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Enhanced Odds – Price Promise, Odds Boost & Price Boost Offers

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The UK bookmakers frequently intentionally make the odds on sporting events extremely high, much higher than the standard odds.

Such exponentially increased odds are called Enhanced Odds or Boosted Odds and if you pay attention to the terms attached, you can make great winnings with smaller bets.

Enhanced odds – short-term offers with immensely increased odds available for a certain bet.

There are 3 major categories of enhanced odds:

  • Price Promise – odds are guaranteed to be better than other bookmakers | See offers >
  • Odds Boost – you are in control of choosing the bet that you want to apply a boost to | See offers >
  • Price Boost – bookmaker boosts specific single or multiple bets (they tend to have more flexible terms, like no constraints to how high you can bet) | See offers >

Here’s a look at some of the best-enhanced odds offers from a few of the UK’s leading online sportsbooks:

Best UK Bookmakers For Odds Boost

William Hill’s Bet Boosts

william hill logo

Markets: football & horse racing

Type of bets: any type of bet (however, when betting each way, only the win part of the bet receives the boost)

When to place bets: between the hours of 01:00 and 23:59:59

Customers can boost the odds of their choosing on one horse racing single, or a football accumulator of three selections or more, every single day of the week.

Most of the time, the bookie controls what bets have enhanced odds. Some major bookies, however, are giving the punter more control over what bets they have enhanced odds for. William Hill’s Bet Boosts is a good example of this.

With this promotion, it’s up to you to decide which bets you have enhanced odds on, not William Hill.

At the time of writing, the online sportsbook is giving all punters three-bet boosts to use on horse racing and football bets every day. This particular offer is only available on single bets of £20 or less; you can’t place your bet or any part of it with a free bet, otherwise you won’t qualify for enhanced odds.

What’s great about the Bet Boosts is that you can have the odds increased for selections that may not otherwise be featured as part of a special promotional offer.

Best UK Bookmakers For Price Boost

Betway’s Daily Specials & Enhanced Multiples

betway sports

Markets: wide range of markets (varies day to day)

Type of bets: doubles, trebles, wide range of bets (varies day to day)

When to place bets: between the hours of 00:00 and 23:59:59

One of the best aspects of Betway is that it doesn’t just offer enhanced odds for the major markets that are the most popular with punters. This online sportsbook routinely increases the odds for a wide range of markets, not just the biggest ones.

If you’re not into the major sports such as football, tennis or rugby, don’t worry because you’ll still be able to benefit from enhanced odds at Betway. The sportsbook’s Daily Specials are special offers that vary from day to day.

They cover pretty much the full range of markets available at Betway and include a good variety of betting options. You won’t just see common bet types such as ‘X to win’ featured, you’ll also come across some less common bet types from time to time.

Along with the Daily Specials, Betway regularly offers enhanced multiples, which are usually double or treble bets that pay out if all selections win their respective events.

The exact terms and conditions for Betway’s promotions will vary depending on the type of offer and the market it’s for.

10Bet’s Pulse Bet

10bet logo

Markets: football (available on regular time football matches only)

Type of bets: pulse bet

When to place bets: during the actual game

Significant conditions: mobile only

Lots of punters like placing their bets well before an event is due to take place. Many also enjoy placing bets as the event is actually happening. In-play or live betting is considered to be a lot more exciting way to place your bets.

pulse bet 10bet

10Bet’s Pulse Bet has you bet on whether the next goal in a football match will be scored within the next seconds/minutes:

  • In the Next 30 seconds
  • In the Next 1 Minute
  • In the Next 5 Minutes
  • In the Next 10 Minutes

Simply select a match that’s taking place right now, choose one of the four options listed above and place your bet. Each option is split into three periods.


For the ten minute option, the first period covers up to 04:59; the second covers 05:00 to 08:59; the third covers the final full minute of the ten minute period.

The odds and payouts for the second period are greater than those for the first.

Likewise, the odds and payouts for the third period are greater than those for both the first and the second periods.

This offer is ideal for any footie fans who enjoy placing bets to do with goals scored during matches. If you happen to be very accurate with your bet, you could be in for quite a lucrative payout.

Betfair’s Price Rush

betfair logo

Markets: a range of pre-play and In-Play markets in football, horse racing, tennis, golf & basketball

Type of bets: singles

When to place bets: upcoming markets & times are available at Betfair

Betfair is known for operating the world’s largest online betting exchange.

A betting exchange is a sort of marketplace where punters bet against one another, rather than against the bookie; punters can request odds from and offer odds to one another as well.

Betfair makes money from the bets placed on its betting exchange by charging a small commission on the bets.

Thanks to the power of Exchange, Price Rush provides Sportsbook customers the chance to get better odds than they bargained for on their singles bets.

Price Rush is the new feature from Betfair providing Sportsbook customers with enhanced odds on major markets every single day

The Price Rush is an ongoing promotional offer that gives enhanced odds to lots of bets covering a broad range of markets.

Your bet may have its odds boosted, even after you’ve placed the bet, if there’s a big enough gap between the odds for your own bet and those being offered on the betting exchange.

Only single bets can have their odds enhanced thanks to the Price Rush.

Unibet’s Enhanced Outright & Racing Boosts

unibet logo

Market: horse racing

Whereas some online sportsbooks have promotions covering a wide range of markets, Unibet tends to concentrate on the biggest ones.

This online sportsbook typically offers enhanced odds for major markets shortly before events are due to take place. If you’re a member of this sportsbook, you can take advantage of daily best odds guaranteed for UK and Irish horse races.

