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Let's Go Fish'n Slot Review

Sorry, no demo :(
Supplier aristocrat
Paylines 25
Min Bet 0.02
Max Bet 250
RTP 95%

Let`s go Fish`n Online Slot

Let's Go Fish'n is a card shark that loves to fish the best catch with its five reels and 25 paylines. You have a phenomenal betting range, a maximum bet of 125,000, and some extra highlights wilds and scatters. The base bet starts at 0.02 cents and goes up to the limit of 2.00, which is extraordinary for players with a low breaking point. It is amazing for hot shots as well, since the credits per line can reach a maximum spin of 250.00 per turn, as it varies between 25 and 125 for each line. The paylines are fixed, which means you must play each of the lines."

Let's Analyze Fish`n Game

As an individual from the Aristocrat family, Let's Go Fish'n offers the standard variety of wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins, and bonus games to be played. However, a significant exception comes during the basic online game, as wild symbols are absent in this part of Let's Go Fish'n. You can encounter wild symbols during the free spins bonus round, but during the basic game, the only special symbol available is the scatter symbol. A summary of the essential details can be found below:

  1. Free Spins: Yes
  2. Multiplier: No
  3. Reward Game: Yes
  4. Reformist: No
  5. Return to player: 97%

The basic game of Let's Go Fish'n offers a genuinely standard Aristocrat slot machine payout table, however, gaming enthusiasts offered by different organizations may find that the payouts of the basic game are on the lower end of the range.

Gameplay and Features

While Aristocrat chose to move a large number of its demo games to the organization's restrictive Xtra Reel Power arrangement, Let's Go Fish'n features the usual mechanics of a five-reel, 25-payline machine. However, as a fixed payline game, Let's Go Fish'n expects you to play all 25 paylines in each round. This game is going to be extremely interesting!
With an expense of only $0.01 per credit, Let's Go Fish'n is called a penny game, but as mentioned above, you will need to pay at least $0.25 per spin. In certain cases, you can find Let's Go Fish'n machines that offer a cost of $0.02 per credit, in which case the base amount you will have to pay per spin remains at $0.50.
For players with larger bankrolls, Let's Go Fish'n ends with a $2.00 bet per coin. Players can choose to bet anywhere from one to five coins per payline, so in these bets, the highest bet per spin amounts to $250.00 during the game.


Fans of games will notice that the free spins demo game for Let's Go Fish'n on the internet does not compare to other Aristocrat titles. With only three to 10 free spins available after triggering the bonus round, and no real way to acquire extra free spins during the bonus, you will quickly return to the base game in many cases. This is the free online internet mode!

Common questions

  • ✅ What is RTP on slot machines?

    RTP is the percentage of players' bets that the casino pays out as winnings. In other words, if a certain game has a 95 percent indicator, it will return 95 cents for every dollar.
  • ✅ Is there a withdrawal limit?

    The withdrawal limit is usually set by the owner of the casino hosting the game.
  • ✅ Which slot machines are worth playing?

    Absolutely nothing important. Everything here comes from the player's own preference. It is worth noting only one difference, which consists of low or high variance. Low variance suggests that players will win more often, but the winnings will be insignificant. Versions with high variance will not give frequent winnings to players, but they will be solid. However, considering the RTP, the average winnings will still be approximately the same.
  • ✅ Is there a game timer in this game?

    Unfortunately, there is no game time limiting feature.