Updated Updated: 2024

Privacy Policy

On this page, you can find out how we collect and process data from you when you visit smartphonegambler.com. By enjoying the content that we offer you on this site and accepting cookies you agree to these terms. 


Cookies are small, text-based pieces of information that remember your activities on the websites you visited. They help collect statistical data that are used to personify and enhance users’ experience on the site. We use cookies to show you the type of content you are the most interested in and remember your preferences for the next time you decide to visit smartphonegambler.com. There are a few different types of cookies we use: 

They can save data such as usernames, language preferences or users’ demographics.

These cookies are used to collect data that can then help improve and fix any technical issues that emerged on the site.

They are temporary files that remember your moves across the site and are removed immediately after you leave the website.

Personal & Non-personal information 

We only collect personal information from you if this has been agreed by both sides. Details such as your email address or age is not be collected if you decide to share the details. We collect non-personal information to enable us to provide a great service and to optimise our website. Non-personal information collected includes a users’ location, time zone, a device that used to view smartphonegambler.com. 

Email marketing 

We have an option for our users to sign-up and receive emails from the smartphonegambler team. The types of emails you should expect to recieve are information on changes to our website, information newsletters and promotional content if you have pre-agreed to receive such emails. We promise to always prioritise your safety and privacy when collecting emails and store your email address on GDPR verified. We will only use the information you provide us to communicate things you have agreed with. If you would like to opt-out of receiving emails, please click the “Unsubscribe” button that features in our communications. 

Policy updates 

We reserve the right to update our privacy policy – please check this page on a regular basis to ensure you agree to our terms for providing you a safe website experience. 

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