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Pachinko 5 from Video Bingo

Pachinko 5
Play for free
Reel 1
Paylines 1
Min Bet 4
Max Bet 40

Video Bingo Pachinko 5 Bonus

The most prestigious casinos offer visitors in the lobby the experience of this great native entertainment from Japan. Surrounded by oriental accessories, Video Bingo Pachinko 5 will provide an opportunity to actively participate in an exciting game, whose main essence is very similar to regular bingo. New users have great chances of being rewarded in this game using welcome bonuses from the best gaming portals operating.

  • Ivibet Casino – this casino offers each newcomer a bonus of 300 euros, which can be spent on game tickets, among which there will certainly be winners;
  • Spin Samurai Casino – the bookmaker is pleased to offer every player who opens a new account up to $480;
  • Twin casino – this excellent gaming portal will provide $450 for each member who wants to become an active user of one of the most creative gambling operators.

With bonus funds, Video Bingo Pachinko 5 is sure to reward you with great bonuses in the form of free balls and wilds that promise impressive winnings.

How to Win Free Balls

If, after the draw of 30 balls, the player manages to form at least one payline, he will have the opportunity to buy 10 additional balls, which can significantly help in obtaining a larger amount, in this case, one of them will be used completely free of charge. In addition, the game allows you to randomly win up to 5 free balls in one round, and if Wild Balls fall, the participant will have the right to choose any number that has not fallen during the draw.

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Bingo Panchinko 5 Game Features

The Video Bingo Pachinko 5 starts with the player clicking on the button with the nominal value of the bet and selecting the appropriate value that will be wagered on a game ticket. Fans of more dynamic gambling games can take advantage of the automatic start of game rounds, for this, use the "Auto" button, which opens a window with the following selection options:

  1. Number of game rounds in automatic cycle,
  2. Amount of stake per ticket,
  3. Number of game tickets,
  4. Limits on the amount of money lost and won (set at will).

If, after the drawing of 30 balls, the participant hits all the numbers on one of the cards, a jackpot is awarded that will be a payout with a bet multiplier equal to $5000. The jackpot drawing function is activated only when four game tickets are involved in the game.
The volatility of Video Bingo Pachinko 5 is between medium and high, which means that impressive winnings can be obtained more frequently. Therefore, this machine will be more generous in paying out modest and medium-sized amounts.
Portable entertainment fans can enjoy the optimized version of the game and have fun anytime using smartphones or tablets, simply by accessing the game portal using any mobile browser.

How to Play Video Bingo Pachinko 5

Before the start of the draw, the participant chooses one to four game tickets with a set of numbers, you can change the content of any ticket as many times as you want, simply by clicking on its image. After setting the bet amount, all that's left is to press the green "Play" button, which starts the next round of the game.
The balls start falling from the gates of the Japanese temple, their total number is 30 pieces and the numbers identical to the ones drawn are automatically marked on the game tickets. If they form one of the corresponding patterns to the prize lines, the player will receive a prize according to the payout table.
At the same time, these numbers are highlighted in yellow on the tickets and can complete the formation of a winning combination in case of a drop in the phase of additional ball appearance, in this phase, the participant can optionally purchase balls in order to maximize possible winnings as much as possible.

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And Earn Real Money

A variety of strategies can be used to generate high revenue, the main one being built around the purchase of additional balls. As practice shows, the costs incurred for their acquisition are often justified. Some players prefer to carefully select game tickets before the start of the next round, trying to maintain the presence of certain numerical combinations in them, which can generally be considered a simple but reliable strategic trick.
The plot has an additional feature activated by a bonus model. The main characters of the bonus game are Japanese cat figurines called Maneki-Neko, and the participant will have to randomly choose from the figures presented of Maneki-Neko with the hidden prize in five levels. Making a wrong choice at any level results in the conclusion of the bonus challenge and the participant returning to the base game of Video Bingo Pachinko 5.

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Bingo Pachinko 5

  • πŸ† Can I Play Video Bingo Pachinko 5 for Free?

    The game has a demo mode that allows you to fully test the gaming potential of Video Bingo Pachinko 5, as well as train your skills and intuition. The demo version offers entertainment with virtual credits, but at the same time does not limit the players in any way.
  • πŸ† How to Win at Video Bingo Pachinko 5?

    To try to obtain prize payments, you need to replenish your game balance and start betting with real money, after choosing the number of game tickets and the bet amount, you can start the first draw.
  • πŸ† How Does the Cash Bonus Work?

    The bonus provided in monetary terms can be used to play on slot machines, determined by the casino administration and according to the conditions specified on the gaming portal.
  • πŸ† When Was Video Bingo Pachinko 5 Released?

    The game became available for general use in 2018.
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