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How to Play Bingo Online?

Getting Started

  • Setting your Preferences
  • Choosing an Alias

Bingo Lobby Explained

  • Bingo Rooms
  • Bingo Schedule
  • Chat Rooms & Moderators
  • Chat Games & Side Games

What are the Rules of Bingo?

  • Basic Rules
  • Jackpots

Various Types of Bingo

  • 90-ball
  • 80-ball
  • 75-ball
  • 30-ball
  • 52-5

Bingo Tips

  • 7 Do’s
  • 7 Don’ts


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Getting Started

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First, you need to find a bingo site to play at. Browse through the online sites and find the one that you like the look of, register your details, and log in to your account.

Bingo Tip! Play free bingo at no deposit bingo sites for the UK players. You can test out the games for free, but also you can win real money!

Before you dive straight into the bingo rooms, we recommend that you set your own personal bingo preferences which can bring many advantages to your bingo playing days.

Setting Your Preferences

You can change various settings in your player account to give your bingo experience more of a personal touch. Play around with simple options like changing background colors to deciding on more serious issues like setting deposit limits and parental controls.

Useful card picking options are also available:

  • Auto-Dab: Automatically marks off each ball as it’s called during the game.
  • Auto-Buy: Automatically buy bingo cards for the up and coming bingo games.
  • Pre-Buy: Pre-purchase bingo cards in advance so you don’t miss big games.

Bingo Tip! You don’t even have to be available to play the games when you pre-buy the tickets and any winnings will be credited to your account next time you log in!

Choosing An Alias

Many bingo players use an alias when chatting and playing online. If you want to keep your true name hidden then you can choose a funny name or something completely random, the choice is yours.

If you’re a believer of the power of positive thinking then how about bingowinner or perhaps something funny like oopsiwonitagain to show you have a sense of humor in the chat rooms. It can be a lot of fun creating a bingo alter ego but of course, don’t make it rude or offensive!

Bingo Lobby Explained

The bingo lobby area is the central hub where you can find out all of the up-to-date bingo information. You can read about new games, promotions, updates to rules and anything else that is important to know on that day. Navigation buttons will be positioned along the top or side of the page where you can access the important My Account, Games, Promotions, Banking, Mobile, and Help sections of the site.

Bingo Rooms

The bingo rooms are where all of the bingo magic takes place. All that you’ve heard about how bingo brings people together will come to life in these community-driven rooms.

Various rooms are available and which one you enter all depends on which type of bingo game you want to play, whether it be 75-ball, 90-ball or one of the many others, you’ll find plenty of choices to keep you entertained.

Many of the UK bingo operators offer their players themed bingo rooms.

xfactor bingo

Bingo Schedule

The bingo schedule displays all of the upcoming bingo games over the coming month. Game details will be displayed showing the following:

  • Type of game
  • Cost of a ticket
  • Amount to win
  • When the next game starts

Multiple players are active in each game so a bingo schedule is essential to keep the games running smoothly. You never have to wait long though because there are usually games starting every couple of minutes.

Chat Rooms & Moderators

Online bingo is a social game and that’s why it is so popular across the globe. The chat rooms give players a place to relax and unwind. Discuss the current bingo games, congratulate the winners, talk about your daily life, the weather, your favorite food, whatever you like! Bingo chat rooms become a home from home for many players.

Chat moderators, also known as chat hosts, keep the bingo rooms in order. They happily answer any bingo-related questions, manage chat room games and importantly, keep any players out of the room who are intent on causing trouble or offense. Think of them as an extended member of your bingo family who just so happens to be your friendly chat room security guards as well!

Chat Games & Side Games

Chat games bring another dimension of fun to bingo by giving players extra chances to win prizes. You can win free bingo cards, bingo points, free spins on the slots, bonus money, or even special prizes like smartphones and gift cards. Chat games often come in the form of a quiz where chat moderators ask a question and whoever types the correct answer first wins the prize. It’s a great way to fill the time between bingo games and they always create a fun atmosphere in the chat room.

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What Are The Rules Of Bingo?

Playing bingo is super easy and learning the basic rules will not take much effort at all. Even if it’s your first time in a bingo room, it won’t take you long before you’re playing multiple cards and making new friends in the chat room. It might sound daunting at first but let us talk you through the basics of how to play bingo online.

Basic Rules

Open up a bingo room and select how many bingo cards you want to play with and then wait for the game to begin. Once the game starts, the bingo caller will start announcing the numbers one by one. You need to pay attention and mark off the numbers on your card(s) as they are called.

Bingo tip! To keep things simple you can turn the Auto-Dab function on to automatically mark off the numbers for you. You can then sit back and watch the bingo action unfold.

Prizes depend on what type of game you are playing but most games offer cash or bonus prizes to whoever fills the 1 line, 2 line, and full house patterns first.


