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Online Sports Betting Sites in The UK

This page you are now will give you a quick overview of just some of the betting options we can help you with, so read on to get your first insight into the services we provide.

The top 10 sports betting sites for UK players:

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Range of betting guides

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The world of sports betting has always been massively popular in the UK. Some of the best bookmakers have illustrious histories of well over 100 years of consistency and with the rise of online betting sites, this is truer than ever. By providing more accessibility and convenience, sports betting is now easier, more lucrative than ever before. With this in mind, now is the best time to get involved. So let’s start with the most famous sports to bet on.

Football betting

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Football is not only the most-loved sports in the UK but the most bet on sport too. With this in mind, it is no surprise that our site will assist you with a comprehensive guide to betting on football in the UK. Naturally, this includes betting on every fixture of Premier League and the FA Cup, but also lower league football too. With betting assistance for The Championship, League One and League Two as well. We will also be able to assist you with betting on the international stage too, with help with gambling on the Champions League and Europe Cup, alongside World Cup football when it rolls around again. In a nutshell, whatever football you want to bet on can be helped with here.

Interested in football betting ? Our guide will provide you with:

  • How to bet on football
  • 7 rules of betting on football
  • The best bonuses to start betting on football
  • How to beat the bookie with exclusive offers and bonuses
Read our complete football betting guide

Horse racing betting

Betting on Horse Racing backdates hundreds of years and is where some of the most popular bookmakers today cut their teeth on real-world racetracks. Over the course of its history, Horse Racing has become more than just a sport for Brits, but part of the culture, with even the Royal Family frequenting Horse Racing tracks numerous times every year. Therefore, it is, of course, natural that our site will also guide you through betting on Horse Racing events throughout the year too. Of course, this includes betting on the big events in the Horse Racing calendar, such as the Grand National and the Gold Cup, but is not limited to just these events. Our guides can help assist you with weekly tracks meets happening across the UK, both straights and hurdles. Horse racing bets will have more secrets for you.

Interested in horse racing betting? Our guide will provide you with:

  • Everything you need to know about horse betting
  • How to read the horse racing forms
  • The latest offers and bonus for your horse racing bets
  • How to understand each types of horse racing bets
Read our complete horse racing betting guide

Tennis betting

Tennis has always been part of the sporting culture in the UK. This is mostly due to Wimbledon, one of the biggest tennis competitions in the world and another event frequented by royals. Wimbledon captures the hearts of Brits every year and is a symbol that summer is here, with the appearance of strawberries and cream and of course, rain calling off play. However, further afield you have loads of other events, providing you complete betting coverage of both ATP and WTP. All of these events are fertile ground for betting with upsets happening frequently each year so to get your head around the dynamics of tennis betting is certainly a great opportunity to see yourself have some fun.

Interested in tennis betting? Our guide will provide you with:

  • How to bet on tennis
  • 10 rules of betting on tennis
  • The best online bookies and bonuses to bet on tennis
  • Experts tips to start betting on tennis
Read our complete tennis betting guide

Rugby Union and League betting

While Rugby in other parts of the globe are still up and coming, Rugby has been a staple of the British Sporting landscape. Each year, hundreds of people watch and bet on domestic UK rugby matches throughout the season and on the Six Nations, where England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales all feature. Not to mention, the international competitions such as Super Rugby and the Rugby World Cup. Whether you are a Rugby Union or a Rugby League man, our Rugby pages will see you get started betting on the Rugby action.

Interested in rugby betting? Our guide will provide you with:

  • How to bet on rugby
  • The best online bookies to bet on rugby
  • The best offers and bonus to start betting on rugby
  • Complete explanation of rugby betting types
Read our complete rugby betting guide

Cricket betting

Another summer sport that always draws in the crowds and the bets is cricket. Whether you are looking for a past payout, by betting on 20/20 cricket or one-day internationals, or looking for that slow burner, with the 4-6 days tests, our cricket page can help you out. We offer all the info you need to start betting on the big events in the cricket calendar, such as cricket world cup and of course, the ashes. As well as the domestic meets such as country cricket and the Indian Premier League, to name just a few.

