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Betfair Sports, Casino and Exchange Review and Bonuses

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Betfair – World’s Biggest Betting Exchange

Anyone who likes a flutter and hasn’t delved into the world of betting exchanges is missing a trick. Many are the punters who have recognized that the bookies hold an advantage, many must have idly dreamt that they might one day “play” bookmaker and lock in the profits that a bookmaker can.  

After all, we understand that bookmakers are able to profit because they offer a guarantee to the players of a payout, they have expenses, and they themselves have staff, and shareholders, to pay, therefore the odds they offer are calculated to ensure that they profit.

The Betfair Exchange is different because you’re betting against fellow bettors, so you can get better odds, set your own, sports trade and even lay a bet.

Until the advent of betting exchanges, the bookmakers ruled the world of gambling. Nearly twenty years ago, Betfair stormed into the market with a shattering new concept. Take out the middleman, and pit players head to head, with Betfair taking a modest commission on the trades. Suddenly the face of online gambling was transformed as punters recognized the limitless potential offered by this new approach.

Continue reading to find out all about betting exchanges.

  • Offers betting exchanges
  • The brand is well-known in the UK
  • High withdrawal limits
  • If you need to use the customer support, you have to be registered customer first

Betfair Bonuses

Here’s a breakdown of all current welcome bonuses you can claim at Betfair. Just use our link when signing up and enjoy the extra promotions!

Sportsbook Bonus

betfair free bets bonus

You can claim a sign up bonus of up to £100. You can do this by placing five bets of at least £10 each bet. You will then qualify for a £20 free bet. If you do this five times then you will have earned £100 in free bets on the sportsbook. Odds must be greater than 1.5 to qualify.

Casino Bonus

betfair casino welcome bonus

Sign up to Betfair Casino and make a deposit of minimum £10 and claim your 100% bonus up to £100. You can use your bonus fund on over 400 games in the casino section!

Bingo Bonus

betfair bingo bonus

Deposit and stake on Bingo tickets a minimum of £5 and get up to £25 bonus! (£15 Bingo Bonus & £10 Bingo Slots Bonus).

Poker Bonus

poker bonus betfair

Sign up to Betfair Poker, make a deposit and get your exclusive bonus package!

35% rakeback in CASH directly to your account, by cashing out your VPP’s at the best rate we offer on our Gold Loyalty Tier. You shall remain on this deal and cannot be downgraded to a lower VIP level.

As stated at Betfair’s website, here is everything included in the Exclusive Races:

  • €15,000 Private Rake Race
  • Exclusive €5,000 Micro Cash Races
  • €7,500 SNG &Twister Tournaments
  • Exclusive €2500 MTT Race
  • Exclusive €5,000 Mini & Micro Twister Races
  • Exclusive €250 Weekly Loyalty Freeroll

Betfair Sportsbook

Which sports are included in the Betfair Sportsbook? The list is enormous, but bigger than the range is the sheer depth of available markets in which you can place a bet. Sports include:

  • American Football
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Darts
  • Golf
  • Horse Racing
  • Formula 1
  • Moto GP
  • Motorsports
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Cricket
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Ice Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Olympic Events
  • Cycling
  • Football
  • Ruby
  • …and more!

More than this though is the enormous selection of events at your fingertips. Where other sites might feature a few top leagues and international games, the exchange is full to the brim with smaller leagues and events in far-flung places, allowing you to bet on matches that previously were unavailable to anyone except maybe people living in the locality of a relatively minor sporting event.

Betfair exchange also offers extremely high liquidity, this means that they have the money to payout on these smaller events, particularly as others are betting against you from all across the world.

What is a Betting Exchange?

A betting exchange is a place which allows you to choose whether you will back the bet, or lay it.

If you lay a bet you are essentially playing bookie.

This means that for the first time you can enjoy the fruits of your calculations wherever those calculations lead you.

Where in the past you had only one option as a punter – to bet against the titans of the industry with all their experts, computers and analysts.

Now you can challenge other players and test a raft of different methods to actually make money from the seat of a bookmaker or a punter…or even both.

It also means that you are no longer facing bookmakers, rather you are competing with others like you, around the world. With the exchange holding all the money staked you are guaranteed that your payout will be forthcoming.

Betfair Exchange easily explained. Credits: Betfair

Monetizing your Knowledge

Betting exchanges offer a wide range of ways to monetize your knowledge and instincts.

So how exactly can you make money on Betfair, or make money on the exchanges?

Let’s take a brief look at some ideas and strategies that can help you to make a profit betting on Betfair’s exchanges.

You are able to lay a bet, and back the opposite result which, provided you calibrate it correctly, will ensure that your stake is safe, and provide you with the chance to make a profit. A host of software options are available to assist you in your journey to profitable betting on the exchange. You will find a wealth of video lessons, tutorials, and written literature online which are all designed to assist you in learning the best approach to adopt and the tools to utilize.

Among these, you will meet the concept of scalping. This involves trades on modest price movements as news filters through which could affect the prices.

