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People living in the UK benefit from having some of the most relaxed online gambling laws. Not only do they have access to loads of online casinos and betting sites, but they also don’t get taxed on their winnings. Another perk that comes from gambling laws being so liberal is that there’s a broad range of payment methods people in the UK can use to fund their online gambling. From debit cards and credit cards to prepaid cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies, there are all sorts of ways of topping up your balance and withdrawing any winnings you’re lucky to receive.

One of the many payment methods available in the UK is Solo. This is a debit card that was introduced in 1997 as a sort of sister card to the popular Switch debit card (which has since been rebranded as Maestro). The aim of Solo was to offer banking services to those who, for various reasons, are unable to qualify for a Switch card (or, once Switch was discontinued, a Maestro card). People who didn’t qualify included those with a poor credit history and people under the age of 18.

Solo was readily available to those under the age of 18. People as young as 11 could qualify for a Solo card and use it to carry out transactions both online and offline. There were three banking institutions that issued Solo cards: the Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest issued the card to people aged 11 and above, while HSBC Bank-issued it to those aged 13 and above. Even though Solo cards were decommissioned in 2011, you should still find plenty of online gambling sites that continue to accept them.

Making Payments with Solo

If you want to make payments at online gambling sites with Solo, you should find the payment method is easy to use and convenient. Once you’ve created an account at a gambling site, you’ll have to link a payment method to it in order to deposit some funds into your account. Simply choose Solo, enter the necessary details and make your first deposit; it should arrive in your account almost immediately.

While deposits are fast, the same can’t be said for withdrawals. The site you’re at will take some time to process your request for a withdrawal. The time it takes varies depending on the site, but it’s the same for all payment methods accepted by the site. Once your request has been processed, it then takes an extra amount of time for your money to reach you; this depends on what payment method you’re using. For cards such as Solo, you’ll have to wait a few working days once your request’s been processed before your winnings reach you.


When gambling online, it can be tempting to keep on spending money despite losing in the hope of eventually landing a big win – this is known as chasing your losses. Gambling can become addictive and it can lead to financial problems if you’re not careful. One of the main advantages of using Solo is that it’s a debit card and you can only spend what’s on the card. When you go to make a payment, your account is checked to make sure there’s enough money to carry out the payment. In other words, if your card doesn’t have enough money on it, the payment won’t go through.

Other advantages are that the payment method is very safe and secure – it is part of the MasterCard brand, which is one of the world’s leading payment service providers. MasterCard uses all the latest security protocols and software to keep everything protected at all times. Solo is easy to use and is available to a much wider range of people than other debit cards.


A disadvantage of Solo is simply that it’s not issued any more; banking institutions that used to issue it now mostly issue Visa debit cards instead. There’s also the fact that there aren’t any overdraft features of any kind, so you can’t go over your balance and top your account back up later on. While this can prevent you from going overboard with online gambling, it doesn’t give you any breathing room, so to speak, whenever you want to spend more than what you have in your account.

The key problem with Solo is the fact that it’s been distributed to minors. In the UK, you have to be 18 or older to gamble legally. Therefore, a lot of casinos won’t accept payments from Solo cards since there’s a chance the user of the card is underage. For this reason, some casinos won’t accept Solo at all, even if the user is 18 or older.


Solo is a debit card that was decommissioned eight years ago, but may still be accepted at some online gambling sites. It’s a convenient and safe way to fund your online gambling and has the advantage of only letting you spend money that you already have in your account. Since it’s issued to people under the age of 18, some sites are hesitant to accept payments made with Solo cards. Still, you should still find some worthwhile online gambling sites that will let you deposit and withdraw using your Solo card.


You should have no problems qualifying for bonuses if you sign up to a gambling site and use Solo as your payment method of choice.

When using Solo for online gambling, you shouldn’t be charged any extra fees. The payment method is completely free to use.

You won’t find Solo accepted at too many online gambling sites. This is because the payment method has been discontinued; it’s also because the card has been issued to minors and some sites wont’ accept it in case they end up letting underage people gamble illegally.

Maestro is the main alternative to Solo, though Visa Debit is also another option you may want to consider.

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