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Meet SmartphoneGambler – a bettor’s best friend

Yes, that’s exactly what you see, SmartphoneGambler is a dog. And yes, he guides users through the online betting world. Sounds crazy, right? Why would anyone trust a virtual dog…? Well, here’s why! SmartphoneGambler the Dog represents our team of knowledgeable and experienced betting and online gaming veterans. We work as a team to act as a man’s best friend and make the betting world more friendly for all.

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All in one! provides educational content that helps you understand and further polish your betting strategies. Thanks to our extensive expertise, we know all the ins and outs of online betting and can guarantee that every visitor of this website will find the most reliable and informative betting content. Our aim is to make online betting friendly and safe for everyone interested, and that’s why we work tirelessly to provide you with all the necessary information to have fun and gamble in a responsible way.

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Safe betting!

We cover everything you can bet on from the latest reality TV Love Island betting odds to detailed guides on how to bet on English cricket tournaments. Everything you need will be found here – detailed sports betting reviews and bookmaker bonus offers, plus in-depth guides for betting on different sports disciplines or events. SmartphoneGambler the Dog will always be on hand to provide useful tips and advice that can help any punter step-up their betting game. No matter what type of content we share with you, we always prioritise the safety of our users.

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Fun and fun only!

As betting enthusiasts ourselves, we always remember to ensure we have gambling under control. Big wins, high levels of excitement, unexpected turns of events… it all makes gambling entertaining, but also can be problematic for some. At we encourage you to get familiar with available tools and services that can help you play responsibly and never let gambling take control over you and your health. Remember, betting on your favourite TV shows or sports games can be great fun but… when the fun stops, stop!

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Age makes a difference!

We prioritise the safety of minors and for this reason, we remind you that features content that should only be used by anyone over the age of 18. You would have verified your age already by visiting our website, but we want to remind you that anyone under 18 years old is forbidden to access, read or make use of our website. We’re committed to safeguarding the children and therefore encourage all users of legal age to do same and never promote gambling amongst the minors!

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Sports, casino, lottery, TV shows, politics… the list goes on and on. Yes, we have all the topics covered so you can simply start betting online. The team are here to deliver expert knowledge that covers tips on how to place a bet, betting industry news, the best odds, latest UK bookmaker bonus offers and loads of gambling information that will help you take your first steps into the betting world.

Since was first 20 years ago the rise of online gambling platforms and things to bet on has exploded. Our mission is the same, we are here to provide you the latest and greatest information about the UK betting scene and provide objective reviews of the best British bookmakers and casino bonus offers around.


The pace of new betting sites and things to bet on in the online space has been unbelievably fast. With thousands of possible options, it’s quite hard to differentiate between bookmakers, understand various offers they use to lure new players or available types of bets a player can choose from (let’s be honest, some of them look scary at first!). The betting landscape might look confusing for new players – confusing lingo, safety concerns, financial scams, dodgy bookmakers and complicated-looking bet types… Fear no more! is here to save the (betting!) world.



SmartphoneGambler Project Lead

Maria keeps a watchful eye over smartphonegambler, makings all things click together. She’s our project mastermind who successfully combines business, marketing and betting into one.



Jimmy Frasier The Master

Born and bread in London back in 2012, Frasier brings his local knowledge to the team as well as guides the users though the sometimes complicated world of betting.

Pat Patrycja SEO Expert

Patrycja makes sure that Google loves what we do and lets us be discovered by all hungry users looking for high-quality betting content online. She debunks the myth of SEO seen as black magic, delivering well-planned and successful strategies across the whole site.

Najim Najim Betting Expert

Najim is our omniscient sports guru who breathes and lives sports. As an in-house sports authority, he knows the angle on a wide variety of sports and shares the most updated news from the sports world with the SmartphoneGambler community.

Niklas Sales Guru

Niklas is our Sales Guru that is amazing at finding win-win partnerships! So if you have any questions about being part of our amazing SmartphoneGambler world, contact Niklas today

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