Bingo jackpots give you the chance to win some seriously big prizes. The jackpots are only attached to one or two special bingo games throughout the week but they always bring an extra level of excitement to the chat room. Winning a bingo jackpot is fairly straightforward and this is how it works in simple terms:

You win the jackpot if you get a full house in 42 calls or less.

It’s as simple as that although it’s not so simple to actually win it! The number of calls might be 42, or it might be 50, but you’ll find out those details in the rules before each game. The three main types of jackpots that you’ll come across are progressive, fixed, and community:

Progressive jackpots start at a set amount and then a percentage of every bingo card bought for the game is added to the jackpot. The jackpot is won if someone gets a full house in the set number of calls or less. If nobody wins, the jackpot is rolled over until the next game.

Fixed jackpots have preset amounts that will not change no matter how many people are playing. A common structure would be $25,000 for a full house in 42 calls or less, $20,000 for 43 calls, $15,000 for 44 calls, $10,000 for 45 calls, and then $5,000 for anyone who calls a full house from 46 calls and above.

Community jackpots work in a similar way to progressive jackpots. The only difference is that everyone gets a prize and not just the winning player. If someone gets a full house in the set number of calls then the prize is split amongst all players playing in that specific game.

Various Types of Bingo

The game of bingo is universal but you can find one or two slight differences in each of the bingo rooms. The most common rooms are 90-ball, 80-ball, and 75-ball and players win prizes by marking off various lines and patterns.

Each game comes with its subtle variations but the overall aim of the game is very much the same. 30-ball is a newcomer to the bingo world and is known as speed bingo. It’s perfect for those who like fast action and quick prizes. Here’s a summary of the common types of bingo games:

90-Ball Bingo

Card Grid – 3×9

1 line, 2 line, and full house prizes

bingo 90 balls

80-Ball Bingo

Card Grid – 4×4

Pattern prizes

1 line, 2 line, and full house prizes

bingo 80 balls

75-Ball Bingo

Card Grid – 5×5

Pattern prizes

1 line, 2 line, and full house prizes

bingo 75 balls

Bingo Tips – 7 Do’s and 7 Don’ts


  1. Learn the bingo lingo
    Many players use abbreviated words in the chat room so take the time to learn the words to avoid any confusion.

  2. Be friendly
    Always be polite in the chat rooms and be careful what you type because some phrases can be misinterpreted quite easily.

  3. Follow house rules
    You should understand how to play bingo online so be sure to read up on the rules for the games, chat rooms, and bonuses.

  4. Withdraw your money
    It’s a good idea to make withdrawals on any winnings every now and then. It’s nice to give a little boost to your bank account!

  5. Claim bonuses
    Take advantage of the bingo bonus, reload bonus, and deposit offers. Check your emails and My Account area for special deals.

  6. Check social media
    Bonus offers are given away on social media pages. Facebook is a great place to find one-off deals and to keep up to date.

  7. Take breaks
    Playing online bingo for too long can hurt your eyes, as well as your body. Take regular breaks to keep yourself energized.


  1. Give personal info away
    Not everyone in the chat room will be honest bingo-loving people so stay safe and never give out your personal details.

  2. Be rude
    Don’t take it out on other people if you’re having a bad day online or offline. Bingo is for positive vibes only!

  3. Argue
    Never get involved in chat room arguments whatever the issue might be. Sit back and let the chat moderator sort everything out.

  4. Abuse chat moderators
    Sometimes your bingo requests cannot be approved. Chat moderators are paid to do a job and do not deserve to be abused.

  5. Refresh the banking page
    Be careful not to click the refresh button whilst making a deposit. You could be charged twice so sit back and wait.

  6. Overspend
    You should always stick to your budget and never spend more than you can afford. Setting deposit limits is a good way to stay on track.

  7. Show off
    Nobody likes a show-off so if you win don’t boast about it in the chat room. People will congratulate you but it’s always best to stay humble!


You can play bingo online for free at many sites. All you need to look for is the no deposit deals and you’ll be rewarded with free bonus money just by registering an account. Most of these sites have newbie rooms which will allow new players to get used to how bingo games work.

If you use real money to buy your bingo tickets then yes, it is technically classed as gambling. Any money exchanged to win more money on an event with an uncertain outcome is a gambling transaction.

In depends on the country of your residence. Depending on your location, you might be required to be at least 18 years old, while some others require the minimum age of 21.

The law in the UK requires players to be 18 years old or older to be eligible for playing bingo online legally.

Playing online bingo is safe and secure, provided a player uses bingo sites that are licensed and regulated by a governing body.

All online gambling platforms should abide by a commissioning law that guarantees the safety of players, including the protection of their personal details and funds.

The initial welcome bonus is offered only once and this is designed to treat a player on their first deposit and welcome them to the site.

You don’t have to accept the welcome bonus when signing up and some bingo sites will let you accept it at a later date.

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