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UK Sites Accepting Visa Payments

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About Visa

Presently, credit and debit cards are increasingly being favoured by consumers alike over other existing payment methods. They have evidently become one of the most efficient and speedy methods for consumers to carry out any sort of business transactions or purchases. The mere fact that one need not carry around cash in their wallet all the time, allowed these small plastic cards to gain popularity in a convenient amount of time which led to most businesses incorporating this system as part of their payment methods. As a result, it has become increasingly hard to find any business which does not accept credit or debit cards.

The credit card company, known as Visa, is being used by millions and it is constantly transacting large amounts of money each year. Hence, why it is found to be one of the most popular options people opt for in the UK and in other countries which accept this form of payment. Visa is one of the oldest yet most popular forms of payment around the globe. It originated in the USA in 1958 launched by the Bank of America. This card gave middle-class citizens the opportunity to pay for their items without the use of any cash. By 2000, Visa had distributed a great number of credit cards to willing customers and since then, they have been directing their ideas into creating new and secure ways to pay for items both online and locally.

Visa Services

Visa cards come in all shapes and sizes… well not exactly but they do come in a variety of features and purposes. The following are the main variations of Visa cards:

  • Debit Cards – These are the most used by consumers especially for those opening a bank account for the first time. A person would be able to make an instant payment with their available funds. This card allows the account holder to access their account electronically and it literally replaces the need to carry any cash which is most convenient when it comes to making transactions on online gambling sites. When accessing online Visa casinos or betting sites, the player can deposit an amount from their debit card simply by inputting their card and account details as well as the amount to be deposited. Cashing out works just as simple, the player would need to enter their casino Visa card details and the amount they wish to withdraw. The withdrawing process usually takes up to 24-72 hours at most. This method is the most favourable to customers in the UK, to the extent, that debit cards have almost wholly replaced the use of cheque books and credit cards.

  • Visa Electron Cards – These are also debit cards which are usually given to customers under the age of 18 who are opening their bank account for the first time. Visa Electron does not offer the chances for any overdrafts since payments are only allowed to go through, once all funds found in the account are cleared. Therefore, before depositing at Visa Electron casinos or betting sites, players need to be sure that all payments due have successfully gone through and that they have enough money to deposit the wished amount instantaneously.

  • Credit Cards – With a credit card the customer borrows money against a line of credit with which they can make payments. This may help people to adapt to a certain way of managing finances due to repayments. Making a deposit with this card on gambling sites, is the same way that online casino Visa debit card owners would go by. However, the only difference is when it comes to withdrawing any winnings. The process may still take up to 72 hours, but the player is only allowed to withdraw the same amount as they have deposited.

  • Prepaid Cards – Similarly, prepaid card users are able to have better financial control as their cards contain only the sum of money which they would have inputted themselves before actually using the card. Therefore, they would solely have that fixed amount available for them to spend without going into debt or ending up overspending whilst enjoying themselves.

  • Virtual Cards – In this case, customers are not given a physical plastic card but simply a representation of their accounts seen only through a set of random numbers and of course, a CVV. These are mainly used on the internet through e-mail or over the phone.

Although all options mentioned above seem rather efficient, they are not necessarily convenient for every player. First-time or casual players usually opt for debit cards which are the easiest option they could choose while still enjoying the benefit of speediness, efficiency and security. On the other hand, more experienced players who tend to take on heavier bets, often tend to turn their heads towards credit, prepaid cards and sometimes even business accounts.

Regardless of the type of card one carries around with them, players and people in general, can easily keep track of their purchases and withdrawals to further improve their financial management. This is mainly done through internet banking which has become without a doubt, the most popular method of managing one’s bank account especially since transactions are traceable, it makes it easier to click on a few buttons from any smart device the person might own, and check where their money is at and how much they have been spending.

Online Casinos that Accept Visa

Visa is one of the most extensively accepted forms of payment in the world, especially in UK’s online casinos. It has become such an effortlessly recognisable brand on a global scale, that it has become impossible for adults in the UK to not possess a Visa card at one point in their lives.
This payment method allowed some of the United Kingdom’s online casinos to become some of the most likable and preferred by English players in general while still attracting other players with attractive bonuses and generous payouts.

