Updated Updated: 2024

Steam Tower Slots Game Review, RTP and Play at UK Sites

Are you the kind of player who enjoys a slot that combines an exciting concept with an interesting storyline? Then look nu further! Steam Tower is a 5 reels, 3 rows and 15 bet lines video slot which has been on the market since 2015. With an RTP of just over 97.04%, Steam Tower ranks above the famous 97%-threshold, which many highlight as an ideal minimum level for their favoured slots. With a maximum payout of 2000x your stake Steam Tower is considered a medium volatility video slot. Bets start at £0.15 pr. spin and there are 15 different pay-lines. Steam Tower finds inspiration in traditional perceptions of the nineteenth century industrial Victorian Era in Britain, although it incorporates supernatural elements as well.

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The key plot revolves around captured princess at the top of the tower, which forces you to defeat different challenges in order to save her. Developed by Netent, the visuals are as brilliant as ever, whether you access the slot on your desktop or mobile app. I have grown slightly tired with the sometimes excessive graphics that accompany these more interactive video slots – but in this case it works very well, simply so because the visuals are so stunning.

In this review we will take you through the basics of playing the Steam Tower slot. The first section will deal with the basics of the slot, before we dwell further into the Steam Tower’s famous Free Spin feature. It is here that the real excitement of the slot in unleashed and also where the most serious money can be won.

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How to Play the Steam Tower Slot

Steam Tower is played with 15 different paylines and with 10 different bet levels. The coin value starts at £0.01 and with a maximum of £1.00. In total, this fixes the minimum bet amount at £0.15 and the maximum bet amount at £150. The different lines are fixed and cannot be amended. Importantly, bet line wins are unleashed from the left to the right and only in succession. Unless you activate the Free Spins mode, which is done by a Stacked Wild in any of the reels.

There are a number of different symbols here; J, Q, K, A are the least interesting ones, the Tower, the Princess, the Hero and the Dragon Eye pay significantly more, but the Wild Gun and the Stacked Wild are the Wilds and thus what we are the most interested in. 

steamtower slot game

In the basic mode, the wild symbol substitutes for all symbols and can therefore help you accumulate a major win. 

Out of the regular symbols, the Dragon Eye pays the most. The Man with the Hat pays the second most, followed by the Princess and the Mysterious Tower. Then, in the natural order, the A, K, Q and J. There is a pay table inside the slot which provides a detailed outline of exactly how much the different symbols pay.

Remember, these symbols are obviously important in the base game, but this slot is all about the bonus features. Is the base game then boring? A little bit, maybe, but that really goes for all slots that have an extensive Free Spins Mode.

Steam Tower Free Spins Mode

The real adventure therefore begins once the Steam Tower’s Free Spins mode is activated. In classical style, you need to scoop up a Stacked Wild which covers the entire reel. The Stacked Wild for this machine is a man with a hat! If this happens to you, the game explodes into a visual frenzy, with the princess trapped at the top floor of the tower. Meanwhile, you are awarded with 10 Free Spins, as you now find yourself as the bottom floor of the tower. Now, it is up to you to climb as far as you can in the tower – with the maximum prize awaiting you at the top!

Let us dwell a bit further into what actually happens when the Free Spin mode is activated. There are 16 different floors to climb with an extra 1000 Coins awaiting you at the top. While climbing through the different floors, you’ll find yourself winning Free Spins, Coins and increasing the multiplier, which ultimately brings you a much bigger score. The multiplier increases for each floor you ascend, although there are fewer multiplier levels than floors (you start out at a 2x multiplier at floors 1-3, which then increases to 3x from floor 4-6).

When you have entered the Free Spin mode, both the current floor you are at in the tower and the state of the multiplier is displayed at the bottom of your screen.

We start out with 10 Free Spins and in order to ascend to a new floor, you’ll need to pick up just one Gun Wild symbol (these look more like harpoons). We already know these from the game’s basic mode, but they are much more important once the Free Spin mode is activated. If you run into one of these – and it does happen quite frequently – you’ll ascend to the next floor, while having two additional Free Spins added to your account.

From here on, you just make your way upwards, with the already mentioned 5 reel, 3 rows and 15 fixed paylines structure still in place.
A 1000 extra coins await you at the top floor and if you reach it, the multiplier will increase to 7x as well. Combine that with the extra prizes you can win underway, this is an extremely lucrative possibility.

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Steam Tower RTP Strategy

I personally think Steam Tower works with an enjoyable and delicate balance between volatility and maximum winnings with an RTP of 97% and medium volatility. It make the slot an ideal choice for many different people independently of bankroll and willingness to gamble; even if you don’t sweep up a major score, your bankroll is likely to sustain due to the balanced payouts.

In order to win the maximum prize of 2000x your original investment, you’ll need to land Stacked Wilds on every single reel during the Free Spins feature. Unlikely? Yes. But thankfully, once you are inside the Free Spins feature, you are almost guaranteed extra winnings, additional Free Spins and potential multipliers, so the variance will never be enormous. If you fail to make it to the Free Spins mode you’ll probably find Steam Power a frustrating slot, but patience is key and once you are there the winnings will accumulate nicely.

RTP stands for Return to Player and thus describes your chances of winning over a sustained period when playing against the house. The ‘House Edge’ is the average profitability the House expects to make on each spin. There are obviously artificial numbers, as anyone familiar with online casino knows that you can go sustained periods without winning anything, and then suddenly cash in a major and unexpected jackpot, but RTP is nevertheless important to consider. Ideally, you should aim above the 96-97% threshold. At 97.03%, the Steam Tower clearly passes the test.

Steam Tower does not have a jackpot or a progressive jackpot feature which is definitely a minus for some customers. However, we actually like the fact that one’s investment isn’t directed towards one gigantic pool, which it is almost impossible to win anyway. This spreads out the potential profits more evenly. Medium volatility is all about finding a middle ground that appeals both to the recreational player and the more committed grinder.

Casinos with Steam Tower

Since Steam Power is developed by NetEnt you are likely to encounter the slot at most online casinos. Since the slot was developed in 2015, there are not that many promotions around tailored directly to the Slot. However, many casinos offer a welcome package that includes Free Spins which can be used at Slot of your own choice, often based on the requirement that the Slot is developed by NetEnt. When this is the case, you can use your Free Spins on Steam Tower as you wish.


We were generally very happy with the Steam Tower Slot, and for us it stands as one of the more exciting launches by Netent in recent years. The visuals and the design makes for an entertaining evening of online casino, while the gameplay is both transparent, understandable and actually quite exciting.

Are there any major negatives? Perhaps the basic mode of the game is slightly boring but that all changes when the Free Spin mode is unleashed. And that speaks more to the quality of the Free Spin mode than the boredom of the basic mode.

The fact that you are climbing up different levels within the Free Spins feature adds some variation to the traditional Free Spin features. At times, it almost like more like a computer or adventure game than a casino slot. Combined with a highly competitive RTP, medium volatility and the chance to win big at the top of the tower, we can definitely recommend Steam Tower, even four years after its original launch.

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