts have fun and for free!


  • ✅ How can you win at Christmas Carol slots?

    With luck. It doesn't matter which bets you play or when you play. Even if you say a mantra like "I will win" before each round, it won't change your chances of winning.
  • ✅ What is a good payout rate (RTP) on slots?

    Most online slot machines have RTP values of over 95% - but there are also machines where values of over 97% or even 98% are achieved. The Christmas Carol slot machine has an RTP of 96.5%.
  • ✅ You can also play Christmas Carol on the casino app and is the slot machine safe on the go?

    Mobile games are important nowadays. That's why Betsoft slots are available in a mobile touch version.
  • ✅ Can you play Christmas Carol with play money?

    Playing Christmas Carol with virtual money, however, is possible without any problems. They are a good training method, especially useful for beginners who want to get to know the machine.