For example: an announcement that a horse is a non-runner for an upcoming race will change the prices offered as the odds shift for the other runners in the scheduled race.

betfair more ways to bet more ways to win

So what do you do to make money on Betfair using scalping?

The idea is that you place an amount on one outcome, so you might back a horse at 5.5, for example, and then lay the same horse at 5.3. This gives you a two-point profit.

Given the simple rule-based approach (back at one price, lay at a lesser price) you can utilise software to follow the rules, make your trades and give you a profit proportionate to your investment.

It is an idea to consider the liquidity, that is the size and activity, of the market. Interest in a UK horse race will really start to take off some twenty minutes prior to the start of the race, for example. This means that a race that is imminent will start to experience a greater volume of activity.

During this period you can see the emerging trends, and combining this with your knowledge of the event, try to find an angle to exploit for profit.

Betting Tip! Practice first with small amounts to get the hang of the system that you are trying out. Keep a close eye on your trades, and a cool head.

Another option to try is swing trading

In this strategy, you are seeking larger moves to prices. You will often see these in a football match as one team scores the odds will dramatically shift. If you have anticipated this swing in the price then you will be in a position to profit from it.

For example: backing at 10, then laying at 8, or lay at 8 and back at 10. There is software for this system too. It is advisable to include a stop-loss feature in your list of criteria for such software. The idea of stop-loss is to prevent becoming overcommitted and to minimize losses.

With this system you might seek out teams that are undervalued and back them prior to kickoff, in a football match, then wait for the prices to shift as your chosen team starts to perform as you expected.

Betfair eSports

The future seems truly to have arrived with e-sports. Gamers who have grown up not knowing a world without computers, and computer gaming, who have built rigs to fuel their immersion in computer and console gaming.

Clans arose, top gamers won huge followings on YouTube, and sites like Twitch. It was surely inevitable that betting would become a feature of this new phenomenon.

Betfair provides you with one of the first, and certainly best supported, options to bet on, for example, League of Legends, or DOTA 2, competitions adding yet another level of thrills to this new form of entertainment.

Casino and Specials

And beyond sports or exchange betting? Can you bet on the outcome of elections? Is there a casino?

Here is everything that Betfair offers and you can bet on:

  • the result of political events around the world
  • the outcome of reality TV contests
  • live dealer casino
  • a wide range of slots
  • scratchard games
  • a multitude of roulette variations
  • card games
  • craps
  • video poker
  • football jackpots
  • bingo
  • virtual sports

Additional to all of the above, you can access Tradefair from your main Betfair account, allowing you to trade on the prices of stocks and shares, including live trading on price differentials as markets worldwide are open.

Special Features | What Else Makes Betfair Stand Out?

SmartphoneGambler dog mascot thumbs up

With more than one million users, and a community feel, the best odds guaranteed on a variety of premium sports and events, and the chance to make serious money, Betfair really stands head and shoulders above traditional bookmakers and other competitors.

Their live streaming service is exceptional, the live scores and updates featured on the mobile app are rapidly updated offering you a better chance to adjust your strategies and tactical decisions on the fly. Betfair also offers access to Betfair labs – a testing ground for new features. Their odds are widely considered to be among the best to be found online, and others look to them to gauge the strength of the market.

In-play betting is a standout feature, the reactivity of the site and excitement to be had during a critical match is often unparalleled as you correctly predict the outcome of an event and watch your profits rocket.

As well as mobile-based web access, Betfair offers an app with even more functionality for those on the move. Within the site itself, you can find a range of apps offered to assist you, these include betting assistants, analytical tools and free trials for paid apps – all intended to help you gain an edge over your fellow bettors.

Cashout is another feature you will grow to love. Three minutes from full time, your team is winning, your bet will pay a handsome profit, but…what if the other team draw level, what if your top player gets sent off…what if…No more what-ifs, you can cash out and Betfair will display precisely how much you will collect.  

Given that the site is not betting against you as a bookmaker would, they are free to employ tipsters at no charge to you aiming to bring you the latest and best information to help you carve a profitable path through the events that you love.

Payments Methods

Deposits via:

  • Cheque
  • ClickandBuy
  • Delta
  • Maestro
  • MasterCard
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Solo
  • Solo, Visa Electron
  • Visa
  • Western Union
  • Bank Transfer Express
  • Skrill

Withdrawals via:

  • Cheque
  • Neteller
  • PayPal
  • Visa Electron
  • Visa
  • Bank Transfer Express
  • Skrill


Betfair exchange and casino are regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, and the UK Gambling Commission. These two authorities are among the most rigorous in the world, ensuring that the players are well protected by regulations designed to maintain the site’s integrity and transparency, to look after gamblers who experience problems, and to prevent minors from accessing the site.


Your free bets will be activated within 24 hours after making the qualifying bets and they must be used and settled within 30 days. You can claim the £20 free bet up to five times in total and free bet stakes do not count toward your qualifying bets.