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Lottery Bonuses for the UK Players

Types of Lottery Bonuses

When it comes to lotto bonuses, there are quite a few different types you can claim.

✅ Deposit Bonus

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One of the most common ones you’ll come across is the casino welcome bonus.

  • The way this works is straightforward. You simply deposit some money into your account and you’ll be credited with a bonus.
  • There’ll always be a minimum amount of money you have to deposit; for most bonuses, it’s a small sum such as £10.
  • The bonus you’ll receive depends on the promotion.

For some offers, you receive a set amount of bonus money to use on casino games. For others, the amount of bonus money varies depending on how much you’ve deposited.

If it’s advertised as a 100% deposit bonus, for example, and you deposit £10, you’ll get a free £10 in bonus money, for a total of £20 in your account. If it’s a 200% deposit bonus and your deposit is £10, you would get £20 in bonus money – along with your deposit that would make it £30 in your account to use.

✅ Free Spins Bonus

Then there are some deposit bonuses that reward you with free spins. Your account will be credited with a number of free spins you can use on slots. Sometimes, you’ll be able to use them on any of the site’s slots, though some sites may only let you use free spins on select slots.

✅ Free Bets

Some deposit bonuses also reward you with free bets. They can either be used on all of a site’s lotteries or on certain lotteries only – it’s up to the site what free bets can be used on. Your account will be credited with the free bets once you’ve made your deposit. Most of the time, free bets are of a set amount that can’t be adjusted. You may even receive several bets for the price of one.

You should find lottery bonuses available for all the major international lotteries, as well as lots of smaller, more localised ones. You do tend to find, however, that it’s the smaller lotteries that have more offers. This is because the bigger, more well-known lotteries already have more than enough people taking part and don’t necessarily need promotions to get more people playing.

✅ Scratch Cards

As well as casino games and lotteries, many lottery sites have scratch cards which often have bonuses available to claim.

Scratch cards are purchased for a set price per card, with each card offering a chance of winning real money. For scratch card bonuses, you usually get to purchase a set number of scratch cards at a reduced rate.

For example, a batch of 10 might normally cost you £2, a price of 20p per card. A promotional offer might have a batch of 10 cost just £1, which would be a price of 10p per card.

Most of the time, a scratch card bonus will only apply if you purchase a certain batch of cards. A bonus might apply for purchasing 10 cards but not if you purchase a batch of 20, for example.

Qualifying for Lottery Bonuses

To claim any kind of lottery bonus, you’ll need to have an account set up at the site offering the bonus. Getting your account set up is easy enough to do.

Simply visit the site and fill out the registration form. For this, you’ll have to come up with a username and password, plus you’ll have to supply some basic personal details and contact information.

At some sites, you’ll be sent an email with a link to click on to authenticate your account.

Once your account’s all set up, you’ll have to link a payment method to it. This will let you place buy tickets and potentially win cash prizes. Most sites should let you choose from several different payment methods. Debit and credit cards are widely accepted; other common options include e-wallets, prepaid cards and bank transfers.

The qualifications for a bonus can vary quite a lot. For some, you have to be a new player. Others are open to all players, no matter how long they’ve been a registered member. Some require a cash deposit into your account, whereas others simply involve placing certain bets. Sites will clearly outline what the main qualifications are for taking part in a promotional offer.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

Every kind of promotional offer you’ll come across will have terms and conditions listing all the offer’s rules, requirements and restrictions. It’s a good idea to read through these before claiming a bonus.

Do this and you’ll know exactly what’s up for grabs and how the bonus can be yours. For most offers, a few of the most important points will be listed alongside the offer; there’ll be a link you can click on to see the full terms and conditions for the offer.

What’s in the terms and conditions will vary depending on the bonus itself and the site you’re claiming the bonus at.

Below are some of the common points you’ll come across in lottery bonus terms and conditions:

  • New account. For some bonuses, you’ll need to be creating a new account. Some bonuses can only be claimed when you make your very first real-money deposit at a lottery site.
  • Deposit amount. To qualify for some bonuses, you have to deposit a certain amount of money into your account.
  • Expiry date. Once you’ve claimed a bonus and it’s been credited to your account, you’ll have a certain amount of time to use it before it expires. It will expire whether you’ve got some it left or you haven’t used it at all.
  • One bonus per player. You’ll only be able to claim a single bonus once. Gambling sites of any kind won’t let you create more than one account to claim the same bonus over and over again; it’s one account per person.
  • Payment methods. Most bonuses can be claimed no matter what payment method you’re using. You may, however, come across some that can’t be claimed if you’re using certain payment methods.
  • Games. Some bonuses can be used on all the games and draws a lottery site has to offer. Others may be restricted to only a few select games and draws.
  • Wagering requirements. Before you can cash out your winnings from a bonus, you’ll have to play through your bonus a set number of times. For example, if the wagering requirements are 30x and your bonus is £10, you’ll have to wager £300 before you can start withdrawing your winnings. Most of the time, different games and draws will contribute different amounts towards the wagering requirements; some might not even contribute anything at all.
  • Bonus adjustments. Bonuses can be changed or even cancelled at any time without prior notice.

Again, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the full terms and conditions before claiming a bonus. A lot of sites will have a set of terms and conditions for specific offers, then a broader, more general set that covers all the site’s bonuses. So long as you’re familiar with how a site’s bonuses work, you should have no problems claiming and making the most of them.

Are Lottery Bonuses Worth Claiming?

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There are countless lottery bonuses out there waiting to be claimed. Are these offers worth it? They are indeed! After all, they give you something for nothing (all almost nothing). Claim a lottery bonus and you’ll get some extra shots at winning the big prize.

When it comes to casino bonuses, you may want to have a think before claiming them. The reason for this is that the wagering requirements can take quite a long time to meet. For most casino offers, you have to play through your bonus many times before you can cash out. By the time you’ve satisfied the wagering requirements, you may only have a small amount of winnings left.

The reason wagering requirements are in place is to protect the site offering the bonus. If there weren’t any wagering requirements, you’d be able to claim a bonus, receive the money in your account and withdraw it straight away – people would take advantage of this and the site would end up losing money.

With wagering requirements in place, sites are protected. Bonus money can’t be withdrawn until the wagering requirements are met. Once they’ve been met, bonus money is converted into cash that can be withdrawn.

To decide whether a particular bonus is worth it, the best thing to do is read through the associated terms and conditions. Find out exactly what you’re required to do to receive the bonus and withdraw any winnings. If you’re happy with what’s in the terms and conditions, go ahead and claim the bonus.


All lottery sites are different in what they have to offer and that includes bonuses. If you like the sound of lottery bonuses and what to get your hands on some, it’s recommended you shop around. Find some lottery sites and compare what bonuses they have to offer. Some will have more promotional offers than others; the bonuses will also vary in size, as will the terms and conditions. Also, the actual lotteries you can claim free bets for will vary as well.

Think about the sorts of offers that appeal to you and sign up to a site that has these available. If you’re keen to bet on lotteries, find a site that has some good lottery bonuses for you to claim; ideally, you should find a site with bonuses for our favourite lotteries. Likewise, if you’re a fan of scratch cards, look out for a site that offers discounted rates for batches of scratch cards. Any good lottery site will offer a range of different gambling opportunities with promotions for each one.

There are all sorts of great bonuses available to claim at lottery sites. There’s no shortage of offers; there are plenty waiting for you right now, with loads more coming out in the near future. Whatever your preferences, you’re bound to find a lottery site with lots of special offers that suit your tastes.  Have fun using your bonuses and hopefully they’ll help you score some big wins!

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