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Cricket Betting Guide and Sites

This page you are now will give you a quick overview of just some of the cricket betting options we can help you with, so read on to get your first insight into the services we provide.

The 10 best sites to bet on cricket in the UK

This page will give you a complete overview of the cricket betting options, best UK bookmakers that offer betting on cricket, strategy, tips and more.

Best sites to bet on cricket in the UK

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Overview of Cricket Betting

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Cricket is the second most popular global sport after football. Its biggest following base is in Australia, New Zealand, India and Pakistan. It is popular in the UK as well and in terms of betting, cricket is becoming an increased business for punters. The first international game between Canada and the United States was disputed in 1844 and almost a £100,000 bets were wagered on it, which was a huge amount at the time.

It’s not a surprise that cricket is the national sport in the UK. It was actually invented in south-east England in the late 16th century. Naturally, for as long as players played cricket, there have been people looking to make money by betting on the outcome. Betting is responsible for the growth and the development of the sport of cricket. In the early days of cricket, matches were played just to provide opportunities for wealthy gamblers. Some of these wealthy gamblers even established their own cricket teams to have more betting chances.

How is Cricket Played?

It goes without saying that one should understand as much as possible about cricket before betting on it. This is the base of sports betting in general. The more knowledge the better, but at the very least one should understand the basics of the sport.

Cricket is a bat and ball sport, much like baseball.
The playing field is oval-shaped and in the middle, it has a 22 ft. rectangular pitch. The pitch has wickets at each end. Each wicket has three rods made of wood (stumps) with two small wooden pieces (bails) balanced on top.

A cricket team is made up of 11 players with one substitution in case of an injury. The fielding team sends all its players on the field while the batting team sends out two batsmen. Batsmen always work in pairs and a batsman cannot bat alone. The batsman’s role is to defend the wickets and score runs by hitting the pitched ball with the bat.

A run is scored when after hitting the ball, the batsman runs to the other end of the pitch while his paired non-hitting batsman runs to his end. The objective of cricket is to have more runs scored than the opponent.

On top of the basic rules of cricket, a bettor should understand the main three formats of the sport.

  1. Test cricket – this is the oldest form of cricket, having been played since 1877 and is settled in a 5-day format consisting of two batting innings for each team. It is seen as the pinnacle of cricket because of the length of the matches which challenges teams over longer periods of time.
  2. One Day International – started in 1981, ODIs are a quicker form of cricket. One Day matches are played with each team batting one inning and facing a fixed number of overs, normally 50 overs.
  3. Twenty20 International – also known as T20I, this is the shortest and fastest cricket format. It started in 2005 and it increased the audience level and led to the development of new sets of skills. In a T20I match, each cricket team faces 20 overs and the match is usually over in 3 hours’ time.

Types of Cricket Bets

In the UK, you can bet on cricket at pretty much any land-based or online bookmaker. Online cricket betting is the preferred choice to many bettors due to its convenience.

Cricket is an exciting sport to bet on and it doesn’t disappoint with an impressive range of betting markets available. Below are just a few examples:

  • Match Betting – easily the most common type of cricket betting. You have to correctly bet on the winner of a match. If your cricket prediction on the match-winner stands at the end of the game, your bet is a winner
  • Outright winner – this market is available for cricket tournaments. You have to select the team you think will win the whole tournament, not just a match
  • Series winner – it is very common for two teams to play a series of matches against one another instead of one single match. In this market, you select which team will win the entire series.
  • Match scores – this is usually available as a range bet on the number of runs a team will have scored at the end of the match. Instead of giving a fixed betting line on match scores, bookmakers give a range such as 160-170 runs.
  • Over/Under scores – similar to match scores only these bets take into account the number of runs scored by both teams combined.
  • Top Batsman – usually an over/under line on how many runs a batsman will score.
  • Method of dismissal – when a batsman is on the pitch, you can bet on how he will be dismissed. Most common dismissal methods are bowled, caught, leg before wicket, run out or stomped.

These are only a handful of betting markets, with many many
more available for futures betting, head to head matches and in-play.

Cricket Betting Tips and Strategy

Turning cricket betting into a long-term profitable business takes discipline and some work. The most important step is to identify value bets and only bet on those.

Value Bets Explained

It is pretty common to have a huge class difference between cricket sides, on a national and international level. If India’s national cricket team is facing the Kenyan side, you can expect in 99.90% of time India will win. But the odds are very low, could be 1.03 and there is no money to make if you follow these bets.

A value bet is just that, a bet that has value and is worth wagering on. It takes into account the probability of an outcome at odds with potential. Regardless of the sport, a successful betting strategy should have value bets at its core.

Depending on the bookie, cricket odds can be displayed as a decimal, fraction or American format. Using these odds, you can see the implied probability of an outcome. For example, if India has odds of 1.75 to win against New Zealand, it means it has a 54.14% probability to win.

To find the probability of a betting outcome uses the following formula:

(1/decimal odds) * 100 = implied probability

This implied probability of a bet gives you a good first impression to identify value bets. But to do so, you have to find the assessed probability of an event. The assessed probability is a technique to determine if the probability of a betting outcome is lower or higher than the probability presented in the odds.