If you place a horse racing bet and your selection wins at better odds, you’ll be paid at those better odds.  

Weekly Boosts

There are also weekly boosts for multiple bets placed on football matches, with winnings boosted by up to 15% depending on how many individual bets there are that make up your accumulator.


If it’s a three-fold accumulator, the boost is 5%; for four-fold accumulators it’s 10%; and for accumulators with five or more selections, the boost is 15%.

The more selections you have, the bigger your payout will be, but the greater the risk will be as well.

Guide: How to Benefit the Most From Enhanced Odds in Matched Betting

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To help you understand the use of enhanced odds in matched betting it is best to look at an example.


Betfair posted an incredible ad around early March of 2016 that looked too good to be true, and it was, to a certain extent.

It was an enhanced odds promotion of 5 to 1 for Manchester United to defeat West Bromwich Albion F.C., if you checked other bookies you would find that the odds for Manchester United to win were at most 1/1 aka evens.

But there was a catch (actually there were several):

  • The enhanced odds were only available to new customers.
  • You cannot bet with more than £10, or an equivalent amount in other currencies.
  • If you are fortunate enough to get winnings, you receive them as free bets.
  • But even with the catch, the benefits of such enhanced odds were extraordinary:
  • The enhanced odds are more than 5 times the ordinary odds.
  • If you lose your bet, you will get your money back in free bets
  • The free bets you get from the win or even the loss, are not liable for expiration, the way free bets are.

So you get huge wins or no loss, depending on the outcome of the game.

Although almost all players who practice matched betting, own a Betfair account, the minority of newcomers were extremely fortunate, I personally think it is illogical to ignore such an offer.

How would the matched betting work in such a scenario:

The backing odds where 5/1, and laying odds were 51/50, almost 1/1, so if you would have bet for Man Utd. to win, placing the maximum wager of £10 then placed a lay bet (bet against Man Utd. winning) with a wager of £30, then if:

Man Utd. wins you get £10 x 5/1 = £50 add your original wager

and if they lose or draw you receive £25, plus your original wager makes it also £50, plus your £10 that are returned to you like free bets if your back bet loses that makes it a £60, so you receive £60, whatever the outcomes are.

That’s £60-£35 = £25 of guaranteed profits.

Enhanced Odds – Why do Betting Sites do This?

It looks like Enhanced odds are a promotion that provides a great advantage to bettors only, and the sports bookies are becoming generous (or mad) paying crazy money for punters, but this is a marketing strategy followed by many businesses, for instance, supermarkets, may sell some items in loss hoping, the great offer would attract customers to other items from them, for example by offering frying oil for a greatly reduced price may tempt to buy the rest of your weekly groceries from them. So if you benefit from enhanced odds, you are tempted to place bets in this site later.

There are a certain number of common Enhanced odds terms that are found amongst many, if not most online sports bookies, such terms are common marketing strategies followed by the bookies, to encourage you to sign up, while reducing their losses.

Moderately Enhanced Bets

Moderately Enhanced bets are frequent and useful, they come with the fewest restrictions, and usually, there are almost no constraints to moderately enhanced betting. These bets may not help you make much greater profits, but in the long run, you would notice a difference.

The most noticeable advantage is that moderately enhanced bets are available to all users of the bookie providing those odds.

Higher Enhanced Odds (Given in the Form of Cash)

This is the form of Enhanced bets, that you will need to hunt for when you are looking for a new bookie to sign up to. Unlike moderately Enhanced Odds it is common that these odds can reach up to double or triple the actual odds. This usually means that you may not be able to benefit from these enhanced odds unless you are a newcomer to the site. That being said, there are some sites who will occasionally provide them for existing customers. Other sites may give you a token of Higher Enhanced Odds for their loyal customers if they collect a certain number of points, but this is very rare.

For instance on 3rd of July 2019 there was Copa America 2019 football game between Brazil and Argentina so the odds were 17/20 if you bet on Brazil to win (place a £20 wager and you receive £17 winnings if Brazil wins, so you receive a total of £37 per £20 wager), and the odds for Argentina to win were 7/2 but the odds were enhanced significantly by 888sport, for 9/1 for Brazil to win and 33/1 for Argentina to win. The catch:

Seeing such odds, you would be tempted to place a high wager on Argentina (although you may be tempted because of Lionel Messi), a 33/1 odds often mean £10 could give you £330 and £100 wager means £3300 profits, but in that particular case, you could only bet £1 to make use of those odds, any higher odds, then the original 7/2 odds apply, another problem is that; for obvious reasons, you cannot bet on both teams (usually you can, and professional bettors can make winnings by placing bets on both teams in a process called arbitrage betting, or arb betting for short).

Higher Enhanced Odds (Given in the form of Free Bet)

These are almost the exact same as the Higher Enhanced Odds given in the form of Cash, the only difference is that the winnings are given in the form of free bets, these Enhanced Odds are the most popular amongst online bookies.

At smartphonegambler.com we regularly post boosted odds offer. You can find these promotions on our dedicated page.


The offers listed above are just some of the many examples of enhanced odds offers that are being run by some of the UK’s leading online sportsbooks. They’re worth checking out, especially since they can reward you with more money than usual should your selection win. Of course, it’s a good idea for you to do some shopping around before deciding on a particular offer.

Compare what the different promotions are and have a look at what the sportsbooks have to offer. There are loads of enhanced odds waiting to be taken advantage of. Make the most of these offers and enjoy some boosted returns.