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About Boku

Boku is one of the leading phone payment options, with over 200 mobile phone network deals already in place. The Boku payment option has become increasingly popular with online betting customers and more casinos that accept Boku are appearing each year. Based in San Francisco, in USA, the company has enjoyed huge success with mobile gamers ever since they started out in 2009. Boku is available in over 68 countries, 40 different currencies, and 32 different languages so it’s safe to say that they have got the global mobile payment option well covered, especially in the online casino and betting industry where quick mobile payments are always appreciated.

The biggest advantage of using a Boku casino site is that all of your deposits are paid for using your mobile phone number. In other words, bank details are not required at any stage of the setup and payment process! It’s not just the online casinos that are getting in on the mobile payment action because many Boku sports betting sites are available as well. It just goes to show that today’s online betting customers are looking for fast and private payment transactions.

It’s a huge step forward for mobile gaming, and it is a known fact that many people, in this day and age, do not like to hand over banking and personal details. This makes Boku the perfect solution. If you look across all other online payment options at casinos and betting sites then you will notice that nearly all of them require you to provide bank details. Bank cards and e-Wallets both require verification and personal details whereas Boku only asks that you reply to a text to verify your account. It’s fast and efficient and it goes hand in hand with today’s instant mobile gaming environment.

The mobile gaming industry continues to grow as more and more people are accessing online casinos and betting sites via their mobile phones. It makes perfect sense for a payment option to line up with this growing mobile gaming trend. Integrating the mobile phone networks to fund casino accounts ensures that the whole process is streamlined within one device. You play via your mobile phone and so you pay via your mobile phone.

The phone number verification process is a clever idea. One that we should see more of over the coming years because, at the end of the day, people expect everything to be instant these days. Our phones provide instant gaming so people will be expecting instant banking as well. We can’t think of anything quicker than simply entering your phone number and the deposit amount. Especially when your number is saved in Boku’s payment platform. Online payments have never been easier!

How Does It Work?

Boku works on the basis of mobile phone billing, so any amount that you deposit at an online casino via Boku is reflected in your monthly phone bill. There are no accounts to set up and no forms to fill out. Everything is processed through the Boku Checkout platform. As long as your chosen casino has Boku Checkout integrated, then it’s just a case of filling in your phone number and confirming the deposit with a quick text message. There are no banking or personal details required whatsoever because the only money being transferred at the point of transaction is between the mobile network and the casino. The final bill is then passed on to the customer at the end of the month.

Boku is available for both monthly contract and prepaid phones and neither one gives you an advantage over the other. As mentioned, those with contracts will see the deposit amounts automatically added to their monthly bills. Those who prefer the prepaid option will have the deposit amount instantly removed from their existing balance. Boku will also let you know if you have insufficient funds to process the deposit. In this case, you can simply top up your balance via your usual methods and then try the Boku payment again. It’s extremely convenient for mobile casino Boku customers and it provides them with instant money to play with. The Boku payment logo will sit on the casino’s homepage alongside all of the other payment options like Visa, PayPal, and Neteller, so a quick look there will let you know if it’s a Boku deposit casino or not.

Boku Payment Features

As you can see, Boku is extremely simple to use and a convenient payment method for the online mobile gamer. It’s such a quick and easy process, that there aren’t many ways in which the payment method can be improved. However, Boku have included one or two features that help to make the payment process run as smoothly as possible for everyone:

Deposit Limit

A £10 deposit per transaction is available with a £30 daily limit set to every customer phone number. In the worst case scenario that someone steals your phone, you know exactly how much you could stand to lose in one day. In relation to that, you can also quickly block your phone number if you have any doubts about someone else using it.

Verification Text

Some customers might be wary about using a payment option like Boku because other people know their mobile phone number. However, the verification text for each transaction means that if anyone tried to use your number then they would also need your mobile phone and sim card as well.

No Banking Details

The fact that no banking details are required along the payment process makes it easy for anyone to use. Some people like to keep their online gaming hobbies private and don’t like to show these transactions on their bank statements. Boku offers a perfect solution for the private gamer.

Depositing & Withdrawing With Boku

Pay by Boku casino sites are easy to come across and you’ll find depositing at them to be fast and efficient. You only need your phone number to complete the transaction and that is something which we can all remember. No need for extra passwords and login details. It’s one of the most popular third-party mobile payment options in the UK and so it comes with a high level of trust with many recommendations from fellow online casino customers.

