Updated Updated: 2024

Jumanji Slots Game Review, RTP and Play at UK Sites

Jumanji is one of the most popular video slots offered by the prominent NetEnt Group, and currently ranks well in terms of RTP at 96.33%. With a top payout of 504x, Jumanji provides you with a shot at securing a big score, but it is nevertheless geared towards the lower end of top payouts. The minimum best is fixed at £0.10 and the maximum at £200 and there are 36 different paylines. Overall, Jumanji is therefore a low variance/low volatility machine, but one with an extremely competitive high RTP. It makes it an ideal candidate for the slow and steady grind while retaining some balance with the chance for a big score.

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Like many popular slots Jumanji is based on an element of popular folklore. You might recall the 1995 movie Jumanji, an American fantasy adventure film, based on a children’s book with the same name from 1981. The story revolves around four children playing a supernatural board game that they find in a deserted closet – ‘Jumanji’ it is called, and once they start rolling the dices they are absorbed into a magical underworld. 

A sequel to the movie was eventually released in 2017 and NetEnt decided to develop this slot to honour the occasion. The board game even figures within the video slot, as three Jumanji symbols automatically activates the board game feature. From here on, you’ll just have to roll the dices and see what happens. The sheer number of video slots makes it an incredibly overloaded market, which is why we found this feature incredibly refreshing.

How To Play the Jumanji Slot

The combination of a video slot and a virtual board game is not entirely new – some of you might know it from the legendary Monopoly Slot, which was based on the board game of the same name. What’s not to like? These kind of slots combine an exhilarating casino atmosphere with the coziness and nostalgia of board games that we have known our entire lives. Here, of course, the situation is slightly different – Jumanji was always a fictional game in a fictional movie! But the universe it explores is one that many are familiar with. Very much like The Planet of Apes Slot. And it is displayed with absolute visual brilliance, courtesy of the world-leading visual designers and developers at Netent.

The Jumanji Slot is full of exhilarating and value loaded features, but there is arguably so many that getting a proper overview can be tricky. Below we’ve tried to describe some of the special features than can be activated – remember, these are all bonus features, so they are in addition to the regular winnings. Remember, Jumanji is an online slot with 5 reels and 36 different paylines. And winning big is all about getting your hands on those dices, so you can start moving around the board. Three Jumanji symbols is all that is required.

But there are also special features within the actual slot – it’s not all about those dices! Four of them are quite random – in fact, they just happen out of nowhere! 

There is the Wild Stampede feature, where rhinos randomly stampede the reels while they are spinning. Depending on the mood of the rhinos, this can activate as many as 9 Wild Symbols! Chances for a big bonus score there. 

Then there is the Monkey Mayhem feature, where all the symbols shuffle around go give you a guaranteed winNot necessarily a big one, but a guaranteed one nevertheless!

Thirdly, the Monsoon Wilds feature whereby one or two reels turn into wild reels. Always nice to see.

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And lastly the Sticky Vines feature which revolves around respins – in fact, the slot will keep spinning as long as each spin adds something to your winning combination. Once that fails to happen, you will receive your payout for the spin. This is probably our favourite feature in the basic mode, as you can end up having the entire grid filled with the same symbols.

The Jumanji Board Game Feature

These are excellent features that all add some excitement and potential for winning, without you having to enter the Jumanji Board Game or win dozens of Free Spins. Yet the real riches await those who manage to enter the promised land of Jumanji. Once the board game opens, you’ll be awarded with a number of dice rolls depending on how many Jumanji symbols you received in your original spin. And then the fun begins.

Whatever the dices now show and wherever you’ll end up, prizes or extra features are guaranteed. Four different Free Spin features are located in the four different corners of the board – you’ll just have to land on them to sweep up those Spins! These features are largely similar to the 4 special features that already figured in the basis version of the game – but there are some differences:

Landing on Vines Free Spins rewards you with 10 exclusive Free Spins and continuous re-spins if you manage a winning combination.

Landing on Monsoon Free Spins rewards you with 7 Free Spins. As in the basis mode, either one or two reels will turn into wilds.

Landing on Monkey Free Spins rewards you with 6 Free Spins. Symbols will randomly change around to ensure you a guaranteed win on every single spin. Not bad, is it?

Landing on Stampede Free Spins rewards you with 5 Free Spins. Up to 9 Wilds will then appear on each spin, depending on the mood of the stamping Rhinos.

As you can see here, all these are extensions of the features that already appeared in the basic mode, but the number of Free Spins and the chance for multipliers on the board results in substantially bigger prizes.
Lastly, the Mystery Feature adds an element of unpredictability to the playing board; if you land on one of these, you’ll be faced with a spinning wheel that rewards you cash prizes, extra rolls with the dice and the chance for additional Free Spins. You can have your coin winnings multiplied by as much as 10x but we found the extra dices particularly useful. Once you are inside the board game feature, it is all about not leaving it again.

Overall, these features make for an extremely interesting slot, where you better keep yourself focused in order to remember them all. Yet what is the best strategy when playing the Jumanji slot? Is there anything that will prepare you particularly well for this challenge? That will be explored in the next section.

Jumanji Slot Strategy

Considering the RTP is always essential when you develop a strategy for approaching a particular slot and Jumanji performs rather well in this regard, with an RTP of more than 96%. Spins start at an industry-standard minimum of £0.10 with paylines at £0.36. The top symbol pays x14 your investment, which is not that much for someone looking for a big score, but there are two arguments to raise against this point.

Firstly, the fairly high RTP combined with the modest payouts in basic mode make for a low variance video slot. This slot is not about a progressive jackpot, nor about the chance to win a 4000x score. Nevertheless, big scores can still be won, and many gamblers are happy with the low variance structure in the basic mode. That is obviously a question of personal preference.

Secondly, like so many other video slots with board game features (see Monopoly etc.), it is all about activating the board game feature. Although you feel like the basis mode is going against you, and the small winnings aren’t compensating for the money you are investing, the Jumanji board game feature will eventually reward you.

Most importantly, of course, you should scan the market for casinos that offer a bonus for the Jumanji slot, ideally one that involves Free Spins. Jumanji is among the more popular online video slots, and finding a no deposit bonus is usually possible. Alternatively, some casinos offer you 100 or 200 Free Spins in addition to your first deposit – and you can then use these on Netent slots, of which Jumanji is one possibility.


As advertised by the different operators and Netent, Jumanji is a low variance machine with a maximum payout of 504x, but also a highly competitive RPT at 96.36%. We were very satisfied with out experiences playing Jumanji, as it low variance structure really allows for a long and steady grind. 
If you are looking for a gargantuan progressive Jackpot, or some of the high volatility video slots with 5000x payouts, Jumanji is not the place for you. But if you enjoy a fascinating and well designed gameplay combined with a meaningful and transparent payout structure, Jumanji should rank near the top of your list. The visuals are simply brilliant and leave you with the slight feeling that you are almost playing a computer game. Available both on desktop and mobile app, Jumanji is up there with the most exciting video slots launched in recent years.

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