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Betting on F1 | Tips, Strategies and Sites

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F1 betting overview

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Formula One betting grows in popularity as each season passes by and it’s easy to see why. F1 is the leading motorsport series in the world and hosts a collection of the fastest cars driven by the best drivers. It offers spectators and betting fans an exhilarating experience either at home in front of the TV or down by the track at any one of the 21 international races. For some, Formula 1 betting can offer some light-hearted entertainment whilst watching the race but for others, it is strictly business. The practice rounds, qualifying rounds, and the final race can all be studied to gain a betting advantage.

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F1 has a dedicated following of fans across the globe which means you can find many sites full of statistics and in-depth guides. In other words, it’s a goldmine for those looking to find formula 1 betting predictions and tips. A little bit of insight into the F1 world can give your bets a big boost when it comes to race day. Let’s take a closer look at this fast and furious motorsport and see where betting value can be found.

The F1 championship overview

If you’re a motorsports beginner and you’re looking to find out how to bet on Formula 1 then it’s best we start at the top! The current F1 season includes 10 teams with two cars and two drivers each. The Drivers’ Championship is the priority for all individual drivers, however, there is also the Constructors’ Championship which provides healthy rivalry between the teams as well. The season starts at the Melbourne Grand Prix in Australia and ends up in Abu Dhabi in December. A point system keeps track of the overall standings and drivers finishing in 10th position or better are rewarded with a set number of points after each race.

Grand Prix circuits take place in various environments from professional race tracks to some of the world’s famous city streets. All circuits have their highlights and many drivers prefer some races over others so there is a lot to be learned from the results of previous seasons gone by. Essentially, most bets that are placed on F1 will come down to each of the single races. The odds are simple and you can sit back and watch the race unfold. This is F1 betting in its most basic form but there is more variety if you dive deeper into the F1 betting markets. First, you need to understand the three stages of each Grand Prix and how this can help you gain an advantage.

F1 betting stages

Each Grand Prix has three main stages which are held over the duration of a weekend, these include three practice sessions, the three-part qualifying stage, and the final race on Sunday. You can gather a lot of useful information from watching the practice and qualifying stages and this will all come in handy on race day.

Practice Session

The F1 action begins on Friday when drivers take part in two 90-minute practice sessions. These sessions are purely for warm-up purposes and so there is not much value in placing any bets during this stage. You can learn a lot about the performance of the cars and drivers during the second and third practice sessions though. The track has been warmed up by the cars and we begin to see lap times more in keeping with the final race. The third practice session on Saturday morning gives us further insight into tyre performance as the teams try to simulate race conditions in preparation for qualifying and the all-important final race.

F1 Insiders Tip: Teams who struggle with tyre performance in practice will likely have to make more pit stops during the race, and this can ruin any chances of a win. Also, take advantage of better odds and place an early bet on who will take pole position after the practice sessions are over.

Qualifying Stages

The qualifiers consist of a three-stage knockout where groups of the slowest drivers are eliminated in Q1, then again in Q2, which leaves ten cars to battle it out for the top positions on the grid. Some teams hide their true performance in the practice session but it’s pedal to the metal during qualifiers. You can be sure that each team will be trying to get as much power out of their cars as possible. However, the weather plays a big part here, as well as in the final race, so bear this in mind if you’re placing an early outright bet. Some drivers tend to race better than others in wet and windy conditions and cars set up with more downforce are more competitive in these conditions.

F1 Insiders Tip: In-play betting markets for pole position, before and during the qualifiers, should offer good value.

Race Day

F1 start

Sunday is the day when all of your knowledge gathered from the practice sessions and qualifying stages will pay off. The driver in pole position will hold all of the cards on race day, not only do they have a clear track ahead of them but F1 cars work best when clear air is running through their aerodynamic wings. It’s a huge advantage and many drivers maintain the first position all through the race so it’s a popular betting option for many. Tyre performance is another big factor on race day and the timing of pit stops is crucial in preserving positions.

F1 Insiders Tip: City tracks are full of incidents and this means the safety car is more likely to make an appearance. The situation often helps the chasing pack and frustrates the leading driver so positions can quickly change at places like Monaco and Singapore.

Betting on F1 is not all about picking out the winner and there are many in-play and appealing markets to bet on which leads us nicely on to the next section, F1 Betting Markets.

F1 Betting Markets

F1 is unlike your typical 1v1 betting situation that we see in sports like football, cricket, rugby and tennis. Each race can include up to 20 or more competitors so the possible combinations are literally mind-blowing. The simple win lose or draw outcome does not apply here! It’s not as complicated as it first seems though, so we’ll walk you through the most common F1 betting markets. Ready, set, go!

