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No Wagering & Low Wagering Casino Offers for the UK Players

The best UK casino sites with no wagering requirements will have a variety of options, such as no wagering slots (free spins), bingo or sportsbook. Read More

  •       No wagering slots – slots are the most played games in the online casino industry. They are extremely appealing with their simplicity and excitement. It makes sense for a casino to offer some no wagering bonuses that are aimed at slots in particular, such as free spins. For example, “10 free spins no wager UK on Age of the Gods slot game” gives players the opportunity to experience the game and use their own money to play it if they like it. Just as well, players have a chance to make some money by keeping any potential winnings accumulated by the end of the 10th free spin.
  •       No wagering bingo – there are over 3.5 million online bingo players in the UK. This number is big enough that it cannot be ignored by casino operators. There is also a growing number of young players, whereas back in the day it used to be associated with pensioners. Diversity is good so offering no wagering bingo bonuses can only entice player in the UK to become a player to a certain casino.
  •       No wagering sportsbook – betting on sporting events has been part of the society in Great Britain for a very long time. The rise of the internet has only made sports betting more accessible, thus more popular. No wagering bonuses for sportsbook almost always come in the shape of free bets. You place a bet using the free credit, and you keep the net profit (total winnings minus stake).

Most no wagering requirements bonuses are offered to new players on a site. However, as more and more players seek out such bonuses, casinos have started to regularly offer them to their loyal customers as well. For example, members at bet365 and SkyBet are awarded weekly with £5 or £10 in free bets if their total amount of bets the previous week exceeds a certain threshold.

Unless you completely understand what no wager means, some of the bonuses might sound very confusing. Especially when casino operators try to stuff the promotion with various terminology, it is important to read each part separately. 

It’s not uncommon to come across a bonus saying “10 free spins no deposit no wager 2020” that might make you wonder what it means exactly. Broken down, it simply means you get 10 free spins without having to make a deposit. Furthermore, no wager means that once you use up the 10 free spins, any winnings are yours to keep or spend.

It is important to know that there are also bonus offers that have very low wagering requirements and are still classified as no wagering casinos. Take this offer from Mr Spin online casino as an example:

  •       Free £5 No Deposit Casino Bonus with 1x wagering requirement – you register and automatically receive £5. You then need to bet the full £5 on any casino games before you can withdraw the balance.

Although it technically has a wagering requirement (1x), the above offer would be considered a no wagering bonus.

No Wagering Casino Offers 2024

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Low Wagering Casino UK Offers

1x wagering

Spins 1x wagering:

Sportsbook 1x wagering:

2x wagering

Bingo 2x wagering:

See also: No Deposit Bingo

5x wagering

What Are Wagering Requirements?

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Wagering requirements, also known as “play through” requirements express the amount of money you have to wager in order to be able to withdraw the bonus amount and any related winnings.

It is not a clear-cut definition, especially for those who are complete beginners to online casinos. But once you understand how they work in a practical example, it will all make sense.

Online casinos are constantly putting out creative offers in the form of massive welcome bonuses to entice new players to join their site. These bonuses come in different forms including (with examples):

  • Deposit match up – Your 1st deposit is £100, the casino gives you £100 for a 100% match up offer
  • No deposit bonus – Get £5 free when you complete the registration process
  • Reload bonus – If your second deposit is £100 the casino gives you £50 for a 50% match up

Terms and Conditions for Wagering Requirements

The standard in the industry is for wagering requirements to state that the bonus must be wagered X number of times before cashouts will be allowed. For example, it might say “Bonus up to £100 must be wagered 30x before withdrawal”.

Another thing that should be stipulated in the wagering requirements terms and conditions is which amount needs to be wagered before withdrawal is allowed. There are different types possible and to understand them we take a look at a standard offer:


Offer: 100% match up deposit bonus up to £100 subject to 40x wagering requirements

If you need to wager the BONUS AMOUNT: This is the easiest and most straightforward type if you get £100 in bonus money, it is that £100 that must be wagered 40 times.

If you need to wager the BONUS AMOUNT PLUS WINNINGS: Here things get a little trickier. If you get that £100 in bonus money and start playing it, any winnings derived from it are subject to incomplete wagering requirements.

So if you play through the £100 in bonus money and you fulfil 20x of the wagering requirement and have £50 in winnings derived from it, the £150 (bonus money + winnings from it) is subject to the remaining 20x wagering requirement.

