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UK Sites Accepting Skrill Payments

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About Skrill

While gambling on many of the sites that are operating today we are offered many different ways of funding our account. One of the most common and well known operators in the casino business is the payment provider Skrill. Normally we go with what we are used to and can trust, and therefore we are here to help you understand how to use Skrill. Skrill offers their services through multiple gambling providers and it is a quick and easy way to manage your gambling funds, therefore we have committed to providing you with a guide explaining how to use Skrill as your wallet online when gambling.

In online gaming, Skrill is a brand well-known amongst many players. Skrill was initially started under the name Moneybookers back in 2001 in the UK. They eventually rebranded themselves into Skrill which has now become one of the largest payment providers for gambling online. They are owned by the Paysafe group which also owns their rival NETELLER, both are widely found in the online environment where they provide payment methods for websites, mainly for gambling as it has grown to become such a huge industry.

Services offered by Skrill

Skrill is a way for you manage money online, they provide you with methods to deposit and withdraw money to websites. It is a quick way to top-up your gambling account. You can also do international money transfers through Skrill, money can be sent to your friends or family using only an email address. The two most relevant products used by gamblers are their digital online wallet and their prepaid Mastercard which is offered from the site.

How do I use Skrill?

In order for you to be able to start using Skrill today you first need to register with them. This can be done on their site Skrill.com, once registered you need to connect your bank card, account or which ever other method you would like to use to deposit into your Skrill account.

Once you are connected you can make a deposit, and then use your Skrill account to move the funds into your gambling account. When you later wish to withdraw your funds you can do it fast and easy back to your Skrill account. Once the withdrawal is in your Skrill-wallet you may use your prepaid Mastercard to utilize the winnings in your everyday life.

Advantages and disadvantages while using Skrill

Using Skrill as your payment provider for deposits and withdrawals to online casinos has it’s perks. Our opinion is that the biggest advantage is the speed and privacy. While using the prepaid Mastercard from Skrill you can easily utilise your winnings from gambling in everyday life. You deposit into your Skrill account from your bank and then from your Skrill account either to your bank or you simply keep the cash in your E-wallet. When depositing this way you avoid providing your card or bank details to the gambling provider, you also protect your bank statements from showing gambling transactions and things alike, it’s a great way to keep private information private. So we have made a list with the advantages while using Skrill:

  • Safety:  With over 36 million registered users Skrill is sure to always provide their service with ease, your money is safe.
  • Speed: Skrill transactions are made within seconds. There is no need to wait for longer periods to top-up your casino account.
  • Easy to use: The E-wallet is designed for everyone to be able to learn and understand.
  • Responsibility: Skrill is a serious provider and also offers customer service and all the help you may need. And to top it up they also have a VIP program where they take extra good care of frequent customers. The VIP service offers many free perks.

With Skrill we can’t see too many disadvantages. One disadvantage would be the extra step you would have to take the first time when signing up. You would have to make one extra log in for your deposits if you use Skrill as your way of depositing to the casino. Another one would be the eventual connection errors, but with Skrill using many servers this shouldn’t be of worry neither.

Signing up with Skrill

When registering with Skrill you need to access their website and enter your details, it is free to sign up with them. You will need to provide them with personal information and also verify your account after a couple of transactions. They will ask for:

Email address


Billing address

Personal details

Identification (After a couple transactions)

As previously stated it is free to sign up with Skrill. But using their services comes with some charges:

  • They ask for 7.95 GBP a year for the prepaid Mastercard.
  • Normal transactions come without charge unless you choose one of the following deposit methods to deposit into your Skrill account: American Express, Diners Club, JCB, Mastercard or Visa. With them a surcharge of 1% will be charged from the transaction.
  • An ATM cash withdrawal costs 1.75% of the transaction
  • If you wish to exchange currency a surcharge of 3.99% is added

Skrill casino sites

In the gambling industry most casino site accept Skrill as your payment method. It is commonly found on smaller web sites as well, since Skrill is a well-known brand in the industry it is important for operators to offer this service in order not to lose players. While gambling in Europe you can most often find that many online casinos offer Skrill as a payment provider.

Some countries that do not allow Skrill for gambling due to regulations are: USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. They have different laws, in Australia Skrill can be used for international gambling web sites but not for the national level gambling according to Australian regulations. In New Zealand it is a similar situation, but Skrill can actually be used for many online web shops instead.

If you have a favorite site that you prefer you can easily see if they offer Skrill as a payment method by going to their deposit page or asking the customer support.

Skrill Casino Bonus

When using Skrill you might be eligible for many bonuses. Usually the game providers offer you different types of bonuses. The most common one is the welcome bonus and is often given to you as a match up of your first deposit. To get a bonus like this you would first have to follow the steps given to create a Skrill account, then register with the web site of interest. Then make sure that the welcome bonus still is available for you if you deposit with Skrill, some sites only offer welcome bonuses for other payment methods so it is important to check this first so you don’t miss out.

Other than the Welcome bonus you can sometimes get a free no deposit bonus. Usually it amounts up to 5-10 GBP (or equivalent currency). Mostly it’s given to loyal customers or in order to promote a new game.

Skrill FAQ

Yes, Skrill is well-known and can be trusted, your money is safe with them.

No, not all casinos accept Skrill, please check with the customer service if you are uncertain.

The minimum limit is normally set by the casino, sometimes it is as low as 1GBP and sometimes higher, something like 5-10GBP

Skrill has no maximum deposit level, but most casinos do, your maximum will depend on your financial abilities.

Signing up is free, but it comes with some small transactions fees, as well as the 7.95GBP fee for your Mastercard. A surcharge of 1-3% of your deposit to the Skrill account may be charged, and depending on your Skrill level, transactions from your Skrill might be free or with a small charge.

If you are playing from Europe chances are high Skrill is allowed. Please check with your gaming provider if you are unsure.

If Skrill is not allowed or unavailable for some reason you normally have different methods of depositing into your account, credit cards, bank transfers and PayPal are some of the common options.

Yes, you can deposit through Skrill using your mobile phone. They even have their own mobile app for you to download to make managing your transactions easier.

Yes, in one way you can, if you order their prepaid Mastercard this gives you the ability to use your gambling winnings with the card in stores.

No, when using Skrill your bank will only see the transaction as coming from Skrill instead of your gambling account. Great if you want to keep it private.

You can only withdraw from your Skrill account using an ATM if you have bought the prepaid MasterCard. Otherwise, you first have to transfer the funds to your bank account.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a brief overlook of how to use Skrill, and also the advantages of using Skrill as your way of depositing and withdrawing while playing the online casinos.