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Dead or Alive Slots Game Review, RTP and Play at UK Sites

The Dead Or Alive online video slot was brought to us in 2009 by one of the leaders in the online gambling industry, NetEnt. With a higher than average RTP of 96.82%, an engaging layout and innovative features, Dead or Alive is an excellent representation of the reputable NetEnt company. As you know, or should know, slots with a 90% to 94.99% RTP are considered decent, anything above 94.99% is a good pay-out and anything below 90% RTP should most likely be avoided. The Dead or Alive RTP while attractive, should not be the only reason for you to head to the casino for some spins. This slot game is armed to the teeth with various features and bonuses such as scatters and free spins to keep you engaged and rewarded.

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We cannot go back to the 19th century American Wild West to be wearing Stetsons hats, cowboy boots, sip on some whiskey, surrounded by wanted outlaw posters, under the protection of the Sheriff wearing the iconic yellow badge. But fortunately, we can experience the Wild West way of life thanks to the timeless Dead or Alive slot game.

Quick note, especially for new players: RTP is the Return To Player percentage. A simple example, if you wage £100 on Dead Or Alive slot with a 96.82% RTP, you should expect to get back £96.82 while the casino keeps £3.18. This is only a determination, not set in stone. That’s why some players will lose way more than £3.18 while others may claim big wins. Regardless, as slots with higher RTP, like Dead or Alive, give you better chances of winning, they’re well worth some spins.

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Dead or Alive Overview

Dead or Alive slot game has an Old Wild West theme with frontier-related images such as the gun belts, cowboy hats, boots, belts, and wanted outlaw posters. I particularly enjoyed having up-close encounters with some of the most notorious outlaws of that time and trying to find out who they are. To save you some time, expect to run into the likes of Billy the Kid, Belle Starr, and Jesse James.

This video slot game has the classic standard of 5 reels with 3 rows and 9 pay lines. Understandably, at first sight, this slot might seem simple because of the 9 pay lines. On top of that, the pay table with its corresponding winnings seems to be on the modest side. Don’t let this fool you though because Dead or Alive may be simple but it hides some big wins. It can also surprise you with some smaller but more frequent winnings.

The minimum stake is only £0.09 with a maximum stake of £18.00 per spin. The low minimum stake is ideal as it can stretch out your play time. Don’t let the £0.09 stake underestimate the potential winnings of Dead or Alive slot. You could very well bank around £225.00 winnings from a £0.09 stake if all falls right and the spinning reels land 5 scatters. Such a stunning pay-out from such a low stake is one of the reasons Dead or Alive is so popular with players after 10 years from its launch date. You can easily find a £3 Minimum Deposit Casino to try out Dead or Alive or play with a casino bonus and have more plays.

Bonus Features Review

By most standards, Dead or Alive is not a slot game that is filled with action. However, there are couple of thrilling features that make it worth your attention when those reels are spinning. The Wild card in the game is the Wanted Outlaw poster. This can substitute any and all the symbols in the game, except for the crossed guns which is the Scatter in the game.

Sticky Wild Feature – this feature is what makes the Dead or Alive free spins very appealing to players. This is also where we hunt down the notorious outlaws of the likes of Billy the Kid. During the free spins feature, the wild symbol becomes sticky. Meaning, it will stick in its position on the reels until the free spins feature finishes. Any 1 or more sticky wild symbols will automatically trigger five extra free spins. Last but not least, 3 Scatter symbols during the free spins retriggers the whole free spins feature. This feature can only be retriggered once!

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Basically, if you’re extremely lucky and everything happens to fall in the right place at the right time, you can get an impressive 29 free spinswith a 2x multiplier. Add to that any sticky wilds that might land during the free spins and you got yourself some huge winnings. I’ve personally landed 300 times my stake during this feature and was very pleased with it. That’s until I realized that’s not even close to the high end of potential winnings, which is somewhere along the 3000 times your stake. It all depends on how many Sticky Wilds you land.

Free Spins Feature – the Dead or Alive free spins are the real money maker when it goes in harmony with the Sticky Wilds. To trigger the free spins you have to land 3 or more scatter symbols (the crossed guns). You automatically get 12 free spins with a 2 times multiplier. You can only retrigger this feature once, by landing 3 or more scatter symbols during the initial 12 free spins.


Dead or Alive slot game has high volatility. Volatility, when referring to slot games, means the amount of risk associated with a particular game. High volatility slots like Dead or Alive tend to have larger payouts, but fewer and farther in between. That means you can spin continuously and cringe as your balance gets lower and lower, only to win big all of a sudden. And that big win can be followed by other big wins in a short period of time. That is high volatility. You can win big with low stakes.

While RTP and volatility are merely just some numbers and measures, they should be taken into consideration when you’re heading to the casino. They can help to efficiently and realistically play, enjoy, and win from slot games such as Dead or Alive. Chance and luck will always be the main factor in winning in online casinos. But knowing the RTP and volatility of a game like Dead or Alive slot can lay the foundation for a healthy strategy to give you better chances of winning.

Advice and Strategy for New and Old Players

Taking into consideration the Dead or Alive RTP and high volatility, some steps should be followed to enjoy the experience and have a better chance of winning big. You will need to have a balance and use a stake amount that can withstand fluctuations. You need to have patience and perseverance. You may spin the reels for long periods of time with little or no rewards. Then you can trigger the Free Spins with the Sticky Wilds and you can win, and win big. But you have to be realistic, the Free Spins do not guarantee you a high pay-out, but the potential is there. Lastly, as with all video slot games, you have to have some luck and nerves of steel.


Dead or Alive online video slot game has been around for over 10 years now. This makes it probably one of the oldest slot games you will find in online casinos. Despite its age, it still draws high interest from experienced and new players alike.

On 17th November 2016, after 7 years since its original release date, Dead or Alive slot launched for mobile platforms as well. And earlier this year, the sequel Dead or Alive 2 was launched. The constant updating and optimizing of the game shows how well-liked and appreciated Dead or Alive still is after 10 years.

With a pleasant Wild West theme portrayed by the slot symbols and sound effects, this slot game does take you back in time to the days of cowboys and bandits. It is a rather simple game, with 9 pay lines, but with huge winning potential from low stakes. Compared to other games with a much higher number of pay lines, triggering the Dead or Alive free spins round is more profitable.

Released by NetEnt, (Net Entertainment) which is one of the leading companies in the online gambling industry, Dead or Alive with its graphics, sound effects, special features and bonuses have rightfully achieved cult status. Numerous staking options and various game settings combined with high volatility and a generous RTP will have you chasing after the most notorious outlaws from the days of the Wild West.

Even if it’s only for taking a step back in time to experience the Wild West days of cowboys and outlaws, this game is worth your time. If you need any more incentive, keep in mind that your initial £0.09 could potentially turn into £270.00 during the free spins if all goes perfectly.

So, before heading off into the sunset, make sure you head onto the online casino and give Dead or Alive a few well-deserved spins.

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