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Football Betting Guide and Sites

This page you are now will give you a quick overview of just some of the betting options we can help you with, so read on to get your first insight into the services we provide.

The 10 best sites to bet on football in the UK

This page you are now will give you an overview of some of the football betting options we can help you with, so read on to get your first insight into football betting.

The top sites to bet on football in the UK

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Football betting overview

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There’s no doubt about it when it comes to sports betting it is football that’s the top dog. Football is in many ways the world’s biggest sport, so it should come as no surprise that the betting opportunities for it are practically endless. The game’s played in a large number of countries across the world, with matches taking place throughout the whole year. No matter what time of year it is, there are always plenty of matches going on, from big international tournaments to smaller regional competitions.

If you want to learn how to bet on football, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a detailed guide for beginners covering just about everything you need to know about betting on the great sport.

What bet you can do on football?

A lot of football bets focus on the outcome of the match, i.e. which of the two teams goes on to win. Many bets also cover tournaments, which are a series of matches played by dozens of teams over several weeks.

The final match of a tournament is played between the top two teams, with the winner declared the winner of the overall tournament. As well as betting on match outcomes, you can bet on things like the number of goals scored, the number of corners and how individual players perform.

Where you can bet on football

Since football is such a huge sport, there’s no shortage of places both offline and online where you can place bets on it. Virtually every land-based bookmaker will offer a broad range of bets for football games around the world; finding a bookmaker that doesn’t offer football betting markets is quite the challenge.

The same can be said for online sportsbooks. Again, it’s football that’s pretty much the most popular sport when it comes to online sports betting. Most online sportsbooks promote their biggest markets and offer betting bonuses available in UK.

Top 5 bonuses to start betting on football with a small amount of money

Types of football bets

There are loads of different types of bet you can place on football matches and tournaments. Here’s a look at some of the more common ones you’ll come across at bookies and online sportsbooks:

Both teams to score

This bet is really quite straightforward. As its name suggests, you’ll win if both teams score at least one goal during the match.

Draw no bet

For this bet, you simply pick a team to win a match. If that team goes on to win, you’ll be paid accordingly. If your chosen team loses, you’ll lose your bet. However, should the game result in a draw, your bet will be returned to you.

Football score prediction

This is one of the simpler football bets you’ll come across. For this bet, you’re simply predicting the result of a single match. You’re betting on one of three outcomes: that Team A wins, that Team B wins, or that the match results in a draw. If your prediction is correct, you’ll win.

Football double chance

With this bet, two possible outcomes are covered. Pick a team to win and you’ll be paid if the team wins or if the match results in a draw. You can even pick both teams; do this and you’ll be paid if one team wins outright, though you’ll lose if it’s a draw. Since double chance bets cover more outcomes, the odds for these bets tend to be on the lower side. Still, these bets are considered to be one of the safest football bets around.

Half Time/full time

This is a type of accumulator bet (more on that below) where you predict the result of the match at half time and the overall result. For each of the two selections, you can choose Team A, Team B or a draw.

Accumulator betting guide

Not familiar with accumulator bets? Read our complete accumulator betting guide and learn everything about this type of bet.

Handicap betting

If there’s a match where one team is considered to be much better than the other, handicap betting may be offered.

This type of bet basically requires the stronger team to score more goals to win. Sometimes, the stronger team will start the match with a negative score; sometimes the lesser team will start with a one-goal head start. This is commonly referred to as European handicap betting.

Advanced handicap betting guide

Handicap betting can be difficult to understand at first sight. If you want to get more in-depth information about it take a look at our handicap betting guide.

Head to head betting

This is a popular betting option because it lets you bet on two teams or players who might not be competing against each other. For this bet, you simply pick any two teams or players from any matches. Their performances in their next matches are compared and whichever team or player performs the best wins.

Individual player betting

For this type of betting, you’re backing a certain player and betting on their performance across a single match or whole tournament. Individual player bets include things like Player A scoring X number of goals in a match, for example.

Lay betting

You’ll come across lay betting at betting exchanges more often than you will at bookies and online sportsbooks. The way this type of betting works, you’re betting on an outcome not happening. In other words, if you bet on Team A, you’ll win your bet if Team A doesn’t win the match.

Advanced lay betting guide

Lay betting can be really fun but first you have to understand how it works. Read our lay betting guide to know more about it and start betting on football using this type of bet.

Outright betting

This refers to betting on football tournaments, e.g. the FIFA World Cup, as opposed to betting on individual matches.