These Visa Casinos include:

  1. Vera&John Casino
  2. InterCasino
  3. Slot Crazy Casino
  4. Betway Casino
  5. Karamba Casino
  6. Casimba Casino
  7. Party Casino
  8. Dream Vegas Casino
  9. Dunder Casino
  10. Mansion Bet Casino

Visa offers instantaneous deposits without any chargeable fees imposed on players at online casinos and withdrawals are made easier.
Making a deposit at an online casino is not so different than making a simple online purchase. To fund their account, players first need to access their ‘Cashier’ found at their casino of choice, search for the Visa option and then simply input the amount they wish to deposit in the correct currency, their card number, full name, the card’s expiration date and finally, the Security Code found at the back of their casino Visa card. Players may also have the option to select any bonus they are eligible for after inserting all their details. Once all of these stages are done the player may immediately start playing and if they win, they can withdraw via the same casino visa debit or credit card whenever although, the withdrawal process may take up to 72 hours, depending on the casino.

Visa Betting Sites

Visa’s global preference made its way to UK betting sites as well as many others outside the UK. This payment method is especially appreciated by gamblers since it is much easier to use something which is already in their wallet rather than using other time-consuming methods to make something as simple as a deposit.
Here is a list of some of the favourite Visa betting sites:

After signing up with their favourite betting site, in order to begin their betting, players need to fund their account. Visa makes this step easier since once the deposit is placed, the transaction is immediately placed and carried out successfully allowing the player to have the opportunity to immediately start playing. The player can start the depositing process by visiting the ‘Deposit’ section on the betting site. Once they access this section, they are immediately given a variety of payment methods which they can choose from, one of which is the Visa credit and debit cards. After choosing Visa as a payment method, the server will prompt them to input their card details, full name and lastly, the amount of money with which they wish to fund their account. Once everything has went through smoothly, the player can begin to bet whenever they want.

If the player happens to win an amount of money after betting on a site, and they want to withdraw that money into their bank account, they must go through a similar process. First things first, in order for a player to be able to withdraw, they must use the same card they had used to make their previous deposit in order to prevent any money laundering. It is worth noting that players will not be able to withdraw their funds back to a Visa Prepaid card. On the other hand, any other Visa card will do and as per usual, the withdrawal process might take up to 3 days depending on the bookmaker. Once all technicalities and conditions for a proper withdrawal (such as wagering requirements) have been met, the player can make a withdrawal by inputting the amount from their balance they wish to withdraw and confirm once more their card details.

Advantages of Using Visa for Online Gambling

  • It is Simply Efficient – Depositing with Visa is made rather easy and fast as it is usually done in the blink of an eye. Even though the withdrawal process might take slightly longer, it is still faster than other methods and definitely more secure.
  • Card Information Can Be Saved for Future Use – After entering their card details for the first time, players are given the option to save those details in case they need to re-enter them in the future. Therefore, it makes it more convenient for users to have the details already written down for them rather than retyping everything again.
  • Security – Due to its popularity, Visa is always up to date with its security features; they are attentive to whom they associate themselves with and they also provide the ‘Verified by Visa’ step for further security.
  • Globally Recognised – When the word ‘Visa’ pops up, most people already know to what it is referring to. This allows businesses, including online gambling sites, to incorporate it into their system which makes it super convenient to users worldwide.

Disadvantages of Using Visa for Online Gambling

  • Overuse – While Visa is mostly reliable and super convenient, its efficiency may also lead to certain setbacks for users personally. Players might be easily tempted to overspend which might lead to a gambling addiction.
  • Withdrawals Might Take Too Long – Despite its quick transfers, withdrawals might sometimes take too long for certain players, especially to those who already have access to electronic wallets which are definitely faster and more instantaneous.
  • Expiration Dates – Since Visa cards expire it might become somewhat of an inconvenience for players as once it expires, the player has to change all of their card details they have saved on their online accounts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is actually quite safe to deposit or withdraw with a VISA card. Both Visa and the issuing bank, take numerous security measures to make sure that the whole process is safe.

Presently, certain casinos understand the emerging popularity these cards have and how easier it is to make use of them, hence increasing players’ attraction. As a result, most online casinos have incorporated Visa gift cards as one of their payment methods.

More often than not, there aren’t any fees. Nevertheless, the player should always check with their site beforehand, since there are certain online sites such as ‘Unibet’ which do charge a 2.5% fee on the deposited amount.

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