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Erik the Red

Erik the Red is based on the true story of the conquest of Greenland by the Vikings. So it isn’t strange that it uses the best tools to conquest new players.  And, when it comes to conquering new players, the creators of the game know very well that the Return to Player (RTP) is one of the best ways. Return to Player is the payout percentage offered by slot games. So, the makers of Eric the Red developed this incredible game with an incredible RTP too. These attempts are led by the RTP ratio of 96.95%. In other words, this means that you can win a high percentage back in return for whatever you put in. To elaborate, with Erik the Red Slots, for every £100 you bet, you will have the chance to win back £95-96. The high RTP of Erik the Red slots is due to the 5 reels and 20 pay lines that offer you bigger opportunities to win and a variety of bonuses and features.

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To elaborate, with Erik the Red Slots, for every £100 you bet, you will have the chance to win back £95-96. The high RTP of Erik the Red slots is due to the 5 reels and 20 pay lines that offer you bigger opportunities to win and a variety of bonuses and features.

Although slot players are always looking for new ways to enjoy playing their games, they also always want the best chances of multiplying their money too. In this sense, Erik the Red RTP is one of the best! This Erik the Red slots review will give you an overview of how the game works and some tips on how to get the most from it. Without a doubt, Erik the Red slots offer tons of fun along with many chances to multiply your money.

Theme of the Game

The playful theme of Erik the Red celebrates the symbols of Greenland´s conquest. Initially the game introduces you the theme by showing stunning images of imposing ships navigating on icy waters toward the land that is to be conquered.

From those ships, Erik the Viking and his beautiful wife Helga lead the exploration and then the conquest of Greenland. Finally, the game appears and shows the symbols represented in 3 Dimensional icons by shields, helmets, axes, swords, a Viking Horn. Objects are beautifully presented in blue, brown, and gold colours while Erik´s red hair and Helga´s blond are a contrast. The exciting layout and bold colours give you a hint of the fun and excitement that you will get throughout the game.

Long gone are the days when slot machines were only about pushing a button and waiting for the results of a reel. This is because video slots are now part of the offer. Video features enhance the whole game and make it more immersive while adding more features to maximize your fun and the way you play the game.  Erik the Red has some of the best graphics of a video slot game. They are colourful, neat, and with plenty of action and sound. You will never get bored playing Erik the Red slots.

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Beginning to Play?

One of the best things about Erik the Red is how easy it is to play it. The screen shows the game at the centre. Then on the right-hand side, you will find a set of controls. By pressing the second button from the top you will instantly open all the features you can change. You can select the coin denomination, change the auto play mode, change the settings for sound, music, type of screen, and many more options. Also, this is where you will find easy instructions on how to play and how to win.  Then whenever you are ready you can just press the big start button on the right of the centre and start the fun!

Erik the Red Bonuses

There are plenty of ways to win an Erik the Red Bonus. The makers of the game maximize your chances to win. Some of the bonuses you can find are:

·       Highest and lowest symbols: The best wins come from the Erik and Helga symbols. They can appear and cover a full row and this will provide you with a massive Erik the Red Bonus. Then, with a mid-value are the horn, axe, and helmet symbols. The lowest symbol is the shield. But as they may appear in different colours they offer a lot of fun.

·     The wild symbol: This is represented by a sword. A wild symbol can be a substitute for any other symbol. When it appears on any line or row, individually or in combos, it can mean a win over the 20 paylines with an Erik the Red bonus. The only exception is the scatter symbol which can´t be changed into a wild symbol.

·        Scatter symbol: This is represented by a stunning ice crystal. This is the symbol that shows you have won free spins! You need 3 or more of them to unlock a set of free spins. When this happens, the whole reel becomes wild and remains the same while playing the free spin bonuses. In addition, you might get another free spin for every locked wild symbol that you obtain.

·        Mystery Stack Feature: Every single spin becomes an adventure on its own because, before each spin, one symbol is selected to be stacked on five reels. This gives you unique opportunities to have a wide range of winning combinations. 

Erik the Red Free Spins!

Due to their popularity, Erik the Red free spins deserve a special mention. First of all, to win free spins you need to hit at least 3 Scatter symbols on the reels. The number of free spins may vary according to the game and they can reach up to 8 on each set.

Once the free spins are activated you will be able to see the number you have with a counter on the top of the screen. What is best about Erik the Red free spins is that you can win additional sets while playing your free spins. With this method and a little bit of luck your game can easily become an inexhaustible source of free spins!

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Best Winning Strategies

Erik the Red slots are among the most profitable slots on the market. In addition, they are available on multiple platforms which means you can try your luck as often as you want during the day. But as we know that you want to win too it is important that you get some tips to get the best from the game!

  • Firstly, due to the high RTP of 96.95%, you already have a bigger chance to win than you have with many other slots. But instead of getting too confident it’s important to know that this percentage is unpredictable which means that the odds aren’t always on your side when you play or get a free spin.  Therefore, the best strategy is always to play as much as you can. Do not waste free spins because they offer you the same chances to win. And don’t forget you can win more free spins while enjoying your free spins, thus increasing your chances of winning.
  • Secondly, regarding the money you should bet, Erik the Red is also ahead in this matter. This is because of the wide range of coins you can use. Bets can start as low as 10p and can go all the way up to £100. Other betting amount options are as follows: 20p, 40p, 60p, £1.00, £2.00, £4.00, £6.00, £10.00, £20.00, £40.00 and £60.00. These coin choices give you a wide range of options to play and all you need to get the maximum fun and the best chances to win, whatever your budget!
  • Another way to maximize your chances is by playing for free sometimes. The Erik the Red free spins no deposit required feature is available on many web sites. With this feature, you can get a clear understanding of the game. Also, when you are a little short of funds you can keep practicing your skills in this mode so that when you are ready to bet again you will be well practiced to continue your game.

Erik the Red Multi-platform

Modern times have turned mobile devices into essential accessories for almost everyone, regardless of your hobbies and interests. In recent years, casino games have been developed especially for mobiles, and traditional web-based casino games have branched out offering mobile versions. Erik the Red is no exception – as slot games are some of the most popular on mobiles, they have created an accessible multi-platform game.

You will find the best features of the game on your mobile including the bonuses, so you can play the game on the go, at home, on your mobile, laptop or PC – wherever you want, whenever you want! 

Erik the red is also available in many land-based casinos. Therefore, if you enjoy mixing your gaming style, this is the perfect slot game for you. You can practice on your mobile phone and then go on to play by hand and experience the excitement of a casino in real life.


Erik the Red is one of the best slot games you can find with high RTP, excellent design and an exciting theme that reflects a real-life experience.  Erik the Red is a game not only for Viking lovers but all those who love a great slot game!

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