Updated Updated: 2024

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About Qiwi

QIWI Wallet is a leading e-wallet payment method used in Russia and Turkey. It enables customers to make secure online payments in around 16 countries. Qiwi consumers are also allowed to utilize cash option and stored value to request and pay for merchandise and services at physical stores and over the web. Once a payment is initiated, an invoice is generated in customer’s QIWI Wallet account. They can then choose to pay the invoice ‘now’, using any of below options:

·       Existing QIWI Wallet balance

·       The card  that they registered to their QIWI Wallet account

·       Pay in cash later at any payment interface supported by QIWI Wallet

It has set up over 19 million virtual wallets, 152,000+ booths and terminals, and empowered merchants to acknowledge over RUB 78 billion of money and e-payments every month from more than 51 million shoppers utilizing its system at least once per month.

  • Variety of deposit options
  • Allows recurring payments and refunds
  • Real-time payment confirmation
  • Multiple currencies – EUR, RUB and USD
  • Partial Refunds available
  • Commission per transaction that may vary from region to region
  • Settlement delay can range from 3-10 days

How to Use QIWI Wallet on Computer or Mobiles?

Step 1 – Select Qiwi from list of payment methods.

QIWI Wallet checkout screen to enter account number will be displayed

Step 2 – Enter account number i.e. mobile or QIWI account number.

QIWI Wallet checkout screen to enter the password will show up.

Step 3 – Enter password in the QIWI environment.

QIWI Wallet checkout screen to enter passcode is shown.

Step 4 – Enter passcode received via SMS as prompted.

User is redirected to QIWI Wallet checkout confirmation screen and then back to the betting site.

QIWI Wallet Payments and Withdrawals

There are multiple methods to make a deposit to your wallet – Bank Transfers, Credit/Debit cards, QIWI Wallet payment terminals and so on.

·       Log in to your betting site account and navigate to select ‘Deposit’.

·       Click on the QIWI Wallet logo, select your deposit amount and bonus code (if applicable), then click on ‘Deposit’.

·       When redirected to QIWI Wallet, log in to your QIWI Wallet account. You will find that an invoice will have been created in your QIWI Wallet account for the deposit amount entered.

·       Choose the option to pay the invoice using any of the three methods above.

·       Follow the on-screen instructions to complete your deposit depending on the casino/betting site you use.

·       Once payment is successfully completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the transaction details and the funds will be credited to your account accordingly.

To Withdraw

·       Click Withdraw Funds

·       Enter the withdrawal amount and select the currency

·       Confirm the withdrawal

·       Click Withdraw

Yes, QIWI Wallet is a totally secure and safe online payment option. Dedicated anti-fraud team ensures safety through SMS transaction verification for cardholders and uses a combination of transaction monitoring.

It supports Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Active account with QIWI Wallet is required to use deposit or withdrawal option.