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Beowulf Slot Review

Play for free
Supplier pragmatic play
Paylines 40
Min Bet 0.4
Max Bet 200
RTP 96.5%

Beowulf Analysis

The name is known worldwide, but few know its origin. Beowulf does not come from Norse mythology or even from Arthurian legend, but is an independent heroic epic from the beginning of the Middle Ages. The story is about the hero Beowulf, who sets out to fight against monsters and dangerous opponents. The story is complex and is now an integral part of pop culture. The Nordic hero has done this not only on the big screen, but also in the slot machine casino. The Quickspin slot machine transports you directly to the beginning of the Middle Ages, where the story takes place.
Playing Beowulf is a lot of fun, mainly due to the template, which has been implemented with beautiful photos. But the fun only begins when you let the reels speak for you. They spin in circles and should be your path to great happiness. As soon as a single symbol appears multiple times next to each other on a payline, the profit is won. In this way, the winnings vary greatly depending on the symbol and the length of the line.
In addition, your bet is an important tool for your profits. The higher the bet, the higher Beowulf's winnings can be. However, there is no guarantee of this, because the symbol and the length of a line are also important. A line of three of a valuable symbol can bring more than a line of five of a less valuable symbol. With a little luck, you can also win multiple lines in just one round. A total of 25 paylines form the basic structure of Beowulf, and you cannot change the number.

Beowulf Gameplay

It starts vaguely with symbols with standard letters and numbers, which fit perfectly into the overall appearance of the machine. Five characters from the epic follow, which not only awaken the desire to win, but also to read Beowulf. The wilds in this machine are particularly interesting. The Sword Wild remains in place until it is replaced by the Dragon Wild. However, both can replace other symbols. With the scatter, the player wins free spins, which have the great advantage of not having to pay any bets in the corresponding rounds. But that's not all, because there are also two regular wilds. They can be triggered by the Grendal attack bonus symbol.


This online slot machine doesn't need to dodge comparison. The Beowulf slot machine is a true pound, starting with the theme, going through the design, and ending with the features. It's fun, especially when the bonus features appear and make the story even more beautiful. Beowulf is a true revelation and, therefore, a welcome change from many other static machines.


  • ✅ Is there a jackpot on Beowulf slot machine?

    No, this slot machine does not have its jackpot. Because in Super Respin you can win up to 100,000 reais. This surpasses most jackpots in other slot games.
  • ✅ Does Beowulf slot also have a gamble function?

    No, you cannot double the winnings here, either with the card risk or with the main risk game. But the Super Respin jackpot is pretty high.
  • ✅ Are there other versions of the slot machine Beowulf?

    No, no enhanced successor to Pragmatic Play has been announced so far. However, the slot machine has only been online since 2016 and is therefore relatively new. Success will likely determine another slot machine on the subject.