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About Zimpler

With technology advancing forward, so are your online payment methods. Nowadays we can see more and more  payment providers in the online casinos and betting sites. It gets easier to deposit and withdraw when gambling, and some operators even offer instant payments to your wallet. Zimpler is one of the new players in the gambling market when it comes to paying with ease.

Originally established in Sweden back in 2013 where they have been growing on the market. They have already expanded into the neighboring countries Norway and Finland and have started their expansion to rest of Europe. With fast and safe payments through your phone Zimpler is something for everyone, especially in these digital days. Since Zimpler is a new provider for payments in the online casinos, we have put together some information guiding you how to use them for your gambling payments.

What is Zimpler?

Zimpler is a new way of paying your gambling deposits. It is a simple pay-by-phone methods where you only have to provide your phone number and deposit amount once using the service. They collect and save your phone, cards, bills and bank in one and the same place. You create an account with Zimpler first, link your way of paying (card, bank account etc.) and then use your phone for paying into your casino account. It is very safe, as you need access to your phone as well as your account to put money into your account. Mobile payments are becoming more common and will soon be the standard way of paying your bills, Zimpler offers a smart way of paying online and we can expect more casinos to start using them as a payment provider with time.

How to use Zimpler

A step by step guide on how to use Zimpler as your way of paying:

  1. Log on to your account and access the deposit page, select Zimpler.
  2. Fill in the amount you wish to deposit to your casino account.
  3. Press the deposit button and enter your phone number when asked. If it’s the first time you try their service a Zimpler account will be created for you.
  4. A text message will instantly be sent to your phone with instructions. Follow the instructions in the message.
  5. Connect your credit card and a credit check will be made to make sure you will pay your deposits.
  6. Your account is now active, go back to the betting site and enter your phone number and deposit amount.
  7. You will receive a verification code by text in your phone.
  8. Verify the payment by submitting the received verification code and the deposit will be added to your gambling funds. You may start placing your bets.
  9. An invoice will be sent to you within 2 weeks for you to pay. Remember to pay in time so you avoid the delay fee.

With Zimpler, you can also control your gambling with their deposit limits. All you have to do is log in to your account and set a limit. The next time the process is very simple, just enter your number and the amount you wish to add and it is set in a matter of second. For people who like to keep track on their gambling this is also a good service as you get an invoice for your deposits, so you can easily see how much you have spent.


What is ZimplerGo? It is a new service offered by Zimpler to make gambling even easier. It has already been added to a number of casinos. It appeals to new customers as it helps you create your casino account during the deposit process. You don’t have to upload any supporting documents as your Zimpler account already is verified with your details, just deposit and an account is automatically created with your details. Then you only need your Zimpler details to quickly access your gambling account, a little bit faster than usual. Withdrawals are also instant when using this service, but unfortunately it is only available in Sweden at the moment.

Advantages and disadvantages when using Zimpler

Using a pay-by-phone payment provider such as Zimpler has both advantages and disadvantages, since it is still very new in the business there might still be more things to find out about their service. The below are some of the advantages:

  • Safety: Zimpler is a very safe way of depositing money to your betting account. Because of the process with a message sent to your phone for verification purposes, this makes sure no one can use your Zimpler account without you knowing it. No card details need to be submitted to your casino so you can store them with a licensed payment provider that always puts your safety and privacy first.
  • Convenience: It doesn’t get much easier than this, the only thing you will have to remember are your casino account details. You should know your account details by heart as you probably use them on a daily basis, your phone number which you use everyday and whatever amount you wish to gamble with. It is super easy to use and you don’t have to learn any external process to get through your payments. No password is needed as you always get a verification code sent to your phone instead.
  • Mobile friendly: With most casinos going mobile you will be sure to see more options to pay with your phone, Zimpler is already there and is optimized for mobile use, as they are one of the first actors in this field their service will be sure to expand if they make it into the European market.
  • Speed: It is really fast and deposits to your betting site are instant, after you have entered the necessary details you can start gambling straight away.
  • Price: Transactions are free as Zimpler does not charge any fees on your transactions. Unlike some providers that charge extra to handle your money Zimpler is good like that. Just make sure to pay the bill in time to keep it that way.
  • Overview: Since you get an invoice with the deposits made you can easily keep track on your gambling. Just save your invoice and you’ll know exactly how much you have added to your casino account.

We also noticed some disadvantages with this payment provider. This is only natural as they are quite new on the market. Some of them are:

  • New starters:  As this company is very new it has yet to make it on the big scene. It is currently trying to expand into the European market, their focus has been in Sweden and Finland mainly and due to this we don’t see too many UK casinos offering this service just yet. But every month we can see new casinos opening up to their services, hopefully more gamblers can use Zimpler in time.
  • If you forget to pay the invoice sent to you, charges will be added for the delay. Make sure you always pay in time to avoid this.

Zimpler as a payment method

To conclude, Zimpler as a payment provider is fast, safe and extremely convenient. A good way to manage your gambling funds via the phone. With the simplicity they offer not many others are in the same league when it comes to adding funds to your betting account with ease. We would highly recommend Zimpler when it grows big in the UK, for now they are interesting to observe, not too many casino have yet started using their services which is a big con, hopefully with time they will grow and offer their services with all major casinos.

They offer a great overview of your transactions and you can keep track of your winnings and losses with a click, great security measures in their concept that keeps you and your payment details in safe hands. All in all this is a very interesting player in the payment market, we hope to see them grow into one of the commonly used payment processors as the simplicity offered is quite attractive to casino players.


Some frequently asked questions when talking about Zimpler are:

  • Is Zimpler safe to use?

Zimpler is very safe as you only have to provide banking details to them, and they are fully regulated and kept track of.

  • Why can’t I find Zimpler as a payment method in my casino?

As Zimpler is still working on growing into Europe it might be that they haven’t reached your prefered casino just yet. But standby as more and more casinos accept it as a way of paying.

  • How fast can I deposit with Zimpler?

Deposits are instant the moment you enter the verification code. Your money will show in your gambling account just after.

  • Can I withdraw using Zimpler?

Yes, you can both deposit and withdraw using Zimpler.

  • Why am I not eligible for the bonus if I deposit with Zimpler?

Unfortunately some casinos do not offer a welcome bonus for some deposit methods, this depends on the way their bonus was set up. Please check in terms and conditions before depositing if Zimpler qualifies for your bonus.

  • Is Zimpler available in my phone?

Yes, Zimpler was created to be used on phones and you must have a phone in order to use them.

  • No money was taken from my card when I deposited with Zimpler, what happened?

Zimpler sends you an invoice to pay instead of deducting the amount from your card. This way you control when you want to pay, as long as you pay in time so you avoid the delay fee.

Hopefully this guide has helped you understand Zimpler and their service, feel free to try them out and see how it works for yourself, good luck! 

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