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Top Rated Casino Cashback Bonuses In UK

Win British Casino

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If you don’t win today, you’ll get up to 10% real cashback tomorrow

You will receive cashback on your losses in the form of real funds – and it’s totally wagering requirements free. What’s more, your cashback percentage rises together with your VIP level!

Costa Games Casino

We’re giving our loyal players 2.5% cashback on their losses, up to £25 every week!

If you lose more than £100 in a week, don’t worry – Costa Games has got you covered and you will receive your cashback.

Jaak Casino

jaak casino cashback offer

The cashback covers the previous calendar month in full and is offered on the 3rd Monday of each month.

Casino Cashback Bonus – Explained

The cashback bonus is an appealing promotion offered by some of the major online casinos and a select few others. Its meaning pretty much lies in the name cashback: players get cash back. The amount of cashback is usually a percentage of a player’s losses calculated over a period of time. It is usually given as cash or credits to wager at the casino in the future.

You are probably already familiar with the cashback bonus in one way or another as it is very common in sales marketing. To name some examples from different industries:

  • Airlines’ frequent flyer – you earn points for the miles you fly with a specific company and you can redeem your miles to get upgrades or free flights
  • Supermarket loyalty cards – if you regularly shop at Tesco and scan your loyalty card at checkout, every three months you receive coupons for free money to spend on your next shopping sessions
  • Hotel loyalty programs – most hotel chains offer loyalty programs where for each pound you spend on their premises, you earn points that can be used for future rewards or even free stays
  • Othersnumerous small and big businesses use cashback offers to get repeat customers. “Buy 7 coffees here, get your 8th free” or “Get 4 haircuts here and the next is free” are just a couple of examples of a cashback offer.

A cashback bonus is a great way for a casino operator to build a loyal customer base. In return, the casino cashback offers are very enticing because they provide comfort knowing that even if you lose, you will get some money back.

How is it Different from Other Casino Bonuses?

Each casino operator sets its own bonus offer with its own terms and conditions. Therefore, there are numerous different bonuses available. Some more popular than others, but they still vary across platforms. So even if two different casinos have the same ‘Welcome Bonus”, it will still differ in some way if you take a close look at its rules.

To understand how the cashback bonus differs from other popular online casino promotions, you have to begin by knowing what they are:

Casino Bonus Type Cashback Bonus Difference
Welcome / Sign Up Bonus – the most popular type of online casino bonus.
Only available to new registered members of a casino, where their initial deposit is matched up to a certain amount or percentage by the operator.
This is available to all players, old or new. A player does not have to make a deposit to use the bonus, an already existing bankroll can be used towards it.
Reload Bonus – very similar to the Welcome Bonus, it is aimed to keep players funding their accounts.
The player’s deposit is matched up to a percentage or amount by the casino.
No deposit needed if the player already has funds in their account.
No Deposit Bonus – usually available as an incentive to new players of an online casino and it requires no deposit.
For example, a player may register at casino A and receive £10 no deposit bonus that he can start gambling straight away.
This bonus comes with wagering requirements, where you have to wager the bonus amount for a set number of times before you can withdraw the winnings.
Available to all member players of a casino, regardless of when they joined. Almost all the time, there are no wagering requirements to use the bonus.

Cashback Bonus Terms And Conditions You Need to Know

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There is no one universal set of terms and conditions for the casino cashback bonus offer. Each online casino operator in the UK, makes up its own T&Cs that are made public on their site. These T&Cs have to adhere to the regulations of the gambling governing body that licenses that particular casino, such as the UK Gambling Commission.

It is important to take the time to carefully read each terms and conditions to familiarise yourself with different casino cashback bonus offers. This will help you get a clear understanding of how much money you will get back and when you will get it back. It is also vital to know the T&Cs of the cashback bonus to prevent any mistakes while gambling.

In a casino cashback’s terms and conditions, you will find answers to what you should be aware of to ensure a smooth gambling experience:

How much money will you get back? 

This is usually a percentage, like you get 10% of your losses as cashback. It could also be set as a fixed amount, where you get 10% cashback up to £50. In this scenario, you would have to wager £500 to receive the £50 cashback bonus and any stakes above that will no longer qualify for the promotion.

What games can you play? 

Each cashback casino will have a list of games and slots where you can earn the bonus. You have to know where you will earn cashback so as to not waste your time and money for nothing.

