About Casinos

Online casinos have become a real success and worldwide. More and more people are entering the world of gambling, whether for pure fun, betting the minimum or sometimes not betting any real money, or for those who want to make a lot of money and sometimes even earn an income from it. But of course, you can't just play at any casino, and finding the best casinos and the best promotions may not be easy. So, it's good that the online casino is here to help you. Our platform is your online casino guide, bringing content for beginners to the most experienced, from bonuses and promotions, here you will find everything."

Our Mission and Our Review Criteria

Our mission is simple: to help you find the best in the world of online casinos. If you are a young player, we will find the best casinos for you to start with the best bonuses. If you are an experienced player, here you will find games with the best cost-benefit ratio, the best promotions, everything to make your game even more profitable. At SmartphoneGambler, you have everything you need to have fun playing, whatever your goal may be. And it doesn't stop there, we have many goals.

Collect and Review Bonuses

Our way of working is a reference, because we strive to constantly monitor the online casino gaming scene. This is the best way to find the best bonus offers available out there, but it's not just that. This way, we can also find coupon codes that can greatly help a player financially. We know how exhausting it can be for you to visit casino after casino in search of that special offer, and at the end of the day, you've spent hours searching and didn't even get to play due to fatigue or simply because the time you had to play, you spent looking for the best place to play.

Maximizing Security and Better Gaming Experience

Another important point about playing at an online casino is security. In search of the best bonus offer, we can be tempted and not even stop to reflect on whether that platform is really secure or not.
Fortunately, SmartphoneGambler takes care of this for you, so it's not just about finding good bonuses and coupons on the site, you also have the guarantee that all of them are present on reliable platforms. SmartphoneGambler would not recommend any casino that it is aware does not operate within the law. The team is always keeping an eye out to ensure that only platforms with reputation and experience in the market are present there.

Check Casino Licensing

And when we talk about the security of a casino, we are not just talking about the ability to keep your data safe or its actual existence, we are talking about licenses. For a casino to exist, it must be properly licensed by competent commissions. Every casino takes pride in the license it has, they will do everything to display that license on their website, so it is very easy to identify. We have to keep in mind that these licenses are tied to rules, commissions, regulations, so everything happens not only within the law but also constantly monitored, leaving no room for any illegal issues.

Check Customer Support And Mobile Games

The obligation of any casino is to have good customer support. Being able to communicate with the player clearly and honestly is a basic requirement, so always check what dialogue channels a casino has. And of course, many people prefer to play at online casinos directly from their mobile phones. The convenience of playing wherever they are, on the comfort of the couch or bed, or even while traveling is something that many players consider essential. And for this reason, it is important for the casino to have this support, either through a native application for it or even with the website adapted to run on an Android or iOS browser.

Advise the best payment options

Now we enter a delicate area: payments. Casinos must always offer the best possible payment options, so that the player has several ways to deposit and withdraw. People's favorites are undoubtedly credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and Pix, mainly because they are already known payment methods and happen very quickly, so the person almost never has to wait to be able to play.
The bank slip is also a good option, it is more comprehensive since anyone can pay a bank slip, the only disadvantage is that the bank slip takes at least 2 business days to be cleared, that is, you will pay and have to wait to be able to play. Digital wallets are also very popular, and fortunately there are several nowadays. Another positive point about them is that payment, just like with cards, is also instant. It is worth mentioning that for withdrawals, many casinos have a security procedure asking you to prove that it is really you, using documents and other security methods. This way, you will have the security that no one will ever be able to take your money, even if they somehow manage to access your account within the casino.

Find And Provide All Player Needs

As the idea of SmartphoneGambler is to ensure ease for you when it comes to finding the best bonuses and the best casinos, obviously the site also takes the necessary care to make denial simple. Even though the site is a true real-time updated database, its design is so intuitive that you won't get lost and will be able to easily navigate through all the offers that are waiting for you there. Not only that, but inside you will also be able to find always updated offers, without the hassle of finding an old promotion that no longer exists or a bonus that is no longer that value.
In addition, there you will find:

  • No Deposit Bonus – Which is when the casino allows you to earn bonuses without spending any cents, this is a favorite plot for players.
  • Welcome bonus - This is when the casino gives you a bonus on top of the amount you deposited. This bonus is almost always 100% of the amount you deposited, but there are cases where this amount is even higher.
  • Free Spins Bonus – Which is when the casino gives you free spins on specific games, like slot machines for example, since they are the biggest hits of any casino.

Why Trust Us and Choose SmartphoneGambler?

