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Masques of San Marco Slot Review

Masques of San Marco
Play for free
Supplier IGT
Paylines 40
Min Bet 1
Max Bet 50
RTP 95%

Masques of San Marco Online Slot

Controlled by the creative programming engineers at IGT, this internet demo game highlights an extraordinary structure of paylines, as well as imploding reels, which is consistently a welcome addition to your gaming experience. Masques of San Marco is an online Dual Play game on the internet, which is the supplier's second after the Da Vinci Diamonds Dual Play games. Set in Venice, this online game features five reels and 40 paylines, highlighting two sets of reels, each with 20 paylines, creating a captivating continuous interaction, whether for free or for real money. 

Masques of San Marco Game Review

Falling reels are a dominant inclusion that IGT only makes accessible in a select number of games. After each winning spin, all images related to the success will disappear and be replaced by collapsing images that fall into their places. These new images mean more potential for achieving winning combinations, expanding your chances of winning big. This will continue until no other winning combination is formed.
This is the main feature of the game and is triggered when you land three extra images on the top or bottom of the reels. Once activated, you will receive six free spins. During this feature, an additional 20 paylines are added while the middle isolation line is removed. The reels will also continue to implode during the game; therefore, the first six free spins can develop very quickly.

Gameplay and Features

A basic Internet game is played on 40 paylines that cross the entire field: there are 5 reels and 6 columns that make up a total of 30 positions. This full number of positions has a limit meaning due to a free fall inclusion that causes winning symbols to disappear and fill empty positions with new irregular images falling from a higher place. The field of 30 positions makes a free fall feature a genuine generator of normal and intermittent successes. The feature is maintained during a basic game and in free spin mode until there are no more winning combinations. This truly transforms a single spin into a few respins, all at the expense of one. Ana is extremely interesting for any player!
A round costs $40 on a $1 line bet and you can build your line bet as much as you want and as your spending plan allows. After changing your line bet, you are quickly taken to the San Marco Square, where you join in the most luxurious celebrations. Despite some interesting highlights, the game emphasizes a charming fair theme, explicitly celebrating the covering of Venice's Piazza San Marco, so expect a stunning event of Venice's foundation at night, complete with rococo structures and gondolas. This game needs to be played!
The game is your VIP pass to Venice, where you enter the renowned amusement park that has surprised and engaged people for about 1,000 years. Each of the occasions and events that suffocated the Venetians for a year are washed away and repaired through celebrations, and individuals can start their lives anew. This is a true celebration of life that thrives despite everything! The game restores the joyful and authentic spirit of the Venetian amusement park in all its subtleties, including images, sounds, and activities.


Masques of San Marco is an intriguing web game that is definitely worth your time. IGT has offered fans exploding reels on top of a rewarding free spins feature, which continuously increases your potential for winnings. Truth be told, the feature of the falling reels can, in principle, remain uncertain as winning combinations are formed. The theme paves the way for some rich and vibrant designs, while the basic audio cues add a nice touch to the overall atmosphere of the game. So, try playing in this free mode for entertainment and fun!

Common questions

  • ✅ What is RTP on slot machines?

    RTP is the percentage of players' bets that the casino pays out as winnings. In other words, if a certain game has a 95 percent indicator, it will return 95 cents for every dollar.
  • ✅ Which slot machines are worth playing?

    Absolutely nothing important. Everything here comes from the player's own preference. It is worth noting only one difference, which consists of low or high variance. Low variance suggests that players will win more often, but the winnings will be insignificant. Versions with high variance will not give frequent winnings to players, but they will be solid. However, considering the RTP, the average winnings will still be approximately the same.
  • ✅ Is there a withdrawal limit?

    The withdrawal limit is usually set by the owner of the casino hosting the game.
  • ✅ Is there a game timer in this game?

    Unfortunately, there is no game time limiting feature.