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About PayPal

It would be a big surprise if you haven’t heard of PayPal. The online payment platform has been around since the early days of the internet and the logo is a familiar sight across most online casinos and betting sites. In fact, you can use PayPal to purchase pretty much anything on the web nowadays, and it initially made its name as eBay’s go-to payment option.

The logo comes with a huge amount of respect and offers competitive fees with a high level of security. PayPal has grown over the years to become one of the most famous and widely used internet payment options in the world. If you look at the numbers behind the company then you can understand its true reach around the globe. It currently has over 240 million active accounts in over 200 different markets with 25 currencies in use. It’s an online payment powerhouse and it’s the number one e-Wallet choice for many online gamblers across the world.

Thousands of PayPal transactions are made every day to online casinos sites across the UK, Europe and beyond. There are also many sports betting sites that take PayPal as well. It makes a perfect payment option for any online user who wants quick and private banking transactions. All of the big name casinos offer the PayPal payment option and there are many new casino sites accepting PayPal emerging all the time. The reason why online casino customers choose PayPal is that it’s so easy to use and it offers exceptional security. It’s these two important factors that serve as the backbone of the company and it’s something that the management of PayPal has always tried to improve upon.

Who was the driving force behind the early days of PayPal? It was none other than Elon Musk, the multi-billionaire entrepreneur, who merged his online banking company X.com with Confinity.com back in 2000. The PayPal brand was soon created a year later in 2001 and the rest, as they say, is history. Acquisition of the top-rated security firm Verisign took place in 2005 and this further enhanced their reputation as a secure and online payment provider. Fast forward to today and PayPal are processing billions of online transactions every year. Many of those transactions are made at betting sites with PayPal deposit options and it clearly shows the dominance of this company in the online gambling industry.

Payments & Withdrawals

Using PayPal to fund your casino accounts is easy and more often than not your money is transferred instantly. Making withdrawals on any winnings is also simple and it can take as little as two hours to a couple of days to process depending on the casino. As we mentioned before, PayPal prides itself on its simplicity and they have introduced various features over the years to make the payment process even easier and straightforward for their users. Let’s look at the stages of the PayPal process in more detail, starting with the PayPal registration.

Registering Your Account At PayPal

In order to use PayPal, you will need to register an account and this can be done in just a few steps. Head over to the PayPal site, sign up using your email address and create a password, once logged in you can fill out the form with your personal information and banking details. You can link up bank accounts and your debit/credit cards which will make your future online casino transactions a lot quicker in the long run. Remember to verify your email address first before you try to make any transactions.

Depositing Funds Using PayPal

Find your way to the online casino PayPal banking section. You might need to check the minimum and maximum deposit amounts with your casino but usually, it’s £10 minimum and the maximum is usually left wide open. Enter the amount that you want to deposit and you’ll then be taken to the PayPal login screen where you will need to enter your email address and password. PayPal will give you the option to save your login details for quicker transactions in the future. You can go ahead and tick this option if you are using a personal computer in a safe and secure environment. The choice is yours and it can be a handy feature if you have many different logins to remember. Once you confirm the deposit amount in the PayPal platform then you will be taken back to the casino banking page. If everything went to plan then you should see your money in your casino account straight away. An official confirmation email will be sent from PayPal confirming the transaction was a success. Deposits are usually instant as long as you have the correct funds in your PayPal account.

Withdrawing Funds Using PayPal

Withdrawing your funds to PayPal follows the same process. Make sure you are aware of any minimum and maximum withdrawal limits. A quick check in the help section or a chat with customer support will give you all the information that you need. Once you know the withdrawal limits then simply head over to the casino banking section, enter the amount that you want to withdraw and select PayPal as your preferred withdrawal method. Enter your PayPal email address and password and then submit the withdrawal request. Withdrawals can take up to 3-4 days on average and this all depends on your casino’s withdrawal procedures. Using an e-Wallet like PayPal is your quickest withdrawal method and you’ll get your hands on that money a lot quicker than if you were using the standard bank transfer method.

Important Withdrawal Notice

Every online casino needs to verify the identity of their customers before any withdrawals can be processed. A utility bill with your address or a valid UK driving license is often accepted as forms of verification.

PayPal One Touch

PayPal has built its reputation on the foundation of being able to make quick and easy online payments. The introduction of the PayPal One Touch feature gave users an even quicker payment process and took the simplicity to new levels. Activating the One Touch feature on your mobile device or computer means that your login details are no longer required. It effectively means that you are constantly logged into PayPal on that device and you then only need to make ‘one touch’ to confirm your deposits and withdrawals.

