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Double Diamond Slot Review

Double Diamond
Play for free
Supplier IGT
Paylines 1
Min Bet 0.1
Max Bet 300
RTP 95.44

Double Diamond Slot 

Hey, player, want to know something interesting about the new and traditional slot game? Classic slot machines from the 80s are not in a hurry to become part of history, but instead, they integrate organically into the diverse world of gambling. One of the representatives of such slot machines, Double Diamond, which has a considerable army of fans, let's consider in our analysis today. We played for you to tell an honest and exciting story about our experience!

Review and Experience

The online slot machine Double Diamond from IGT Slot Machines was born again from a casino in Las Vegas in the 80s to take its rightful place in the modern gambling club. There are only three reels to spin, one line to bet on, and the game itself. Although many people consider these slot machines a relic of the past and the fate of players who are nostalgic for physical casinos, they have their advantages. The main goal of visiting the gambling club is to win, and Double Diamond in particular has something to offer the player. Spend some time playing in practice mode to learn the rules before starting to bet!

Game Features and Bonuses

A symbol 777 will increase your bet by 80 times, a built BAR has a 40x multiplier, a double BAR - 25x, and a single BAR increases your bet by 10x. On three reels, three cherries increase your bet by 10 times, two cherries - by five times, and one cherry doubles your initial bet in the game. On a Double Diamond slot machine, you will not find bonus rounds, Wilds, and other special characters. Therefore, even a new player who is just taking their first steps in the world of online casinos will have no problems understanding the rules of the slot machine in a matter of minutes. However, before making a deposit, try the demo version just for fun.


If you want a true slot machine classic, Double Diamond is here for real money. There are many 5-reel slot machines with complex bonuses that fit today's "classic" description, but this is a simple and old-fashioned 3-reel slot machine. Go play now and have a good game!


  • πŸ† What is the RTP of Double Diamond Online Slots?

    The return on investment (RTI) is 96.44 percent.
  • πŸ† What are the minimum and maximum bets for Double Diamond?

    The minimum bet is one and the maximum bet is one hundred.
  • πŸ† Can I play Double Diamond on my mobile device?

    Clear! The game is completely free and can be played anywhere.
  • πŸ† How do I start playing Double Diamond for real money?

    Check out our list of the best casinos to play at the end of this article!
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