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Handball Betting Guide | Tips, Sites and Bets Explained

Comprehensive guide to help you out when betting on handball. The game is fast and it can be hard to understand what you are betting on and missing out on. This guide will tell you everything you need to know to understand the handball bets.

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Handball Betting Overview

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Betting on handball has never been this exciting! With the quality of the game rising every year we can be sure to see some very thrilling handball games! We find the best of the best competing in the Champions League, where we see the European top teams going at it to get the title. As handball is not the biggest of sports in the UK, we thought a comprehensive  guide could help you out when betting on one of the more interesting team sports
out there. The game is fast and it can be hard to understand what you are betting on and missing out on.

Handball is a game that is played for 60 minutes, divided into two 30 minute halves, teams compete with 7 starting players on the field, one being the goaltender. You are allowed only 3 steps with the ball without bouncing, passing or shooting it. This makes it a very fast game with the ball moving back and forth a lot on the field. Normally we can see up to 40-50 goals in a game, unless it is a very tight one.

While looking at international handball odds we have noticed that UK betting sites only have slight knowledge of the biggest leagues, such as Champions League, Bundesliga, the Spanish and the French league. So you can find some pearls here, but be aware, you might get limited fast if you are too good. Odds heavily rely on statistics for UK traders. Injuries and absent players are not always taken into consideration and it is much harder to find match analysis and similar information than for instance in football. So if we want to beat the bookies, we need to make sure we know at least as much as them. You can also look out for boosted odds – these are the best value odds you can get and bookies offer these for a short period of time around big events.

Getting Your Pre-Match Information

As a newcomer to a sport you need to make sure that you understand the odds, and have a good overview of the game you are interested in. With handball not being the largest sport in the UK it can be hard to find good information in the papers, especially if you want to put down your pre-game bets in time.

We recommend that you take a good look at statistics for the upcoming game as well as handball forums. In the forums is where you normally find the information that takes you to the next level, people here might know if important players are injured or not participating in a game.

For instance, if a star player is behind 40% of goals through scoring or passing and is missing before a game, this would have a great impact on the team. There was once a case of a match where 5 out of 7 starting players got food poisoning before a game, oddsmakers did not notice until 30 minutes had passed, this would have a huge impact on the odds, maybe a decrease up to 70%! In cases like this you won the bet almost before game even started.

Maybe even look at local newspapers to find information for the teams
competing, they can come with some golden bits for you.

If you want to find the best bets we recommend you look at low tier games, such as friendlies or nationals. Here you can find some good odds where bookies act in the dark. We recommend friendlies between teams from different nations as it is harder for bookies to keep track for the upcoming games.

Sometimes in friendlies teams are not competing with their best team or have players missing, they might even want to focus more on a specific part of the game, you can find some good odds on handicap betting here.

You can also play on the line as many people do in football and other sports. This is where you follow the odds as more people have bet on the lowered odds, make sure to have a good look in time though so you don’t miss out on the better odds. To be in front you can always follow professional gamblers, some sell tips before games if you want to be there before everyone else. We highly recommend you have a look at Spanish, French or German gamblers if you wish to get the best pre-match handball tips, this because handball is a bigger sport in these countries so you can be sure gamblers from these countries have a really good eye for this.

The main divisions found in handball are the German, French, Spanish, Danish and Swedish leagues, this is where the sport is a little bit bigger. Then we can find big international tournaments as well, the largest ones are as follows:

  • Champions League, which is similar to it’s football equivalent. You find the best teams from the countries playing for the title.
  • EHF cup winners cup, where national cup winners compete.
  • The Olympic games, handball is a very appreciated sport within the Olympics, and punters find good bets every 4th year here when the tournament takes place.
  • European championship, where all the top European teams come together and compete for the title as best of Europe. Top teams also qualify to the World championship through here.
  • World championship, where the top teams of the world compete for the title as best in the world. European teams normally do very well
    in this competition.