PayPal Fees

Fees and banking usually go hand in hand and there are often charges being made somewhere along the payment process. However, many online casinos absorb these fees on behalf of their customer but not all of them. Taking on these PayPal fees might result in the casino increasing the minimum deposit limit but most are happy to take on the fee as part of their overall customer service. As with all payment options, it’s wise to get up to speed with your casino’s payment method rules. The only fees that you might come across are when you want to transfer your money back to your bank account from PayPal. Again, this will depend on your bank and you should check with them before you come across any hidden charges.

Here are some examples of deposit and withdrawal details for some of the biggest PayPal betting sites:


Deposit – Instant, 2% free, no maximum limit

Withdrawal – 1-2 days, £500k limit per day

Paddy Power

Deposit – Instant, no fees, no maximum limit

Withdrawal – 1 day, no maximum limit

888 Casino

Deposit – Instant, no fees, no maximum limit

Withdrawal – 1 day, £22,000 a month

PayPal Standard Fees

Fees for Sending Money: Free or 3.4% + 20p for credit card
Fees for Receiving Money: 3.4% + 20p
Charge your Account via Credit Card: 3.4% + 20p
Charge your Account via Bank Transfer: Free
Charge your Account via Other Methods: Free
Fees for the Debit Card: Not applicable
Fees for ATM Withdrawals: Not applicable
Fees for Currency Exchange: 3 – 4%
Inactivity Fees: No fees and account closes after 3 years inactivity

PayPal Advantages

Using PayPal makes your online casino playing days a lot easier. The quick deposit and withdrawals keep your casino accounts funded and your winnings are quickly sent back to your account within a few days. It’s easy and secure and that’s what people want from their online payment provider.

Household Name

PayPal is a name that is known across the globe and so it’s likely that you are already well aware of the advantages that come with PayPal. Effective TV adverts and online marketing campaigns ensure that PayPal stays at the forefront of online shoppers’ minds. It clearly leads the way when it comes to e-Wallet payments and there are many online sports betting PayPal deals to be found in the UK.

Easy To Use

Signing up to PayPal is quick and easy and verification is confirmed via a simple click in your email inbox. Using PayPal to fund your online betting accounts is even easier with the One Touch feature and so it’s easy to see why millions of people choose PayPal as their go-to online e-Wallet.


With over 20 years in the online payment business, you can put all doubts of trust and security aside. Customer security has always been their strong point and with all of their experience, you can be sure that your money is safe. They use state-of-the-art encryption security software to process billions of transactions every year and this would not be possible without a high level of trust from their users.

PayPal Features Quick List:

  • Free to register with instant deposit transactions
  • Use one PayPal account for multiple casinos and betting sites
  • High level of security and 24/7 support to combat any potential fraud
  • Multiple cards and bank accounts can be stored
  • One Touch feature for effortless deposits at many of the latest PayPal casinos
  • Hundreds of PayPal casino UK deals to choose from

PayPal Disadvantages

PayPal is a global leader when it comes to online payment providers but there are one or two downsides that users can come across. We’ll highlight these issues for you now to give you a clear understanding of what to expect when using PayPal online:

Banking Fees

Most casinos and bet sites that accept PayPal do not charge their users any fees when they deposit to and withdraw from their customer accounts. Sometimes casinos do pass the fee on to the customer with a 1-2% charge on the amount but any casino worth playing at will absorb the fees as an act of goodwill. The fees that you need to be wary of are between PayPal and your bank account. International transfers and some local bank transfers will come with a charge so be sure to check with your banks before you press send.

Account Lockouts

PayPal has been known to lock certain accounts from time to time which obviously disgruntles those users involved. Lockouts can impact users and businesses with complaint procedures often taking weeks to resolve. Access to funds can be blocked and so this can result in some very unhappy customers, especially if the account lockout was unjustified.

PayPal FAQ

Casinos are charged for any deposit made through PayPal and many of them absorb the fees instead of passing them onto the customer. However, some casinos don’t want to take on the PayPal fees so they decide against using them as a payment method. This way they don’t deter any customers with unexpected banking fees.

There are many casinos with PayPal deposit options and these include 888 Casino, 21 Casino, Paddypower, and Hyper to name a few. You’ll also find many other betting sites that accept PayPal due to huge popular demand.

This will depend on the casino or sports betting site that you are playing at. Each site will have its own set of rules in relation to where you can withdraw your money to.

Withdrawal processing times also depend on the casino you are playing at. It will usually take anywhere from a couple of hours to 5 days to process your withdrawal.

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