Rather than focusing on the outcome of a match, over/under betting focuses on in-game statistics. It is most commonly offered for the number of goals scored. This bet is usually given as a half number. For example, if the bet you place is listed as over 1.5, this means that two or more goals have to be scored in the match for you to win. If your bet is under 1.5, you’ll only win if just one goal is scored, or if none are scored at all. You’ll also find over/under bets available for things like the number of corners and the number of cards given.


This is another type of accumulator bet. For this one, you’re betting on the first player to score, as well as the end result of the match.


Yet another accumulator bet, the wincast has you choose a particular player to score and a team to win. If your chosen player scores and your chosen team wins, you’ll win the bet and be paid.

Singles and accumulators bets

A single bet is a bet that covers one selection only. For example, you might place a single bet on Team A winning a match. An accumulator bet, on the other, covers more than one selection. You might, for example, place an accumulator that covers Team A winning one match and Team B winning another match.

Advanced single and accumulator betting guide

Singles and accumulators bets are among the most famous ones. If you never tried betting on football you should probably start with those types.

Pre-match and in-play betting

Like many other sports, with football, you can place bets before a match is set to begin, or as it’s taking place. You may come across the term ‘ante-post betting’; this refers to the act of placing a bet on a match or tournament weeks, months or even years before it starts.

In-play betting, or live betting, is available once a match has begun. It’s an exciting way to do your football betting, as it lets you make real-time decisions based on how the match is progressing. Many online sportsbooks let you live stream football and bet in-play, so you can keep up with the match’s progress yourself and make better decisions for your bets.

Bookmakers offering in-play betting

Football betting terms explained

When it comes to betting on football, there are all sorts of terms you’ll come across. For a lot of beginners, it can seem intimidating seeing all these words and phrases they’re not familiar with. Thankfully though, betting terms are generally quite easy to understand. Below you’ll find a list of some widely used terms to do with football betting and the game of football itself:


This refers to the amount of money you have to bet with. There are some techniques that can be used to manage your bankroll smartly.

Advanced bankroll management guide

Managing your bankroll can improve the way you’re using your money on betting. Learn the smartest way to manage your bankroll with our advanced guide.


A bet placed at odds of 1:1. If you win, you’ll receive your original bet back, plus a sum equal to your bet.


The team the bookies think is most likely to win the match outright.


A way of describing an accumulator bet. A six-fold accumulator, for example, is an accumulator bet made up of six selections.

Long shot

If a team’s described as a long shot, it means the bookies don’t think that the team has any chance of winning.

Odds Against

Where the odds are greater than evens, e.g. 8/2. Win an odds-against bet and you’ll receive your original bet back, along with a sum of money greater than your bet.

Odds On

For this bet, the odds are smaller than evens, e.g. 1/4. If you win this type of bet, you’ll have your original bet returned to you and will receive a sum of money less than your bet.


The amount of money you stand to be paid if you win your bet.


Limited-time markets or markets that have been given better odds by the bookmaker. Many of the biggest bookies and online sportsbooks regularly offer football betting specials.


Also known as a wager or even just a bet, this is the amount of money you’re betting with. If your bet loses, you’ll lose this money. If your bet wins, you’ll receive this money back, along with a fraction or percentage of it as winnings.


A team that most people don’t think will win.

24 Hour Rule

Most bookies have this rule in place. If a match is postponed, all bets still stand so long as the match takes place within 24 hours.


With European handicap betting, a match can result in a draw. The way Asian handicap betting works, there are only two possible outcomes of a match: that Team A wins or that Team B wins.

Read more about handicap betting

You’ll be glad to learn that football betting is indeed budget friendly. No matter how big or small your budget is, you’ll be able to get into football betting and place all sorts of wagers on the sport. Most bookies and online sportsbooks will let you place really small bets – just a few pence in some cases. Remember, though, that the smaller your bet, the lower your potential payout will be should you win.

The cash out option gives you the chance to settle your bet and be paid before the event you’re betting on is over. The odds for the bet may well have changed since you placed the bet. Therefore, you may actually make a profit by cashing out. Some punters, once they’ve realised there’s no way the bet’s going to win, will cash out to cut their losses, even if cashing out still results in a loss.

Free bets are simply credits to your account that you don’t have to pay for. They work just like regular cash bets, except that there are restrictions on how you can use your them. Online sportsbooks typically offer free bets for new members and have regular promotional offers of free bets.

The odds for any selection can change at any given time; they may even change as the event is taking place. Odds can also vary depending on where you’re betting.

  1. Pick a football match
  2. Learn about the teams playing
  3. Pick an online bookie available in UK. (depending on your needs)
  4. Sign-up and deposit to the chosen bookie
  5. And finally, create your bet slip and watch the game

From The UK you have a plenty of online betting sites offering odds on football game. These are some of the most known bookies:

See more online bookies on our dedicated football betting page.