Handball Betting Markets

There are many different odds offered in handball, it is a sport where many goals are scored and conceded, this makes handicap betting very interesting as you can find good odds here. Some of the markets are as follows:

  • Match winner betting, 1X2 like usual, predict the winner of the game here.
  • Half time winner betting, just like above it is 1X2 here, who will win the first half.
  • Handicap betting, as there are a lot of goals in handball this is one of the more popular options to bet on, punters often offer interesting odds here when there is a clear underdog to make the game more interesting.
  • Over/Under goals betting, just like in football you can find over/under odds. This is where you predict if the game will have over or under a certain amount of goals.
  • Odd/Even betting, you can bet on the total amount of goals being an even or an odd number. Same goes for 1st half odd/even betting.
  • Which half will have more goals? You may also bet on this in handball.

These are the most commonly found markets when it comes to handball betting. You can also find markets for the league, who will finish where etc. These are mostly available when the season is starting though. We recommend you take a good look before you place your bets, so you have good knowledge of the markets and the odds.

If you wish to gamble in-play this is also possible, keep an eye out for extra good players for the day, a goaltender can have great effect for the game if he makes an outstanding save. It can weaken the other team and strengthen the confidence of his team if you see this happen it can be a good time to place an in-play bet.

We would strongly advise not to bet on a draw as well, it does happen but it is not too often, it would pay out really well but that’s because of the rarity of it happening.

Handball Betting Systems

Often while gambling we use different strategies or systems to give ourselves a better chance of winning. We have checked different systems to see which one we consider better, and we will go through them here but we do always advise you get your own pre-match knowledge and do not rely on systems as in gambling you can never be sure to win, if you keep gambling and gambling it is more likely the opposite that happens, you can be sure to lose.

One way to gamble is using progression in your stakes when losing,
this is to “catch” losses while they still are low and then keep advancing. The way this works is by you increasing your stake, say you first put 20 on a team to win but they lose. Next time you will put 40 to cover your loss and at the same time make some profit, but be aware, this way can quickly go bad if you hit a bad series. We strongly advise not to progress to more than 5 times your initial stake.

Another way of betting is following the goals in the game, let’s say there were loads of goals in the first half, 25 of them. Bookmakers would then set something like 52 for the line, but the 2nd half may be the complete opposite, coaches may let the better players rest if they are in a big lead to avoid injuries and such. We noticed that games quite often change in the halftime and would not advice to gamble for many goals just because in the 1st half there were many.

In-play bets on a draw after watching a tight game, a draw often
offer very high odds, if you follow a game where the teams have been
very close you can see odds fluctuating between 5-7 for a draw after
45 minutes played. After analyzing 1000 games our punter found that he made a 4% profit betting for draws. In friendlies, the draw was more common than in competitive games.

High handicaps for weaker teams, we have found that oddsmakers normally put very high handicaps for the weaker teams, here you can find really good odds that are probable to win. They normally put high handicaps to make it seem like they are worse than they are, we found many good professional tipsters bet on the underdog and not the favorite in this market.

In friendly games to bet over the line, often in these games coaches are trying out different tactics and players. This can cause the defense to be worse than normal for both teams. But bookies already know this and put higher lines for these games, we can still find some pearls though if we do proper research or find a good tip.

You can do these bets both pre-match and live, but if you are
betting live, make sure you are watching the game so you know what is
going on! Check out which UK bookies offer live streaming here.

Where Can I Bet on Handball?

In the UK handball is not one of the bigger sports, so UK bookies might not be as eager to offer odds on these games. Fortunately, we find many international casinos that offer many markets for handball.
Use this to your strength if you find UK bookies that offer the sport, you can find good odds if you keep an eye open and do proper research. Some casinos we know offer the sport are the big players, Bet365, Betsafe, Betvictor and more. Often we can find some odds but with no focus on the sport, some casinos have a better focus with more markets to bet on.

Hopefully, this guide on betting on handball has helped you discover a new, exciting sport! With rapid speed and many goals you can be sure not to be disappointed when watching the game, it excites and engages people just like any other sport. Have a look at your preferred bookie to see if they offer something for you too.

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