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About Trustly

Trustly is a Swedish company, known as being one of the most secure payment methods around. Currently, it is still a limited payment processor as it is not globally known yet. Nevertheless, it is still highly praised by those who make use of its services and looks promising enough to keep on distributing its services to other countries across the globe. As a matter of fact, presently, it offers its services to 29 European countries including the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Malta and Denmark. Hence, it is continuously processing millions of different payments monthly from different banks.

Trustly is especially favoured by punters due to its simplicity, security and speediness. As long as the consumer has an account with one of Trustly’s supported banks, they can make deposits or withdraw their funds from their online gaming accounts. When funding their online accounts, players do not need to have a separate account since Trustly allows transactions to go through instantly and as smoothly as possible by doing direct transfers from the player’s bank account to the casino or site. It does not require the player to input their debit or credit card details, Trustly simply requires the bank account and login details allotted by their bank. Therefore, it is able to link one’s online bank account to some of the most well-known online casinos or Trustly betting sites, while at the same time keeping their identity anonymous.

Trustly Casinos

As Trustly gains more popularity amongst players, multiple online casinos have stepped up to introduce its services into their variety of payment methods. When it comes to speediness, Trustly is the best option to go when playing at a casino. Transactions are done instantly without the need of any banking cards, in fact, it only takes a few seconds to press a few buttons here and there and once completed, the player can immediately carry on with their playing.
Here are some examples of Trustly Casinos found in the United Kingdom:

  1. King Casino
  2. Gopro Casino
  3. The Gold Lounge Casino
  4. Black Spins Casino
  5. Casiplay
  6. Spela Casino
  7. Playzee Casino
  8. Hyper Casino

Trustly does not charge the player with any fees when making a deposit. It simply paves the way for the money to be deposited without personally, taking part in the transaction itself. For a player to make a deposit at their favourite casino, they must first and foremost access their cashier and go to their ‘deposit’ section. Afterwards, they can choose Trustly as a payment method to start the process. Once Trustly is selected, the player is required to enter the amount they wish to deposit. As soon as this field is entered, the player will have to select their Country from the drop down menu and input their bank’s name. When proceeding to the next step, the player is prompted to log into their online banking service and from here on, the player’s account is funded as wished and ready for use.
Trustly withdrawals at online casinos are not so different than deposits. The player will need to access their cashier, choose Trustly as a payment method, select the amount they wish to withdraw, select their country and bank name, log into their online banking services and finally, the withdrawing process will be initiated. However, there are two main differences between making a withdrawal or a deposit at a Trustly casino. The first one being; not all casinos will accept Trustly as a payment method for withdrawals, even if they accept it for deposits. The second difference is the waiting period; while deposits are done instantly, withdrawals may take up to 1-4 working days.

Trustly Betting Sites

One main thing that Trustly works hard on is, to facilitate as much as possible online payments. Conveniently, consumers, merchants and especially those who are part of the gaming industry, have taken a major liking to this payment method. In fact, there are evidently more than 12 banks located in the United Kingdom which are associated with Trustly which is most convenient for certain businesses to gain popularity including online betting sites.
The following are betting sites found in the UK which are collaborating with Trustly:

  1. William Hill
  2. Betsafe
  3. FavBet
  4. 888sport
  5. Bet365
  6. Boylesports
  7. NetBet
  8. Jetbull
  9. Betway

Just like at any other establishment, depositing at Trustly betting sites is made easier and faster with Trustly’s newest innovation, that is, the Direct Debit service. This is a specially optimised service purposely used for live betting to decrease any waste of time which occurs when making a deposit, all done by just one click of a button. In cases where this service is not available, the usual steps to make a deposit are taken. After logging into their betting site, the player must click on the ‘deposit’ section in order to access the cashier. Next, the player is able to choose Trustly from the number of various different online payment methods available. Subsequently, the player is required to enter their bank account log in credentials which initiates the whole depositing process.
When it comes to the withdrawing of funds, certain sites accept Trustly solely for depositing while rejecting it as a method used for withdrawals. For those who are able to withdraw with Trustly, the process is the same as to when the player is depositing, the only difference is that instead of inputting the amount to be deposited, the player inserts the amount they wish to withdraw from their accounts. Transactions are processed instantly and usually the withdrawal can be seen in the player’s bank account once the site approves the transfer which can easily take up to 2 working days.

A Brief Delve into the History of Trustly AB

Trustly is a Swedish company founded in Stockholm in 2008. It first started out by providing its services to Scandinavian countries only as a form of income. In 2010, they opened their first office in Malta and had managed to process one million transactions. They were doing so good that they were honoured with a ‘Rising Star’ status by Deloitte as Sweden’s second-fastest growing technology company. They continued to gain popularity after hitting their 7 millionth transaction goal and in 2014, they launched an innovative Payout Express product which included a collaboration with PayPal. In 2015, Trustly managed to incorporate their services into 21 European countries which gave them the opportunity to manage 1 million transactions each month. In the next two years, even more offices opened followed by the launching of their Pay N Play concept. In 2018, they earned the TUV certification for data protection in Germany and awarded with 3 awards presented by the Malta iGaming Excellence Awards. Presently, they are still working hard on producing innovative ideas and ways they can improve clients’ satisfaction and reach their main goal where online payments are made quicker and safer.

Advantages of Using Trustly

  • Transactions are processed in a heartbeat – Trustly processes both deposits and withdrawals quickly, although it usually depends on the gaming site and the player’s bank to properly manage the transaction.
  • This method is secure – Trustly takes the security of its users seriously. Since they do not directly handle the transaction, they need not know any personal details of their players. Therefore, their users have the luxury to stay completely anonymous.
  • They think of everything – The Trustly Direct Debit replaces any use of credit cards or unnecessary inputting of credentials by a one-click service found in an application.
  • It makes payments more convenient – At the end of the day, this is primarily possible due to its efficiency. The player can initiate the transfer without the need to leave their site or take too long. Trustly is also convenient since it does not require any registration of new accounts since it immediately links the transfer to the corresponding bank account.

Disadvantages of Using Trustly

  • It is limited to Europe – At the moment, Trustly has only made itself available to 29 European countries which might create a bit of a discrepancy for other foreign consumers who wish to make use of this method. Despite this, some betting sites, depending on the country (even if it is in Europe), might refuse Trustly payments to those players found in that specific country.
  • Withdrawal limitation – When it comes to withdrawals there are not much online casinos or sites which accept Trustly as one of their payment methods, no matter how consistent it might be.
  • It only links with specific banks – Trustly has a specific list of banks found in its compatible countries, from which it accepts transfers. If one does not have an account with a bank which is connected to Trustly, one may not make use of Trustly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is Trustly a safe method of payment at online sites or casino?
Trustly makes use of its own security as well as the bank’s that is connected to. It allows its consumers to remain anonymous during transfers and it does not partake in the transaction itself.

Which countries accept Trustly?Trustly is currently available in 29 European countries namely: the United Kingdom, Malta, Italy, Germany and Cyprus.

How do I know that Trustly supports my bank?One can check their list of banks with which they are collaborating on their website found under the ‘Consumer’ section.

How do Trustly transactions appear on my bank receipt?This depends on the site being used. Most betting sites value their customers’ privacy therefore, they would not make any indication of any betting activity on the receipt.