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The Internet has changed the way many industries around the world function. One such industry that has been widely impacted by the internet is the gambling and gaming industries.

There has been an increase in online casinos, which includes gaming and gambling. There are many companies which provide games and software for these online casinos.

Leander games in one such company. The company manufactures over 50 slot machines and table games, and they also develop software products for various online casinos.

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Quick Facts

●      Leander Games are available in 26 other languages in order to cater to players from various parts of the world.

●      Their games have good graphics and sound which covers an imaginable theme, for long term profitability.

●      LeGa Platform is there Providers and Game-partners. Leander shares a good relationship with the company.

●      Leander Games can be accessed through any browser that has an Adobe Flashplayer downloaded in them.

●      Leander Games can be accessed through any device, whether an IOS, PC, Tablet, Phone.


Leander Games Company was founded in 2009 and was established in Argentina. The company is registered in the Bahamas under the trading name of Xterra Games Ltd. Their aim is to develop an innovative set of games.

Leander is licensed by the majority of important regulators around the world, including the UK. Apart from producing their own proprietary games, they have primarily been focusing upon building and improving their LeGa Platform for nearly a decade now.

They currently have 40 Software Providers, who are busy developing games on the LeGa Platform. They offer their content through RGS, remote gaming server which makes them the biggest platforms available.


Most of Leander Games have designed and developed an eclectic range of slots for the gaming market. They are humorous, visually themed and usually has a painter protagonist. Most of these paintings resemble the styles of famous painters and artists.

They even consist of portraits that belong to famous painters, such as Mona Lisa, with moustaches painted across her face. Other slot games include Zombie Rush, the Blingy God and the brand-new Apollo: God of the Sun whose protagonist is bathed in vivid sunlight. Apart from this they are innovative, quirky and feature well-rounded storylines. They offer a stream of fresh array games.

Leander Games also allow customers with a collection of slot games with an additional bet which is known as Reely. It allows players to combine a few traditional casino games.

Popular Leander Games

●      Snake Slot

●      Ali Baba

●      Apollo

●      The Voyages

Each of these games differ in style and theme. The games are colourful and create a fantasy for its players. This adds to the humour that Leander Games normally try to create. Apart from these, Leander games have two new games coming soon. These games are mythical Greek themed.


●      Leander Games was awarded the eGR award for the social gaming supplier of the year in 2013.

●      They were shortlisted once again in 2017 for the RNG Casino supplier category.

●      It was recently selected for its competence and unique knowledge in the Knowledge of customers, User Interference and Experience of product and development awards.