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Not to be confused with the scrumptious, fruit-flavoured sweets, but it still proves to be a delight to sweet-teeth, Starburst is arguably one of the most popular slot game around, so it probably doesn’t need any introductions.

Developed by one of the biggest and most famous names in the business, namely, NetEnt, Starburst has become a staple of pretty much every online casino! But, what makes this slot so well-loved? Does it have dazzling lights that immediately captivate you? Or is its effectiveness much simpler than that? And, are there any ways that you could enjoy more bounce for the ounce when playing Starburst?

We’ll answer all these questions and more in our Starburst review, so make sure to read on.

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Starburst Return-to-Player and Payouts

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So, what are the payouts of Starburst? And, what percentage of your money are you guaranteed to be winning back? First things first, it’s good to know that Starburst has 10 pay lines, that is, the lines from which a winning combination is calculated. This might seem on the low side, but this is offset by the fact that Starburst’s pay lines are calculated both ways.

This means that the pay lines on Starburst aren’t only considered from left to right, as is the case with most slots, but are also calculated from right to left; this effectively doubles your chances of winning! But, what about the payouts?

In total, Starburst has 7 paying symbols, 5 of which are gems, and the last is the BAR symbol and the 7 symbol, as an homage to classic slots.
The 2 lowest paying symbols are the purple and blue gems; these are followed by the orange gems, the green gems, the yellow gems, the 7 symbol, and the BAR symbol, in ascending order. The following list contains all of the available payouts of Starburst:

  • Purple & Blue Gems: for 3 symbols, you’ll get 5 coins x bet level; for 4 symbols, it’s 10 coins x bet level; and for 5 symbols, it’s 25 coins x bet level.

  • Orange Gems: for 3 symbols, you’ll get 7 coins x bet level; 4 symbols, it’s 15 coins x bet level; and with 5 symbols, it’s 40 coins x bet level.

  • Green Gems: with 3 symbols, you’ll be getting 8 x bet level; for 4 symbols, it’s 20 coins x bet level; and for 5 symbols, it’s 50 coins x bet level.

  • Yellow Gems: 3 symbols on the reels gets you 10 coins x bet levels; with 4 symbols, you’ll get 25 coins x bet level; and with 5 symbols, it’s 60 coins x bet level.

  • 7: getting 3 symbols on the reels lands you 25 coins x bet level; with 4 symbols, you’ll get 60 coins x bet level; and with 5 symbols, you’ll be receiving 120 coins x bet level.

  • BAR: this is the big one! With 3 symbols, you’ll receive 50 coins x bet level; with 4 symbols, it’s 200 coins x bet level; and for 5 symbols, you’ll be hitting 250 coins x bet level.

Keep in mind that payouts are calculated according to the bet level and the coin value you set; so, if you used the minimum bet (coin value of 0.01 x bet level 1 = 10p), and you got a combination of 3 yellow gems, for example, then you’ll get 10 coins, each worth 1p, x the bet level of 1, which effectively gives you a total of 10p. 

If you use the maximum bet (coin value of 1 x bet level 10 = £100), on the other hand, for the same combination you’ll get 10 coins, each worth £1, x the level of 10, which will land you a total of £100, breaking even; and, that’s assuming that you only got a winning combination on 1 pay line. But, is it worth betting the maximum bet on Starburst? Let’s see.

NetEnt states that Starburst has a theoretical RTP (return-to-player) rate of 96.1%. This means that for every £100 you bet, for example, you will get on average at least £96.1 back. Furthermore, NetEnt also assures us that Starburst is a low volatility slot, meaning that payouts are frequent, but they generally end up being on the lower side of the possible payouts. 

Using our previous example, we broke even because we got the winning combination of 3 yellow gems on 1 pay line. With the maximum bet, we are constantly wagering £100 since all 10 pay lines are continuously active. Sure, payouts are frequent, but the maximum bet will chew away at your winnings quite easily. This is also taking into consideration the Starburst Wilds and Free Spins.

This is fine if you’ve got loads of extra money that you’d like to bet away, hoping for a big win. But, what about sticking to a low bankroll? Considering the rather high theoretical RTP and the low volatility of the slot, keeping a tight budget will be very easy: either using the minimum bet, or using the maximum bet level with the minimum coin value will keep your fun going and your money last for hours!

The Feel of the Game

The game features a cosmic purple backdrop with the edge of an unknown planet in the corner of the slot, and stars wafting in the darkness of space, like pollen caught on a breeze, or like will-o’-the-wisps dancing in the air. As we’ve already said, the slot features gems, the 7 and BAR symbols as its symbols of choice, which is an homage to classic slots, giving it a nostalgic feel.


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Alongside the symbols, Starburst also features Starburst Wilds. These are expanding wild symbols, that is, wild symbols that expand to cover an entire reel, that also trigger a Free Spin round. With Starburst Wilds, the possibility of landing some really big wins is even bigger; and, having a Free Spin on top will increase your chances even more!

Punters who’ve yet to play the slot might be surprised to know that Starburst is rather simple in design and concept. It lacks certain features that make a lot of other video slots, especially the newer ones, exciting to play. These include animated features, bonus games within the slot, scatter symbols, and so on. 

Sure, it has its expanding Starburst Wilds, which trigger a Free Spin round, but these pale in comparison to other slots that offer Free Spins by the handful. So, what makes it so popular? We think it’s the sheer simplicity of the slot that makes it so popular. It’s just you and the reels for the entirety of the game, waiting for those gems to align.

The high RTP rate and the low volatility of Starburst also must have something to do with it: the fact that you’re consistently getting wins, even if they’re modest ones, will surely get the adrenaline pumping! Moreover, the fact that it’s the result of the combination of old-school elements with modern graphics must also contribute to its popularity.

Starburst Bonuses

Let’s finish off this article with a bang and end off with the Starburst bonuses that are floating around the internet, shall we?

PartyCasino offers a gorgeous welcome bonus that, upon a deposit of £10 or more, will grant you 50 Starburst Free Spins.

And, that’s not all: there’s still plenty more to mention! Simply head over to our Starburst Free Spins page, compare casinos and start playing!