Outright Championship Betting

championship betting

An outright bet is a popular option available in many sports and it’s no different when it comes to Formula 1 betting. You’ll need to place your predictions before the season starts to get the best formula one betting odds and you’ll need equal parts luck and knowledge for your bet to come through. However, due to the ever-shifting positions of the F1 standings, you can place outright bets throughout the season albeit with shorter odds.

F1 Drivers Championship

The big bet that most punters will try to predict is which driver will come out on top at the end of the season. The driver who picks up the most points over the course of the 21 races will be crowned champion.

F1 Constructors’ Championship Odds

The next most popular bet is predicting which of the teams will finish the season on top with the most points. Each team has two cars throughout the season so consistency is key here, as is the experience of the drivers. Some teams bring in young drivers and this can sway the odds both ways depending on if he comes highly-rated or not.

Podium Finishes

Pick out a driver who you think will get at least one first-place finish and who will get at least one podium finish throughout the season. These bets can offer good value if you pick an outsider that scrapes a podium finish at a favorite track of theirs. Drivers with experience in the rain are also a good bet in the hope that you’ll get at least one wet race for your bet to have a chance.

Match Up Bets – Driver vs Driver

Rivalries within teams is another popular outright F1 bet that lets you predict which team driver will finish higher. Choosing teams with drivers that usually finish around 5th-10th can prove to be successful. Every now and then one of these drivers will hit a top 5 and receive a large number of points.

f1 betting

F1 Race Day Betting

Most punters will take their chances and try to find some quick wins on race day. Most sports betting sites will give you a choice of several markets and these bets will be paid out once the race has finished.

Race Winner

Race winner is the most common bet of predicting who will come out on top on the day. Lookout for any of the top drivers who have had a bad day at the qualifiers, this means they’ll have to fight their way back through the pack to get ahead. If this is the case then they might come with better odds.

Fastest Lap

A popular bet, placed before or during the race, where you simply pick out the driver who you think will record the fastest lap. Fastest laps are usually set in the final stages of the race when cars are carrying less fuel and therefore lighter.

Top 3 Finish

Choose a driver who you think will get at least a top-three finish and you’ll win. This type of bet gives you some flexibility and for the best odds, you should be thinking about any possible outsiders over the regular favorites.

Will the Safety Car appear?

A 50-50 bet that adds a bit of fun into the race and it really is as simple as they come. The options you have will be a Yes or No and depending on your choice, you’ll be a winner if the safety car does or does not make an appearance.


A slight twist on the race winner bet because here you are given a smaller number of drivers to choose from. It could be a straight-up Driver A vs Driver B choice or you might be given a small number of drivers to choose from.

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F1 Betting Strategy

F1 comes with a huge online library of statistics, form and insightful team news throughout the season so it’s at these sites that you should be reading up and taking notes. Here’s a list of useful thoughts and Formula One betting tips to get ahead:

sport smartphonegambler
  • Grid position in relation to the race track.
  • Pole position is more relevant on the city tracks and not so much on the open faster tracks.
  • Driver and team performance in relation to the characteristics of the race track.
  • Some teams have experienced wet weather drivers with proven form
  • Drivers are known to have preferred tracks throughout the season
  • F1 racing is full of data and statistics so use this to your advantage.
  • Brush up on your driver and team knowledge to gain an edge.
  • Read up on race previews to gain insight from the professionals
  • Study lap times in practice sessions and qualifiers to assess overall changes
  • Drivers who are trying to catch up with the leaders often clock up fast lap times so choosing a driver in the middle of the field for the fastest lap could prove profitable.
  • Look out for the ‘one-two’ grid positions where one team qualifies in first and second position. This gives the team a huge advantage as they can work together to control the race and so this means a great betting advantage for you also.


1. Some teams have experienced wet weather drivers with proven form
2. Drivers are known to have preferred tracks throughout the season
3. F1 racing is full of data and statistics so use this to your advantage.
4. Brush up on your driver and team knowledge to gain an edge.
5. Read up on race previews to gain insight from the professionals

Read our guide for more tips

The most successful F1 teams are:

-Mc Laren

Yes, you can bet on which driver will win the different championships. If you bet on a driver to win a race and it happens, your bet is won.

There are several online bookies available in The UK offering odds on F1 such as:

F1 Betting Summary

Formula One racing is considered to be quite predictable nowadays due to the nature of the technology used by the top teams. First and foremost, research is key when betting on F1 and those who take the time to look through the stats and pick out the key factors in each race should do well with their bets. The favourites are usually always there or thereabouts but their odds will be low, so looking at outsider podium finishes is a popular value bet for the experienced F1 punters. Read up and good luck!

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