Updated Updated: 2024

Safer gambling campaigns

Placing wagers has never been easier before – with limitless options available online, we can gamble literally everywhere at any time. The raise in popularity of gambling has been visible not only in the digital realms but in the physical world. Gambling advertisements can be seen on sports stadiums and athletes’ jerseys, billboards and bus stops and all sorts of media including newspapers and TV. 

This overexposure to gambling products and services has brought the attention of the national authorities who expressed their concerns regarding the safety of the public. The advertisement rules have been significantly tightened in recent years, and the industry representatives come up with new initiatives to promote gambling in a secure, moderate way. 

Responsible Gambling Week 

The industry-wide campaign aims to generate awareness about responsible gambling in the UK and Ireland. For one week, all sectors of the gambling industry (arcades, bingo clubs, bookmakers, casinos and online) partnered with organisations such as GambleAware and GamCare, come together to create a much-needed conversation about the importance of safe gambling. 

With over 12,000 gambling platforms and venues joining the initiative in 2018, we can expect an impressive participation level this year. The Responsible Gambling Week 2019 will run from 7th-13th November and will cover a rich agenda of events including workshops, training sessions and talks. 

Bet Regret Campaign 

GambleAware’s safer gambling “Bet Regret” campaign was designed to raise awareness of impulsive betting and educate bettors how to reduce gambling-related harm. By using gentle humour and catchy TV spots, the ads aim to speak to over 2.4 million British men aged 16-34 who regularly engage in betting. 

The initiative focuses on self-reflection of those who gamble extensively, but also their relatives who can learn to identify warning signs of addictive behaviours. The campaign was carefully planned and executed after thorough research, including consultations with industry representatives and academic experts. 

Save Our Shirt Campaign 

In recent years, we’ve seen a growing number of football team kits being bastardised by sponsors’ not-too-discreet advertising. Massive gambling brands’ logos on player jerseys have triggered a discussion about whether sports should and can be tightly related to betting. 

Paddy Power’s new initiative of “Save Our Shirt” campaign aims to bring the attention of the industry and stop the horrible advertising trend. As usual, Paddy Powder’s introduced their idea in a quite shocking way, by presenting the new Huddersfield Town’s team kit fully covered with the operator’s logos. Luckily, the sponsor’s jersey branding was just a hoax and only showed what the consequences of aggressive advertising practices might be. Paddy Power has now added more teams to the campaign, resigning from featuring their brand on team kits of the Southend United, Motherwell FC, Newport County and Macclesfield Town.