Updated Updated: 2024

Bonobo game provider

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Bonobo is the developer of the patented LottoRace, which is a multi-draw, multiplayer pool betting game available in various formats.  Bonobo’s LottoRace is a self-proclaimed “World’s Leading Online Lottery Platform”. The platform allows operators to run their own type of lottery on any device.

Online casinos offering games powered by Bonobo

  • Watch draws live – you are able to watch lotto draws live and see who wins what. This makes the whole experience more interactive, transparent and entertaining.
  • Games variety – Bonobo provides a platform for raffles as well as lottery. These can further be broken down into instant games, tournaments, progressive jackpots and multi-draw pool betting. These choices make Bonobo appeal to slot, bingo and lottery players.
  • Guaranteed winners – there are guaranteed winners in each game and the draw keeps going until all the money in the prize pool have been paid out.
  • No recent updates – the Bonobo lottery and raffle platforms have not seen many updates since their launch over 10 years ago. While the games’ graphics are decent and also responsive and accessible via smartphones and tablets, the lack of regular updates makes them seem abandoned.
  • Not so common– there are only 5 casinos that offer Bonobo’s lottery and raffle platform. Even there, it is not a very popular choice among players.

About Bonobo

  • Country of origin: Isle of Man
  • Owners: Mark Homayoun (CEO) & Julian Duta (Chief Technology Officer)
  • Year founded: 2008
  • Types of games: lottery and raffle
  • Number of games: 8
  • Most popular games: LottoRace
  • Online casinos: 5 (1xBet, BETANDYOU, LottoRace, Pegas.bet, XpariBet)

Game Portfolio

Bonobo’s lottery platform is very flexible and can be used to set up many variations of lottery games. Its game portfolio includes:

  • LottoRace multi-draw pool betting games
  • 50/50 draw lottery game for fundraising
  • Traditional lottery with a physical draw
  • LottoRace Tournaments
  • LottoRace Instant Games
  • LottoRace Progressive Jackpots
  • Traditional lottery with an RNG draw (Random Number Generator)
  • Instant single lotto game via RNG draw

Unique Features

Bonobo’s lottery platform stands out through some unique features:

  • Versatility – as its game portfolio shows, Bonobo’s LottoRace can be adapted to serve many purposes and appeal to different types of players. Instant games, tournaments, fixed draws or fundraising are just some of the options available when using Bonobo’s lottery platform.
  • Guaranteed winners – each game variation has guaranteed winners. The draws will keep going until the prize pool has been awarded.


Bonobo’s LottoRace software is a patented, award-winning parimutuel game that can be played socially or for real money.


Bonobo’s lottery platform was first launched on Facebook. It was purely for fun and no money was involved. It was an instant success with over a million players using it.

It then moved onto its standalone website and it started accepting money bets. The LottoRace platform has then been adopted by a handful of UK online casino.

LottoRace with money bets never really took off or experienced the success of its Facebook page. Today, the LottoRace standalone website looks abandoned, tired and lonely.

The LottoRace Facebook page, however, is still very active and used by many users. So if you’re looking to experience Bonobo’s software, its Facebook page is the best place to get a taste for it.