The initiative of SmartphoneGambler comes directly from the desire to help players. We know that casinos are huge forms of entertainment, and anyone can have fun under the right conditions. Taking advantage of the fact that more and more people are getting to know this world at the current moment, we want to do our part to further promote this market. The desire to help a player came because SmartphoneGambler is composed of players, so it is a community effort. The more people play at the best casinos, with the best conditions, the more they will become familiar with this world, and the more they will recommend it to others. And before we know it, everyone will be playing.
We know that with the growth of the number of online casinos, it becomes increasingly confusing to know exactly who to trust. Without a reference, a person has no way of knowing how reliable a casino is, what mandatory items it must have to be reliable. And that's where we come in, ensuring that you are always aligned with the best in this world, from the best bonuses, the best coupons, the safest and licensed platforms, which will allow you to choose the best deposit and withdrawal methods, and on top of that, you can do all of this from your mobile phone.

We only work with Licensed Casinos

As we have already explained, the world of casinos is well regulated and follows rules to ensure that everything is done within the limits of the law. Therefore, it is very important for a casino to have a license from... UK Gambling Commission so you know that everything is in order. This is a requirement of SmartphoneGambler for the casino data to appear on our website, thus ensuring that all names appearing under our umbrella are reliable, and that we will not recommend anything that will give you a headache."

Only Casino Manual Reviews

It is very important to make it clear that SmartphoneGambler does not use bots or automated systems to analyze casinos, everything is done in a meticulous manner by game enthusiasts who, above all, put themselves in the players' shoes. In this way, everything that is reported there is tested beforehand, confirmed with extensive research and communication. Therefore, the guarantee you have of the service provided is that our ultimate goal is your satisfaction, and as fans and players, we are able to put ourselves in your shoes and know exactly what you will like from an online casino.

How We Make Money

You may then be wondering what we gain from doing this, since it is clear that the work we put into it is quite extensive. It is important to remember that we are not a casino or host games, so you will not spend your money with us. We actually provide only a review service for the general public, informing and warning about the best and worst of online casinos on the internet. Therefore, our income comes directly from partnerships made with websites, where we place links, and if the player accesses that site through our link, signs up, and starts playing, we are rewarded for the successful referral.
In this way, everyone wins, since we will indicate a safe place for gambling to you, and without spending anything, you can play in a nice place and still help us maintain our services. It is worth mentioning that this is a very traditional way for sites that work with reviews to profit from their services, and it is very common to see sites from other niches doing the same. Travel sites like Booking.com or Hoteis.com use exactly the same scheme, where if a person accesses the link of a house, hotel, or inn through the link they provide, they end up being rewarded for it. This way, it is clear that this is an honest and reputable way to earn money for the services provided, while maintaining honesty and commitment to always bring the best to you.

Meet Our Team

As previously mentioned, our team is made up of people who, just like consumers, love casino games, and only recommend to others what they would recommend for themselves. The success of any company is limited by the ability of its employees, and in our case, some have worked in both physical and online casinos, so experience is not lacking here. Based in Australia, we have decided to make it our goal to shed light on the casinos that do their job best, knowing that they deserve to have players, and players deserve to have the best that the world of casinos has to offer. Therefore, what the end consumer can expect from us is the purest intention to ensure that all sides, from company to player, are united and satisfied.

Our Editor

This position could not be given to someone who did not have all the experience that Lola Henderson has. Our super senior editor brings with her a baggage of having worked with the biggest casino game brands that exist, and in various types of positions. And we have to highlight the developer position she has had, in which she worked with a bonus program alongside major suppliers. Today, she combines the position of a fan of this world with that of a person who has seen the market from the inside in order to bring the best of both worlds to people. With a resume like that, Lola has obviously become extremely respected in this field, and that is why she brings the credibility of a woman who perfectly masters this area, and we are lucky to have her sharing this experience with us and with the players who use Casinos country.

Our Core Values

Finally, we reaffirm our values and also our goal with our website. We are here to always try the best that the market has to offer for players. We have honesty as our main virtue because, as mentioned before, before being workers in the field, we are fans and players too, and we want for our users the same thing we want for ourselves: the best casinos with the best bonuses. That's why we don't limit the content of our website only to us. We have contact options for users, where they can tell us about a review we did or should do. We do this because we understand that everyone is subject to errors, and we are open to being notified about something we didn't notice and let slip. The user is part of our work. And of course, we reaffirm that we will always be posting good and real promotions, and there is no possibility of making a false comment just for money. Trust cannot be bought, and the truth behind the casinos we analyze will always be our top priority.

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