Interested in cricket betting? Our guide will provide you with:

  • How to bet on cricket
  • 5 rules of betting on cricket
  • The best sports bookmakers to bet on cricket in UK
  • The best bonuses and offers for cricket betting

UFC MMA betting

While boxing has long been a betting fan favourite, another fighting sport is on the rise, Mixed Martial Arts. This is the most notable version of this is the franchise, the Ultimate Fighter Championship, which is gaining series traction on the world stage, particularly in the UK. Helped on in more recent years by the immersive stage presence of Connor McGregor, UFC & MMA are coming on by leaps and bounds. With it still being an altogether new spectacle, you may not be familiar with its format or how it can benefit you. Our guide will clear this up and help you ride the UFC & MMA wave as it becomes a more popular option for big money bets.

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Interested in UFC MMA betting? Our guide will provide you with:

  • How to bet on MMA
  • 5 rules of betting on MMA
  • The best online bookies to bet on UFC MMA in UK
  • The best bonuses and offers to bet on UFC MMA

Boxing betting

There is big money in boxing, with the biggest events of the year drawing in millions in funds for the fighters, promoters and everyone else involved in the industry. By betting on Boxing, you too get yourself a share of these big-money funds when you bet correctly on the action, which our Boxing guide can help you do. As well as being one of the most high-octane betting options you can get involved in, there is a secondary reason why you might be interested in the boxing action too. National pride. The UK has thrown up some of the most successful prospects in the sport over the past ten years in Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua, two heavyweight champions. These two are at the top of their game and sooner or later will meet each other, which will be one of the biggest fights in British Boxing history and you don’t want to miss out on that. 

Interested in boxing betting? Our guide will provide you with:

  • How to bet on boxing
  • 7 rules of betting on boxing
  • A list of the best sports betting sites for boxing betting
  • The best bonuses and offer for boxing betting in UK

Don’t see the sport you love?

Don’t worry, as this is a selection of just some of our more popular options for UK bettors.  We offer loads more options, such as Golf, Darts and Motorsport, to name just a few, as well as plenty from the other side of the pond such as American Football, Basket and Ice Hockey. Plus, loads more sports from across the world.

Finding the top sports betting site

Naturally, the key thing we do is help you enjoy free sports betting and get heaps of benefits too. This is why our site is littered with different sports betting sites that offer a wide selection of betting options, including all the sports mentioned above and all the biggest events, a vast selection of betting bonuses, such as free sports bet no deposit & cashback deals, and offer the most competitive odds on the market with boosted odds offers. Hence why our site should be your go-to for all your online sports betting needs. As such, get browsing our site, gather as much knowledge as possible then begin winning big money on sports betting online today.

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5 steps to start betting:

  • Choose one of the best bookie in uk (see below)
  • Create your account online
  • Deposit how much you want to bet
  • Place your bet on the website
  • Watch your game and wait for the results

Top 10 sports betting sites in UK

Rank Betting site Bonus Claim Now
1st Betfair 5 x £20 Claim Now
2nd Bet365 New welcome offer Claim Now
3rd Ladbrokes £50 Matched Free Bet Claim Now
4th 10Bet £100 Deposit Bonus Claim Now
5th 888 £30 Free Bet Claim Now
6th William Hill £30 in Free Bets Claim Now
7th Paddy Power £20 Risk-Free Bet Claim Now
8th GentingBet £10 Risk-Free Bet Claim Now
9th Karamba £10 Free Bet Claim Now
10th Betfred £30 Free Bet + 30 Spins Claim Now

Online Sports betting bonuses in UK

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One of the most unique elements of online sports betting as opposed to real-world bookmaker betting is the option to grab yourself a betting bonus. There are numerous different types of betting bonus out there on the odds, all of which can be found using our site. Here is a quick rundown of the best ones on the market that can be acquired through our site.

