Updated Updated: 2024

Blueprint Gaming

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Blueprint Gaming has been active since 2008, originally designing and developing slots that sat in some of the United Kingdom’s best pubs and arcades. This meant that their physical presence was strong, but their digital presence was pretty much non-existent for a long time.

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As the times moved on and an online presence became more important, they formed partnerships with some of the best industry-leading online and mobile casinos, releasing their games and digital content to them. This has since led to them releasing more than several online games annually.

Since then, they have earned a reputation for the creativity of their team and the unique styles that their games feature, which is both consistent and unique. This style is important and noteworthy because it makes the slots that are developed by Blueprint Gaming stand out among dozens of other slot games.

  • Blueprint Gaming is owned and operated by the world-renowned Gauselmann Group.
  • A number of top slots games have been designed by Blueprint Gaming.
  • Slots that have been designed by Blueprint Gaming have a loyal fan base.
  • When we look at Blueprint Gaming slots, we can see that a lot of their winnings are capped.
  • Some of the games that have been developed by Blueprint Gaming are similar to other games.

Blueprint Gaming’s Portfolio

The portfolio that we can see underneath Blueprint Gaming is incredible, and today we are going to be focusing on some of their most popular games. These include:

Duckula Slot

For a nostalgic throwback, anyone who remembers Count Duckula will be happy playing on Blueprint Gaming’s Duckula Slot game. We can immediately see how this game became so popular, as anyone who was brought up with the character will love recognizing some of the icons in the game. This game also has some really good payouts and strong jackpots, as long as you line the right icons up.

Imperial Dragon

Blueprint Gaming’s take on an oriental slots game can be seen in the form of Imperial Dragon, a traditional five-reel slot with an ornate and exotic aesthetic. Combining high-value symbols with a series of special bonus features, this game can be used to swiftly trigger free spins and it comes with an RTP of 95.53%.

Legacy of Ra

The Legacy of Ra game by Blueprint Gaming is a Megaways game with six reels, meaning that there are quite literally thousands of different winning combinations. If you want to enjoy a combination of a traditional slots game with the mechanics of Megaways, this is a great starting point. Our favorite thing about this game is the sheer number of free spins that can be triggered.

Luck O’ The Irish

There are plenty of Irish themed slots games out there, but Luck O’ The Irish was one of the slots that initially put Blueprint Gaming on the map. If you already play slots, then you will recognize some of the icons that have made their way into this game. With big jackpots, stacked wilds and a plethora of winning combinations, it is easy to see why this game is so popular.

Master of Atlantic

We have seen plenty of Atlantis themed slots games over the past few years, but Master of Atlantis is definitely one of the most aesthetically pleasing of the bunch. This delightful game includes the ruins of a sunken city, Poseidon and even the Kraken. If you get lucky, Poseidon will help you with the power of his trident, transforming the symbols on your reels.

Top Cat

Top Cat is one of the most popular games in the Blueprint Gaming portfolio. Given that this slots game is based on the Top Cat TV show of the same name, it’s easy to see why. This was one of their first slots to utilize an influx of in-game features, making it quite difficult to predict what is going to happen and incredibly fun to play.

Unique Features

One of our favourite things about the games that are offered by Blueprint Gaming is the fact that they have a lot of licensing agreements at their disposal. This means that they can utilise actual television shows and characters in their games, enabling them to create games that are both nostalgic and recognizable.

The Blueprint Gaming slots also stand out, as they have a unique look about them. We can tell that teams of graphic designers have put all of their efforts into these games, and the strong bonus rounds show us that the gameplay mechanics have been thoroughly considered. Chances are, a lot of this comes from the decades of experience that can be found among the heads of Gauselmann Group.


If you are thinking about playing a Blueprint Gaming slots game, then you will be happy to hear that a lot of their games have won awards in the past. When we look at their portfolio as a whole, it is quite easy to see why.

We would recommend that you keep your eyes peeled for more Blueprint Gaming slots games, as they have a track record of developing new and innovative features.


The first real mention of Blueprint Gaming can be traced back to the 2000s, but the roots of the company itself are much older than that. The Gauselmann Group behind Blueprint Gaming was founded by Paul Gauselmann in Germany during the 1950s. When we look at Blueprint Gaming as a whole, we can immediately see those decades of experience.

When Blueprint Gaming was first formed, it struggled to carve a name for itself in the world of slots. This is understandable, given the sheer amount of competition that there is out there. Luckily, they decided to take a slightly different approach, focusing on innovation rather than releasing as many games as possible.

That decision was a smart one, as their games can now be found in some of the world’s most popular online casinos. Looking into the future, Blueprint Gaming is going to start releasing more mobile-friendly casino games.