You do not want to gamble away £200 on a video slot under the pretence that even if you lose it all, you will still get 5-10-20% cashback, only to find out that that particular video slot does not qualify for cashback. Know where you can earn cashback so you can gamble accordingly.

When will you get the cashback? 

Cashback bonus offers can run for a day, a week or even a month. This information will clearly be stated in the terms and conditions section of the bonus.

Make sure you know this piece of information before you head on to the casino for some spins. Nothing worse than to expect £20 at the end of the day, when that £20 will be awarded at the end of the month.

Advantages and Disadvantages

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The matter of perspective comes to play when discussing aspects of online casino bonuses. What one player finds tempting, another might find off-putting. Even so, there are some main, general advantages and disadvantages that jump up when comparing the cashback bonus to other online casino offers.


You don’t have to be a new member 

The most attractive casino bonuses are usually offered to new members, as an incentive to get them to join a certain casino. The cashback bonus is directed at earning loyalty among its players, new and long-existing members alike. It appeals to both current and potential customers.

You don’t have to deposit

If you have £300 in your already existing account at casino “A” that just rolls out a cashback bonus offer, you don’t have to make a deposit to avail of the offer. You can just ‘opt-in’ and use your existing £300 balance towards your cashback bonus.

No wagering requirements

Another appealing aspect of the cashback bonus is that there are almost no wagering requirements attached to it. There are a few exceptions where the cashback is awarded as credits and some low wagering is required to convert it into withdrawable cash. Even so, these requirements are much lower compared to other common casino bonuses.


Money you get back will always be much lower than what you wager 

How much money you will earn from the cashback offers depends on each individual online casino. On average, the cashback amount is anywhere from 5% up to 20% of your losses. So if you wager £200 of your own money, you can expect at the very best to get back £40 from the cashback offer.

Not a widespread offer

Even though the cashback promotion is getting more and more popular, it is still not as common as other bonuses, such as the “Welcome Bonus”. Some online casinos only offer cashback to its members who are part of its VIP or Loyalty program.

What’s the Catch?

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The casino cashback offer is pretty straightforward and transparent once you familiarise yourself with its terms and conditions. The catch of this bonus is a matter of perspective, as each player has its own bankroll and gambling ways.

Even so, the main catch of the casino cashback offer is that it only applies to your losses, not your winnings. It is crucial to know and accept this before you opt in for the bonus. 

Let’s say you have just opted in for a cashback bonus offer that gives you 15% back. You start with £100 and the following scenarios can happen.

Scenario A: You gamble the £100 and unfortunately lose it all. You will get £15 back as part of the cashback offer.

Scenario B: You gamble the £100 and manage to win and turn it into £500. You do not get any cash back.

Cashback Bonus Alternatives

●       Reload Bonus – this is an incentive to keep you adding funds to a casino. It can be something along the lines of “100% Match up to £50 of free money”. This means that when you deposit £50 you will be awarded with £50 as a bonus. This bonus usually has high wagering requirements.

●       Top Up Bonus – the complete opposite of the cashback offer, this bonus awards you extra money on top of your winnings. It is normally calculated as a percentage of your winnings within a certain time period. The percentage is on the lower side, usually up to 10% at the most.

●       No Deposit Bonus – this is an appealing offer as it doesn’t require you to deposit any of your money. However, the bonus amount is usually low, £5-10 and it comes with high wagering requirements. It is also mostly available to new players although some casinos do offer it to their existing members when they try to promote a certain game.

Conclusion: Are Cashback Bonuses Worth it?

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Naturally, all gamblers want to win money but they have to accept that losing is part of the game.

The casino cashback bonus sweetens the losing experience. It gives players back a percentage of their losses, giving them a second chance at winning. It does advantage the high stake gamblers as the more money they lose, the more they get back. 

If you have £100 in your bankroll and are determined to gamble them, find and opt-in for a cashback bonus offer that will guarantee that you will have some money into your account if you lose all your bankroll. Don’t turn away free money!


If you are registered at an online casino, check their promotions page and see if there is a cashback offer available to opt-in. If there isn’t, you can do a search for casinos currently running cashback promotions and register and opt in for the bonus there.

Most casinos do not have any wagering requirements for the cashback offer. Those that do, will be much lower than other similar casino bonuses. It can be as low as wagering the cashback amount just one time or as high as 10 times. Make sure you take the time to read the T&Cs of all casino cashback bonuses as the wagering requirements will clearly be stated there.

It depends on the terms and conditions of each casino cashback offer. Generally, the amount of cashback is limited by a time period or even a fixed maximum amount.

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