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Why bookies are offering betting bonus ?

  • To try a bookmaker without depositing
  • To maximize your betting amount
  • To promote some events

Best sports betting bonus in the UK – December

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Risk Free bet
PaddyPower 4.5/5
Paddy Power Get Bonus

Free bets

The common option at online sports betting sites is the option for a free bet. The concept is pretty self-explanatory and this essentially gives you the option to wager a bet on the house. These will usually require you to make your first deposit, but can also be awarded as soon as you register an account with i.e. a free sports bet no deposit needed.  You will then be awarded between £5-£50 or even more to place a bet. Sometimes sports betting sites will give you the option to spread the money out. For example, £20 worth of free bets, so you could place £10 on football and £10 on cricket. These will usually have set odds that you must bet on or other T&Cs to adhere to.

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Risk-Free bets

Similar to free bets, but the difference is you will wager purely your own money. The way it works is you will place a bet of your choice, but if the bet doesn’t come home, then the bookie will give you the money you wager back to use again. Essentially making the situation a win-win. This gives you the opportunity to step a bit our your comfort zone and take a bigger risk than usual, knowing the cash will come back to you anyway. However, again, there will usually be set amounts so don’t go too hard making use of this.

Accumulator insurance

These bonus deals are usually awarded later on down the line but will apply to people who like to make several bets over the course of one week or weekend. Accumulator insurance will give you some cashback if not all your games come home, for example, if your accumulator was worth £50 but you lose out, then they will give you £25 back. There may even be the case where the set-up is that if you miss out by just one result, you still get the full payout, which is even better.

Improved odds

As well as bonuses, there are other ways by which you can make yours win even more fruitful. Most notably, in the two benefits that some sportsbook offer in terms of odds, which are guides can help you with.

Enhanced odds

Enhance odds will award the player better odds than would usually be given on specific sports events. As such, enhanced odds could see a bet that is usually 3/1 go up to 10/1, which will mean that the payout will be significantly larger. These can be offered on select match or game, but they can also cover all bets of a specific event.

Best odds guaranteed

Another option to find at an online sportsbook are best odds guaranteed. These will be targeted at one specific event and essentially just means that the odds offered on their site will be the best you will find anywhere else online. These are always beneficial but for season-long events, such as the Premier League, it is even better as it means week in, week out.

Betting exchange

At a sportsbook, you’re betting against the bookmaker. At a betting exchange, you’re essentially placing wagers against other bettors. This kind of betting is getting more popular every day.

Not familiar with betting exchange ?

Our complete guide will give you everything you need to know to start playing on betting exchange.

Read more about betting exchange

Ready to bet? Take a look at the offers available in the UK

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Look at the URL of the website. If it begins with “https” instead of “http” it means the site is secured using an SSL Certificate (the s stands for secure). SSL Certificates secure all of your data as it is passed from your browser to the website’s server.

There’s plenty to learn whether you are a complete novice or whether you just need a little refresher.

  1. Trust Us.
  2. Set Achievable Objectives.
  3. Learn All the Basics.
  4. Set a Budget & Use a Staking Plan.
  5. Be Selective.
  6. Place Your Wagers Online.
  7. Understand the Concept of Value.
  8. Learn Some Simple Betting Strategies.
  9. Always Compare Odds & Lines
  10. Keep Records of Your Betting

In terms of the total number of people who bet on them, the following sports definitely rank the highest.

  • Soccer.
  • Football (US)
  • Basketball.
  • Tennis.
  • Cricket.
  • Golf.
  • Formula 1.
  • Boxing.

There are several way to watch sports live streaming. Read our guide to learn how to access live streaming easily.

If you would like to get sports bonuses such as free bets we suggest you to take a look at our free-bet dedicated page. You will find plenty of offers tested and approved by our team.