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Show Ball 3 Video Bingo

Show Ball 3
Play for free
Min Bet 0.05
Max Bet 0.25

Bingo is one of the most acclaimed games. At charity events, end-of-year parties, and various other occasions, it is always possible to find families enjoying the fun. In addition, online casinos are constantly updating their games, offering many free video bingos as well as paid bets, with a wide variety of special features and good payouts. Show Ball 3 is an example of a profitable game, where you can win a lot of money by choosing your cards and waiting for the winning balls to be drawn.

When playing Show Ball 3, you will notice how easy its functions and additional features are. Check out some game settings below, learn quickly, and enjoy this electrifying game that has become a sensation among online casino players.

Information About Video Bingo Show Ball 3

This game provides 4 cards with 15 numbers for you to have more chances of winning. 30 balls are drawn and then you will have the right to 12 extra balls. Check out more information about the game below.

  • How to Play: to choose your cards, simply click above any of them and automatically all will be exchanged. If you want to remove any card, click on the "X" located at the top of the cards. Choose the bet amount and then click the "Play" button. Quickly, the 30 balls will be drawn and the winning results will be marked in red, while the combinations that would give additional prizes will be marked in yellow.
  • Patterns and Accumulated: to win, it is necessary to form one of the patterns available on the game's home screen. The prizes for each combination will also be described below the patterns. If you manage to mark the same pattern on more than one card, a multiplier will appear to indicate how many prizes the combination brought. The accumulated, when activated, will reward those who complete a card with a good cash prize.
  • Settings: select settings and you can choose the drawing speed (normal or turbo), whether you want background music or if you want to keep the game effects. In the left corner of the screen, you can mute it and access the help menu.

Play for free and see how Show Ball 3 works in practice, you will quickly know what makes so manyians enjoy this game.

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