Updated Updated: 2024

Responsible Gambling

smartphonegambler.com is committed to safe and responsible gambling, promoting it only as a form of entertainment in moderation. We believe gambling is fun when one has full control over it and does not cause any harm. To make sure you can enjoy betting in a safe environment, we have decided to share some useful tips, sources and information that will help you take the best out of your gambling experience. 

18+ policy 

It is prohibited for anyone under the age of 18 to engage in gambling activities. All gambling operators have to carry out electronic age verification checks on customers and they may also require backup documentation from the users. Anyone under the legal age found to be using an operator’s services might have any winnings forfeited and may also be reported to the appropriate authorities to proceed legal actions. We kindly remind you that the content of this website aims to appeal only to the adult audience and should never be shared with minors. 

How to bet responsibly? 

The steps below will help you ensure enjoyable and secure gambling activities: 

  • Measure the time you spend on betting and stick to it regardless of your wins
  • Set financial limits – remember that both winning and losing are the part of gambling and you should never consider it as your source of income
  • Do not mix your personal and work life with gambling – set boundaries and priorities
  • Take breaks – it is easy to lose track of time when gambling
  • Do not gamble under the influence of alcohol or other substances
  • Balance gambling with other activities – it should never be your only leisure activity

Recognise a problem 
Honest answers to the questions below will help you assess whether your gambling habits got out of a hand. 

  • Do you spend more money on gambling than you primarily intended to?
  • Do your gambling activities threaten your financial stability?
  • Have you ever lied about your gambling habits to your friends or family?
  • Do you gamble when you are stressed or upset?
  • Have you ever discarded your regular, every-day responsibilities in order to gamble?
  • Have you ever borrowed money in order to place bets?
  • Has any of your relatives or friends suggested you that gambling might have become problematic for you?

The more “yes” answers you have given to these questions, the more likely it is that you have a gambling problem. We recommend that you speak to someone about it and contact respective organisations to help you. 

Self-exclude from gambling 

The self-exclusion scheme allows gamblers to exclude themselves from all gambling sectors available online and in gambling premises for the minimum period of 6 months. 

The GAMSTOP  facility is an online tool that lets customers exclude themselves from gambling activities offered by a large number of operators, ensuring you will not be communicated any marketing offers by neither of them within the timeframe set by you personally. 

Thanks to a multi-operators self-exclusion scheme, everyone can request to self-exclude themselves from gambling services offered in brick-and-mortar shops. 

Responsible gambling in the UK – reach for help

The organisations below will be able to provide you with needed support: 


This organisation offers all the necessary and useful information to aid individuals to make educated decisions about their gambling habits. They aim to help you find out more about gambling and educate players and their relatives how to recognise a gambling problem. Moreover, BeGambleAware also shows you where to go for further information, help and support should you feel the need to. 


GamCare caters for gamblers, as well as their friends and relatives, who look for information on responsible gambling or are concerned about their well-being due to excessive gambling. The organisation provides effective support and advice to everyone seeking help, as well as treatment for those who might require it. 

Gambling Therapy 

With active gambling support forums, which are readily available 24/7, people can use Gambling Therapy’s site from all over the world, with one of their team members usually available to respond to users’ queries. The organisation provides completely secure and confidential services. 

Responsible gambling Canada – reach for help

Gamblers Anonymous

It’s a group of men and women who share their experience, strength, and hope that they may solve their gambling problem as well as help others to recover. Gamblers Anonymous offers a helping hand and friendship to anyone who is looking to try and stop gambling or limit it. You can visit the website here.


It’s a great online resource that every online gambler can benefit from.  People with emerging gambling problems and at the beginning of their addiction can get support from the staff by visiting various options to see what might best suit the immediate needs of the individual. Whether someone’s new to gambling or a regular player, PlaySmart provide information in a fun and clear manner. Visit website here.