To put it into more practical terms, let’s use the above example where India has 1.75 odds to win. You do your research into individual players to determine their form and injuries, you look at the head-to-head stats between the two sides, you study their recent results, look at the weather conditions at match time and any other free cricket betting tips you might use. From your research, you are confident India will win the match and you give them a 70% probability to do so. This 70% is your assessed probability and will be used to find whether there is value in wagering on India.

To determine what odds have value in cricket betting, use the following formula:

Value bet = (Decimal Odds * Your Assessed Probability) – 1

Using the numbers from above, we get (1.75 * .70) – 1 = 0.20 value. So there is a 20% value on the 1.75 odds for India to win. A value bet is whenever you use the above formula and you get a result that is greater than zero.

A good idea is also to look for boosted odds – bookmakers usually offer boosted odds around big games taking place.

Staking Plan and Discipline

A staking plan and discipline go hand in hand. It is rather easy to put together a staking plan. But it takes a lot of discipline, consistency, and resist temptations to actually stick to it.

A staking plan is the management of your bankroll. It controls the size of each bet you place, rather than wagering random amounts. It is a powerful tool used to protect your bankroll for the long term. It also brings some indirect benefits, such as making you take greater care with each bet.

There are numerous staking plans to choose from, or you can develop your own. Some of the most common staking plans are:

●       Fibonacci staking plan – maybe you remember the Fibonacci sequence from math class (0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 etc).
To get your stake, add the 2 previous numbers in the Fibonacci sequence. Your stake goes up after each loss. After each win, you reduce your stake by going down 2 steps in the sequence. The Fibonacci plan is a progressive staking plan used by bettors who prefer to make up for losses by increasing their stakes. Each win using the Fibonacci sequence pays for 2 losses ahead of it.

A practical step by step example:

  • Bet £10 until you lose. After the loss, bet £20
  • If your £20 bet wins, go back and bet £10 on your next wager. If your £20 bet loses, stake £30 for the next one
  • If you win at £30, go back and bet £10 next. If your £30 bet loses, stake £50 next
  • If you win at £50, go back 2 steps and stake £20 next. If your bet loses, stake £80 for the next bet.

●       Fixed wager staking – also known as level staking, in this plan you wager a fixed amount no matter on what sport or what the odds are. First and foremost, you have to determine what your wager amount will be. Most common would be each wager to be 5% or less than your bankroll. This extends your betting experience and lowers the risk of going through your bankroll in only a few bets.

●       Proportional staking – similar to fixed staking, the only difference is that the wager is determined as a percentage of your bankroll. The main benefit of this plan is that in theory, you can never go bust. Another advantage is that the amount you stake reflects your success or lack of. When on a losing streak, you stake less and less after each loss, extending your bankroll for long periods of time. Again, the general school of thought is that 5% or even lower percentage of your bankroll should be used in this plan. Let’s say you have a bankroll of £200 and you decide to use a 3% wager on each bet. Your starting stake amount would be £6. If this wager loses, your next stake would be £5.82.

Online Cricket Betting Tips

Understand the sport of cricket and the tournament format – you have to have a good knowledge of cricket before betting on it. Even if it’s just the basics, you have to know what a batsman’s role is and how a run is scored before you start betting in those markets.

Also, beware of the format of the cricket match. Some matches are completed in 3 hours while others can last up to 5 days.

Read about the team and players – use newspapers, online cricket communities and social media to learn of a team’s mood and expectations leading up to a match. At the same time, look up players to be up to date with any possible injuries and latest news.

Value bets – this cannot be overstated, always use value bets to bring in long term profit from cricket betting.

Bet smart – never go all-in where you put your whole bankroll on a single bet. No matter how extremely confident you are of an outcome, it is never guaranteed as this is gambling after all. Have a staking plan and stick with it.

Live betting – keep an eye out on for in-play cricket betting markets. More often than not, this is where you will identify value bets. Check which bookmakers offer live streaming so you can follow the action and place your in-play bets.

The choice of the bookie – Keep track of the promotions that the bookies are offering. Some bookies will give you boosted odds and special promotions on some cricket matches. This could significantly increase your winnings.


Select an online bookie available in The UK. Then create your account and pick the game you want to bet on.
Don’t forget to always keep in mind these cricket betting tips:

  • Players take more risks in T20 cricket so those unlikely bets are more likely to happen!
  • Draws in Test matches are increasingly unlikely nowadays due to the higher run-rates on show
  • Take note of the condition of the wicket as this greatly affects the batsmen and bowlers’ gameplay

There are several online bookies offering to watch cricket in live streaming such as:

Betting on cricket can make the matches way more fun and also make you earn some money if you take the time to look for statistics. If you bet wisely you could earn some good money and so, enjoy the matches way more.

Match odds means the fractional odds offered by a bookie for the outcome of a cricket match. Match odds will tell the winnings of a bet depending on the final outcome (in this case, no other factors will be taking in consideration).


Betting on cricket is an excellent way to get you even more involved in your favourite sport or alternatively to introduce you to it. If you’re new to cricket betting, use small stakes at first to get used to the format and the sport itself.

The incredible range of betting markets available on cricket makes it an entertaining experience. Armed with knowledge, value bets and a betting strategy, bettors can turn cricket betting into a long term profitable activity.

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