Deposit by Boku Casino – Step by Step Guide:

  • Play at a casino with Boku payment options
  • Choose the Boku ‘pay by phone’ option to make your deposit
  • You’ll be redirected to the Boku payment platform
  • Confirm your deposit amount and enter your phone number
  • You can make £10 deposit transactions up to £30 a day as standard
  • Wait for the text message and reply to authorise the payment with a ‘Y’
  • Your money will then be available in the Boku online casino
  • You will be charged on your next monthly phone bill or if you’re a prepaid phone user then the amount will be automatically deducted from your balance
  • Repeat as necessary until you have reached your £30 daily limit

Important Withdrawal Notice

Boku cannot process withdrawals back to your monthly mobile contract so you will need to set up an alternative option to get your hands on any winnings. So to make that clear, you can only fund your casino account with Boku and there is no way of returning or withdrawing your funds.


There are no charges or fees when using Boku. If you deposit £10 at your online casino then you will see £10 in your casino account. You’ll also find that no extra fees are included on your monthly phone bill and there will be no extra charges taken from your prepaid phone balance. Boku makes their money by taking a cut from the casinos.


Boku is a super safe and secure payment option, due to the fact that there are never any banking or personal details being divulged. The payment process only deals with the customer’s phone number and so the only way that your money can be compromised is by someone stealing your mobile phone. The daily deposit limit of £30 and the ability to block phone numbers makes Boku a very safe option for mobile gamers. In addition to this, Boku only works with established and regulated mobile network providers who are required to meet and maintain high levels of security.

Boku Advantages

  • Safe and secure mobile payment option for those who prefer to stay private
  • No chance of any identity theft or fraudulent activity due to the lack of banking and personal details being used
  • No form-filling required
  • Quick and easy process with simple details to remember – your phone number!
  • Your phone number is recognised on every Boku casino due to Boku using their own payment platform
  • Boku online casino sites and Boku betting sites are widely available
  • Boku does not charge any fees to make a deposit

Boku Disadvantages

  • Small £30 daily deposit limit
  • Fixed £10 per transaction amount
  • No withdrawals allowed so you will need to find an alternative method


Is Boku safe to use?

Yes, Boku is completely safe to use. It uses all of the major mobile networks around the world and all of these are fully regulated so there is no chance of any foul play. Regulatory companies such as PhonePayPlus, Ofcom, AIME, all keep on top of the UK mobile phone payment services so everything is above board when using the Boku payment method.

Can I withdraw my winnings with Boku?

No, you are not able to withdraw any funds because of the way ‘pay by phone’ services work. Boku is based around a billing process so there is no actual way of adding funds to any stage of the process. Unfortunately, you will have to manage a different payment method to carry out any withdrawals. Your Boku casino should have access to all of the usual payment options like bank cards and e-Wallets. If you want to keep your online gaming private then you’ll have to withdraw your funds to an online e-Wallet like PayPal or Neteller and then withdraw funds to your bank from there. This will keep any casino names from appearing on your bank statement.

How much can I deposit with Boku?

You can deposit up to £30 in any one day with Boku mobile payments. The total is linked to your phone number so if you deposit £20 at one casino in a day, you will only be able to deposit another £10 if you visit another Boku casino. It’s your phone number that is linked to the deposit limit and not the individual casinos.

Is it true that I don’t need any bank details to use Boku?

Yes, Boku does not rely on banking or personal details whatsoever. The only information that you need to hand over is your mobile phone number. Your phone number acts as your verification for payments. You will be charged for all casino deposits via your monthly phone contract or your prepaid mobile phone balance.

Does Boku work on all mobile phone operating systems?

Yes, Boku payments are managed through mobile phone networks and not the operating system itself. All Apple, Android, and Windows users can use the payment method if their network is currently partnering with Boku.

Is Boku a useful option for high rollers?

High rollers might find the £30 daily slightly limiting and it could affect the potential value of any welcome sign up bonuses being claimed. However, Boku is perfect for the casual gamer and even high rollers might find it useful to test out new casinos and betting sites before depositing larger amounts.

Do you have a recommended Boku casino list?

Many Boku casino UK sites have appeared over the last few years and more are opening up across the web. Here’s an updated list of betting sites with Boku payments available, find one you like and give it a try!

Boku Casino 2019 List

888 Casino, 32Red Casino, BGO Casino, Casumo, SlotsMillion Casino, 21 Casino, Slot Planet, All British Casino, Kerching Casino, plus many more!

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