If you need to wager the BONUS AMOUNT PLUS WINNINGS PLUS FIRST DEPOSIT: This is the worst-case scenario. If you have £50 winnings derived from the bonus money after completing 20x wagering requirements, you would have to use £250 for the remaining 20x requirements.

Game Contribution to Wagering Requirements

The terms and conditions should also clarify which games contribute and how much towards the wagering requirements.

It is common to have the following breakdown:

  • All slots count 100%
  • All video poker count 8%
  • Classic blackjack counts 2%
  • Baccarat, craps, sportsbook and anything else counts 0%

Lastly, it should be stipulated if there is a time limit to complete the requirements. Some bonuses have no time restraint other than meeting the playthrough requirements. Others, for example, may give you 7 days to fulfil them or else the bonus gets voided.

Why Do Wagering Requirements Even Exist?

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Wagering requirements are put in place to prevent online casinos from going bankrupt.

Imagine this scenario:

Casino 1 offers a 100% match up bonus on your first deposit up to £200 with no wagering requirements whatsoever.

You could then deposit £200, the casino gives you £200 and there is nothing to stop you from withdrawing the full £400. A 100% return on investment doesn’t come around often. But that would very soon put the casino out of business.

As you can see from the above example, wagering requirements are completely justified from a casino’s perspective. The problem starts when casinos begin to abuse them and attach ludicrous wagering requirements to a bonus. 

How to Calculate Wagering Requirements?

Calculating the wagering requirements is a simple math equation once you know all the variables. There are a few variables that must be identified:

  1. Which amount is subject to the wagering requirement?
  2. What is the wagering multiplier?
  3. What are the winnings derived from the bonus money?
  4. What are the outstanding wagering requirements the bonus winnings are subjected to?

The first two are absolutely mandatory to any casino bonus offer. The last two depend on whether or not winnings are included in the wagering requirements. To calculate all possibilities, let’s use the same example:

“100% match up deposit up to £100 subject to 40x wagering requirements”

Optional variables:
Winnings derived from bonus = £50
Outstanding wagering requirements = 20x

Type Wagering requirement calculation
Bonus amount £100 x 40 = £4,000
Bonus amount x wagering requirement

Bonus plus winnings (£100 x 20) + (£150 x 20) = £5,000
(bonus amount x wagering requirement fulfilled with the bonus money) + (bonus amount+winnings) x outstanding wagering requirements

Bonus plus winnings plus first deposit (£100 x 20) + (£250 x 20) = £7,000
(bonus amount x wagering requirement fulfilled with the bonus money) + (bonus amount+winnings+first deposit) x outstanding wagering requirements

Wagering Tip! While wagering requirements make perfect sense from a business point of view, they should also be reasonable. When you get a bonus with 50x wagering requirements, it becomes highly unlikely you will ever get to withdraw any winnings. It becomes pretty clear the casino is offering such a bonus for it to be spent on its platform.

High wagering requirements also demand a much longer period of playtime. For a £100 bonus with 50x, that means you have to play through £5,000. If you use low stakes, at 20p per spin, which means you would need 25,000 spins to meet the requirements. That is a big number that requires a lot of time.

The growing frustration in the online gambling community culminated with the launch and rise in popularity of no wagering bonuses. These simply mean that you get to instantly keep the winnings derived from any bonus money.

The no wager bonuses and casinos are in high demand from modern players, who prefer simplicity and speed in their playing experience.


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Bonus wagering requirements have been around for a long time. They will not go away anytime soon, even with the rise in demand and popularity of no wagering casinos. A bonus that says “£1,500 in free money” will always catch the attention of more people than “£20 in free bets”.

Wagering requirements are pivotal in the online casino industry. They are needed in order for the operators to put together an offer that entices new customers to join, while also offering a layer of protection for the casino that it won’t lose all the bonus money.

Both wagering and no wagering requirements bonuses have their advantages and disadvantages. Most of these are subjective to each player’s preferences. Some enjoy higher stakes and extended playtime in which case the more generous bonuses with play-through requirements are more appealing. Others prefer the chance to play for free and keep their winnings instantly, for which no wagering bonuses are the way to go.

Regardless of your preference, you still need to understand what these wagering requirements mean and how they work. That way you can have a truly enjoyable experience playing your favourite casino games.


No wagering casino bonus means that you can withdraw your potential winnings from the bonus without the need of depositing and playing-through any additional funds.

A wagering requirement of 10x means you need to play through your bonus 10 times before being able to withdraw your winnings.

Currently operators like PaddyPower and Betfair run no wagering promotions. See the full list here.

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